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Villain Overview

Welcome to Megaframe!
~ Megabyte's most famous quote.
I come from the Net. Infecting systems, people, and cities, to this place—Megaframe, my domain. My format: Virus. To corrupt and conquer!
~ Megabyte's opening monologue for episodes 24, 25, and 27.
Impressive. Now, to corrupt and conquer.
~ Megabyte after testing his new enhanced body in The Guardian Code.

Megabyte is the main antagonist of the ReBoot series.

He served as the main antagonist of the original series, and one of two main antagonists of the 2018 critically panned Netfilx sequel Reboot: The Guardian Code, alongside the enigmatic hacker known as the "Sourcerer".

Megabyte is a sentient virus from Mainframe who was the arch enemy of main protagonist Guardian Bob and a hated terror to the other Mainframers.

Megabyte's main plan through most of the original series was to conquer all of the system, reformat it in his own image and invade the Super Computer. When he returned in the new Netflix series, he became more upgraded and dangerous, as he now wanted nothing more than to conquer all of cyberspace with his new army of sentinels that he made out of corrupted code.

He was voiced by the late Tony Jay, who also played Judge Claude Frollo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Monsieur D'Arque in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. After Tony Jay's death in 2006, he is now voiced by Timothy E. Brummund, who mimics Tony Jay's voice for the role in the Netflix sequel.




Megabyte and Hexadecimal, shortly after their birth.

Megabyte, alongside his sister Hexadecimal, was created during an accident where a virus (the recently upgraded Killabyte, now known as Gigabyte) was caught in a Gateway Command originating from Mainframe's Twin City, which pulled him right into a demonstration Welman Matrix was doing with his Gateway Command invention, which in theory could link with other systems. Upon arrival, Gigabyte unwittingly overloaded the gateway and caused an explosion which destroyed the half of the city.

The explosion nullified everyone in the Twin City and split Gigabyte, creating two new viruses: Megabyte and Hexadecimal.


Walking away from his sister's side and immediately after his birth, Megabyte moved to the other half of the city, Mainframe and began infecting one of its sectors Giedi Prime, turning all of it's binomes into his loyal servants and turning buildings into factories to build more that would aid him in his conquest. He also set up a main base for his operations, a tall tower called the Silicon Tor.

Hexadecimal: MEGABYTE!
Megabyte: Oh, that would be her now.
Hexadecimal: You lie! You lie! I was a fool to trust you!
Megabyte: How true.
~ Megabyte chats with her sister Hexadecimal.

However, Megabyte hadn't completely left his sister, and entered a brief partnership with her, though it was all a ruse so he could obtain her stock of powerful weapons, such as the Medusa Bug he stole from her, which was actually a trick from Hexadecimal, a bug that could infect and turn Megabyte into stone, as well as the Tor, in a matter of seconds. The effects were eventually reverted, albeit off-screen.

Some time later, after several consecutive attacks on the Principal Office in attempts to steal the Mainframe's System Operating Core, Megabyte succeeded in getting past the CPU Forces and began siphoning the core's energy into a containment module. He was turned into a truck after a Game Cube loaded into the system and brought him in with the Core Energy still in his hands. Once the game is finished and Megabyte is returned to his original state, he escapes from a squadron of CPUs.

Megabyte during a self-destruct sequence that nearly destroyed Mainframe.

Megabyte returned with Hexadecimal once again working by his side, the two created a fake Upgrade in order to sneak into the enemy's defenses by having Megabyte hidden in an upgrade canister, to infiltrate the Principal Office and enter the Core Control Chamber (gaining access via copying Phong's memories). He was eventually defeated when he was tricked into entering a deletion chamber, believing it was a portal generator. Megabyte started a self-destruct program to take Mainframe with him but the program was stopped and Megabyte was ejected from the Principal Office and into his tower.

Web War & Viral Wars

In the episodes "Nullzilla" and "Gigabyte", Megabyte was briefly infected by a Web Creature, becoming a darker and more brutish version of himself, obsessed only with merging with her sister to reform Gigabyte. Gigabyte was reborn but was soon separated into Megabyte and Hexadecimal once again.

Shortly after these events, a Web Portal opened over the city, presenting a massive threat to all who lived there, including Megabyte and his sister. They both agreed to an alliance with Bob and the CPUs, but this little game he was playing allowed Megabyte to get close enough to Bob to send him to the portal within a missile. A blast is shot and the portal is closed, with Megabyte finally getting rid of Bob.

Megabyte sends Bob into the Web Portal.

