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Megan is a minor character in the episode "Cradle Attraction" of the popular animated series Rugrats.

She was voiced by Christa Rimmer.


Megan is a female toddler who often visits the local park. She befriends the babies with the exception of Chuckie. She is seen for the most part of the time teasing him, taunting him, and pushing him to the ground. Tired of her picking on him, Chuckie confronts her which leads to revealing that Megan likes Chuckie and blushes from admitting she likes him. At first, Chuckie is shocked by this revelation while the others are confused by her way of affections. Lil comments "I think she's nuts". However, much to the other babies' shock, Chuckie reveals he likes her too. Chuckie is seen trying various attempts like flowers, chocolate, and other gifts to gain her affections. Megan, oddly enough, ignores him and turns coldly from him. This leaves Chuckie and the others greatly confused, until Chuckie realizes that teasing and taunting is how Megan shows love and expects to be loved.

He soon heads to her and pushes her. She at first looks angry but laughs. They spend a good time playing pranks to one another to show their affections, leaving the others shocked and more confused. Lil speaks out plainly saying "I think they're both nuts". Chuckie is greatly enamored by Megan, believing she could be the one, even thinking of marriage. He says "Hey, I'm gonna be 3 next year". However, when Chuckie goes to look for her, he finds Megan nowhere in sight of the park. He does eventually find her, however, she is seen teasing another boy (who like Chuckie was, is very upset by her picking on him), proving that Megan is disloyal and fickle, which breaks Chuckie's heart. Although she tries to call him back and explain, she doesn't go after him.


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