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Gregory Nettles (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 2 18.jpg

An industrial spy, Gregory Nettles was trying to steal a new videogame ("Megatak", from Nogari Corporation) at McCormick Place. Nettles attacked a publicity man who was disguised as the videogame character, and took his costume to go near the demo. He then tried to take away the circuitry from a video display exactly when the game was being turned on. Nettles was transformed by the electric energy and apparently absorbed in the game, mutated and then regurgitated throughout the screen. Nettles became insane, believing to be Megatak, and used his new powers to bring characters from all the games to life. The characters, under Nettles's control, attacked the attendants.

Nettles did not know that the Asgardian goddess Sif was among the attendants. Sif battled Megatak's monsters. The battle was reported in radio news and Sif's lover Thor understood what was happening. Thor flew there as reinforcements and reached McCormick when Sif was reaching Megatak. Sif allowed Thor to fight Megatak.

Thor resisted Megatak's electric attacks and then used his hammer to absorb electric energy from Megatak and throw it to space. Nettles was knocked down because of this, and lost his powers.

Months later, in New York, Megatak tracked down Sif and Beta Ray Bill. Just as they had finished a battle with the Titanium Man, Megatak prepared an attack on both Sif and Bill (It is unclear whether he had regained his super-powers or not). Nevertheless, he was found by the Scourge of the Underworld who, disguised as a homeless man, shot and killed Megatak.

Megatak was revived, as well as many other villains killed by Scourge, by the Hood to join his criminal army.

Time later he joined along his old teammates Death Adder and Human Fly the group formed by Crime-Master known as the Savage Six. When Venom was infiltrating Crime-Master's hideout, Megatak almost killed him, but Toxin attacked him from behind and killed Nettles because he wanted to have the privilege of killing his grandfather.


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