With the portal closed and the large threat averted, Megabyte resumes his conquest, ordering his forces to destroy the remaining Web Creatures and blow the exhausted CPU fleet out of the sky. After a Game Cube landed on Hexadecimal, Megabyte retrieved what remained of her obnoxious sister in his tower and decided to repair her, since she was still of much use to him. She had a pain collar installed on her, which was activated once she awakened so she would know she was not allowed to leave.

As the war continued, Megabyte organized propaganda against Bob's replacement, his good but inexperienced friend Enzo. He was unable to breach the Principal Office's shields, but Megabyte made sure as he visited the "boy" Enzo to deliver a message, that they may feel safe behind those shields, but the citizens of Mainframe were defenseless and at Megabyte's mercy. They hid, while others suffered, and Megabyte would make sure they suffered a lot.

Megabyte: I have a message for your sister.
Enzo: I am a Guardian, I'm not your messenger!
Megabyte: You are what you have always been: a mere delivery boy. [grabs Enzo by the throat and lifts him to face level] Do not provoke me further; it is by my will alone you survive this encounter.
~ Megabyte and Enzo.

The forcefield was reinforced with a firewall, created to imprison Megabyte inside. While he was still trapped in the firewall, Enzo and AndrAIa failed to win a game and were mostly likely nullified. Megabyte saw this from his Tor and laughed as now there was no one who would interfere in his plans for taking over Mainframe. Megabyte used his sister's power to open a small rift in the wall and his forces were able to move through in pairs, but the Principal Office had enough firepower to make Megabyte's ABC soldiers run back the rift, losing one of his lieutenants in the assault.

After Hexadecimal broke free and shattered the firewall (as well as destroying a good portion of Megabyte's army and the Silcon Tor), Megabyte broke free and captured the only one who hadn't escaped from the Principal Office, Phong. He decapitated him and kept him in a jar to retrieve information in order to control Mainframe's Core. Having completely taken over the city, he renamed it Megaframe which soon became a dying decaying city with every sector destroyed.

Megabyte fighting Matrix.

Eventually, Bob returned, making Megabyte aware that Megaframe was back on the Net. Having ruled the city for far too long, he ordered the portal command codes to be extracted from Phong's head, so he could leave that dying system.

Before he could escape, Bob and a small army of rebels attacked his base at the Principal Office. He was amazed to find himself facing Enzo, who had survived the games and grown into an adult sprite known as Matrix. Megabyte thought that he was still the same "boy" who couldn't do anything and told him to drop the weapon that he was aiming at him and fight like a real sprite. However this proved to be a mistake as he was surprised when Matrix delivered a savage punch that sent him skidding to the ground, leaving a huge dent in his chest.

During the battle, Megabyte decided to fight dirty and drew his retractable claws, saying he will enjoy killing him. Just then AndrAIa appeared and gave Matrix her trident to even out the fight. As they were fighting Megabyte then gained the final codes from Phong to convert a large tear into a portal leading to the Super Computer. He set off to the roof of the Principle Office with Matrix in hot pursuit.

On the spiral staircase that led to the top, Megabyte tried to attack his pursuer with a iron pipe but Matrix took this moment to stab the virus with the trident, leaving a gaping wound in his abdomen. Enraged, Megabyte declared that Matrix was now becoming an annoyance and beat down a large chunk of slab to stop Matrix' s interference any further. Fortunately Matrix landed on the falling slab that fell to the bottom of the stairs and managed to leap off it just in time.

Matrix defeating Megabyte.

Megabyte finally reached the top and began preparations to convert the tear into a portal, but was interrupted by Matrix again. After a final fierce battle, Matrix shattered Megabyte's claws and the virus fell to the ground in defeat. Though Matrix hated Megabyte for all the destruction he had caused, he decided to be merciful to show he was better than him.

Megabyte pulled into the Web.

Megabyte got away, injured, but managed to the convert the tear into the portal and prepared to enter it. However system hacker Mouse hacked into the portal and redirected its destination to the Web, giving Megabyte his ultimate comeuppance as well as a taste of what he had previously done to Bob. Matrix and AndrAIa watched as the Web Creatures wrapped their tentacles around Megabyte and then pulled him in, never to be seen again.

Thanks to the User restarting the system, all the damage Megabyte had done was repaired, his Tor was erased for good and Mainframe was back on the net.

The Return & The Hunt

Megabyte's new form as a Trojan Horse Virus.

