Megan Bacon

Megan Bacon

Megan Bacon was one of Cosmo and Wanda's former godchild who would be the founder of The Cake & Bacon Restaurant.

Timmy is confronted by Megan, who attacks him with steaming bacon. Later on, she opens up to Timmy that her fairies were making her do homework. Giving some advice, Timmy says that kids shouldn't be oppressed with homework, and he tells her to follow her dreams instead.

After the trip, Timmy realizes that present-day Dimmsdale was completely messed up. Timmy sees that Cosmo and Wanda were gone, and Megan Bacon was living her dream as a super villain. Timmy discovers that Megan Bacon was planning to burn Fairy World after disable the fairies from using magic. Timmy recruits Cosmo and Wanda's previous godkids to the future to stop Megan Bacon. She was going to kill Timmy, but Cosmo and Wanda poof Dimmsdale back to normal.


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