Megabyte had secretly returned to Mainframe shortly after the demise of the super virus Daemon, now transformed into a Trojan Horse virus. Having become more dangerous than ever thanks to his ability to adopt the appearance of any person he has come in contact with (to the point of fooling system scans), Megabyte smartly used this ability to torment Bob, using his appearance to flirt with Dot and eventually propose to her. The real Bob managed to crash the wedding in the very last second.

After having his true identity revealed, Megabyte and Bob began to fight, destroying the wedding chapel. Bob asked Megabyte why he had done all of this, to which Megabyte simply replied:

Hehe... It amused me.

Before Bob could attempt anything, Megabyte blinded him with acid aimed at his eyes. He went back to where Dot was, to give her one final kiss, before changing shape and escaping unnoticed among the binomes.

Megabyte got back to business while Mainframe's leaders were at a loss for words regarding the virus' return, impersonating the living appliance Mike the TV and telling the entire city to panic. He encountered a few of his former military leaders and forced them to join forces with him again, showcasing his new powers to convince them not to refuse his offer.

While a copy he created distracted the Mainframers, Megabyte took control of the War Room and the Principal Office, warning the entire population of Mainframe for what was coming.

Megabyte's final scene in the original series, as the Hunt begins.

Attention. As you are no doubt aware, the Principal Office is now under my complete control. You're probably looking forward to one of my erudite speeches about me, Megaframe, the new viral dawn, et cetera et cetera. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. There is no grand scheme here. This is about revenge. Viruses are predatory by design, and it is time for me to follow my function. Prepare yourselves... for the hunt!
~ Megabyte ends the series on a cliffhanger.

ReBoot: Paradigms Lost

Megabyte as he appears in the comic.

In the non-canon comic Reboot: Paradigms Lost, we see the events following "the Hunt", which have left Mainframe devastated and overrun by murderous zombinomes, to the point where the entire System had to be evacuated to the Super Computer. Megabyte placed a spyware device in the Super Computer and so was able to prepare a defense against the Code Master antiviral weapon known as Gnosis, but this failed and Megabyte was seemingly destroyed.

Megabyte acted as the spokesman for Gnosis, though this was later revealed to be a backup created by Gnosis. However, after the defeat of Gnosis, it was stated by Bob that "even Megabyte was brought back".

Reboot: The Guardian Code

Megabyte returns.

Twenty years after Mainframe was shut down, a user named "The Sourcerer" hacked into the system and reanimated Megabyte, as well as altered the virus' appearance and enhanced his abilities, though despite these upgrades, he has lost nearly all battles against the Guardians in almost every single one of his missions.

Megabyte and the Sourcerer.

To keep the virus under his control, The Sourcerer installed a delete code into Megabyte's new body, occasionally used to incapacitate and even threaten to destroy Megabyte with in the event the virus goes rogue or fails to do the Sourcerer's bidding.

After being pulled from Mainframe by The Sourcerer, Megabyte breached the mobile game "Fortress Command" and hijacked the game's fortress, turning it into his new lair and infecting several of its game sprites, turning them into viral sentinels with an Alpha Sentinel in command (which is often destroyed either by Megabyte or by the Guardians and replaced).

Megabyte later plotted to free himself from The Sourcerer's control, which he succeeded. Megabyte began a ruthless quest to infect Social Media City, terrorizing the "Users" of the human world. Megabyte was temporarily thrown into Virusylum, a prison for viruses, though he later managed to escape alongside Hexadecimal.


Megabyte: Now that I command Hexadecimal's power, none can stand against me!
Enzo: You did that?! To your own sister!?
Megabyte: Yes, yes, yes, it's rather good, isn't it?
~ Megabyte proud of his enslaving his own sister Hexadecimal.

Megabyte is a manipulative mastermind through and through, and knows just how to manipulate others into doing his bidding. He presents himself as a calm, respectable, patient, sophisticated, refined, obsequious, trustworthy, and capable gentleman almost all the time, even whenever he commits crimes. However he is also cruel, callous, sadistic, unsympathetic, monstrous, vicious, megalomaniacal, fearsome, and wicked by nature, and has virtually no redeeming or even comical qualities whatsoever. Despite this, he did start off having genuinely good intentions before falling off the deep end.

Several of his cruelest schemes included shooting Bob into the web and holding his own sister Hexadecimal prisoner to exploit her power to help him conquer the system. Megabyte also displays cunning through his devastatingly vast intelligence where he shows to charismatic, persuasive, competent, and perspicacious.

Megabyte's biggest flaw is his lust for power which Bob used against him in the episode "Infected" when Megabyte craftily invaded the Principal Office and forced Bob to open a chamber containing a portal to the Super Computer. However he was tricked into stepping into a chamber for the deletion of viruses and was ejected from the Principal office.

He also underestimates his enemies, this was revealed in the episode "Showdown" when he encountered a now older Enzo Matrix and perceived him still as a mere delivery boy who couldn't stop him. He was proven wrong when Matrix knocked him down with a devastating punch that put a huge dent in his chest, leaving him speechless and leading to the start of a fierce battle which led to his ultimate defeat.

All in all, Megabyte started off as a power-hungry and ambitious virus who wanted to take full control of Mainframe as well as the Super Computer and would let no one stand in his way. Later on after being trapped in the web and changing, his motives were then just purely for revenge, however when he was brought back by the Sourcerer in the Netflix sequel, he then set objectives to take control of the whole cyberspace, and not just Mainframe alone. Thus, he is a classic example of a villain who had good intentions before letting his lust for power get to him.

Powers and Abilities

Megabyte's claws.

Megabyte is incredibly strong and durable (within his computer existence) and, with the addition of his retractable claws from his knuckles and fingertips, his hover control throne (which he uses when he detaches his legs, but is able to reattach them any time he wishes) and imposing force in close combat. Megabyte could also control non-sentient "machinery" by touching it. Despite this he frequently assigned important tasks to his henchmen Hack and Slash or his seemingly endless supply of like-colored binome underlings. Furthermore, he is persuasive, often manipulating others to help him carry out his schemes.

After being defeated by the mainframers and stranded in the web, Megabyte changed into a trojan horse virus and was able to copy a complete likeness of anything he touched. He was then wiped out by a powerful delete command, but it would seem even that was not enough to destroy Megabyte for good.


Mouse: Megabyte, honey, rule # 1: Don't ever try to double-cross the Mouse.
Megabyte: Rule # 2: I double-cross whomever I please.
~ Megabyte and Mouse.
I've always wanted to do that...
~ Megabyte after a freestyle guitar battle with Bob.
Attention, inhabitants of sector 1-0-0-0: Your struggle for independence is over. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank my friend, Dot Matrix, for delivering this sectors PID's to me with such a cunning and insightful plan. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. [...] As for the rest of you, prepare yourselves for change. [chuckles] You're all mine now...
~ Megabyte to the citizens of Mainframe.
Hexadecimal: Megabyte, what a delightful mess you're making!
Megabyte: Thank you, Hex. I thought you'd enjoy it.
Hexadecimal: Now you wouldn't be intending to erase me, would you?
Megabyte: Oh, come now. Would that be any way to treat family?
~ Megabyte with his sister Hexadecimal.
You have no defences, you fools! Your Guardian is lost! Nothing can stand in our way. Mainframe is ours.
~ Megabyte nears the conquest of Mainframe.

Why yes…it is! Young Enzo Matrix, home from the games. My, how you've grown. And such toys! Does your sister know you're playing with them? (…) Where is that annoying chatter of yours!? 'Mega-Breath' this, 'Mega-Barf' that! Why don't you put that gun away, boy, and try fighting like a real sprite!
~ Megabyte in his confrontation with Enzo Matrix.
Megabyte: You are becoming an annoyance BOY!
Matrix: Trust me, it gets worse!
Megabyte: IT DOES NOT!
~ Megabyte after being stabbed by Matrix
Megabyte: You can't do this... It goes against everything you stand for...
Matrix: You took away my life, destroyed my home, caused nothing but pain and suffering to everyone I held dear! [strikes to the side of Megabyte's head, to his surprise] Surprised? Don't be. You're not worth it. Mainframe will always endure. Remember this defeat, this humiliation. Remember you can never win.
Megabyte: No. YOU remember, boy. How I turned defeat into victory! How I left you with a dying system!
~ Megabyte and Enzo/Matrix's "final" confrontation.
[Glitch Bob has returned to his original form, and the Bob Dot was marrying has transformed into a remodelled...]
Dot: M-Megabyte...?!
Megabyte: I see my charade is at an end. A pity... We would have made a perfect couple.


  • As ReBoot is the first CGI show made in the US (Geometric Fables and Insektors from France debuted first, though ReBoot is still the first half-hour computer animated TV series), that makes Megabyte the first CGI villain in US television history.
  • Megabyte's name is a reference to the unit of information of the same name, the megabyte (MB) which is equal to 10⁶ (one million) bytes (B) of computer memory.