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Villain Overview

~ The most often spoken word by Megatron.
Predacons, terrorize!
~ Megatron ordering his minions to revert to their robot modes.
So wretched. So misshapen. And so... organic. I will destroy them.
~ Megatron's view on organics.

Megatron is the main antagonist of the Beast Wars saga of the Transformers franchise, serving as the main antagonist of both the TV Shows Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

He was a ruthless Predacon who later became the tyrannical commander of the Darksyders, a gang of renegades; thereafter Megatron, upon finding the Tripredacus Council too slow in their tactics for Galactic Conquest, resolved to bring Predacon reign all by himself. After crashing onto Prehistoric Earth during one of his tactics of conquest, Megatron becomes archenemies with Optimus Primal, leader of a gang of explorers for the Maximals, the Predacons' sworn adversaries; this subsquently led to an armed conflict on the planet called the Beast Wars, with both rival leaders serving as the main figures of the war.

Before he can be truly defeated in the Beast Wars when strapped to the outside of an Autobot shuttle the Maximals use to return to Cybertron, Megatron grasps a final opportunity to win the Beast Wars by freeing himself during the transwarp sequence and jump off the ship - thus arriving in Cybertron earlier than them with no one expecting his return. Taking the opportunity, Megatron then uses a virus to infect the entire population of Cybertron and extracts their sparks, before using their bodies to construct mindless drones called the Vehicons that he programs to serve him. With this, Megatron intends to remake Cybertron into the perfect technosphere in which only he is the superior intelligence that controls the planet.

He was voiced by David Kaye, who would later voice Megatron in the Unicron Trilogy, Apocalypse in X-Men: Evolution, and The Stretch Monster in the 2nd season of Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.


Optimus Primal: Megatron! Don't! Their power is beyond what you can imagine! You can't control it.
Megatron: I AM power.
~ Megatron showing how big an ego he really has.

Megatron is the ruthlessly pragmatic leader of the Darksyders. He is willing to sacrifice his own teammates to further his own agenda to conquer Cybertron. It is fitting that he has proven to be much more strategic and manipulative than his namesake, in which in his plans to succeed, he plays everyone in order to gain his victory. Whatever opportunity he has, Megatron takes it if it benefits him, like a chance to escape during the transwarp sequence of the shuttle he is strapped to. If anything proves to be a good asset, Megatron will make an effort to claim it, whether it be an alien probe or a powerful being like Protoform X/Rampage, being willing to reprogram Rhinox into a Predacon when knowing about his true strength.

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate how much of an excellent strategist Megatron is is by how well he incorporates his own minions' treachery. Both Tarantulas's status as the mole within his team and Blackarachnia's treachery were needed for Megatron to end up finding the Ark, and he specifically chose Rhnixo's spark to be housing in Tankor's body after knowing firsthand how deceptive and treacherous an evil Rhinox can be, allowing him to operate his own agenda to end up gaining the Key to Vector Sigma for him. There are other ways to show how manipulative Megatron is, rather than playing his own treacherous minions. Using the mentally unstable state of Inferno, he manages to spark undying loyalty from the insane fire ant Predacon, and using a useable piece of the destroyed Golden Disk, Megatron plays a transmission of the Decepticon Megatron to reign Ravage to his side in his quest to find the Ark, to which they both form a partnership.

Megatron is also highly egotistical. He blames the Maximals or his minions for mistakes, as his ego makes him believe he is perfect. His entire goal in Beast Machines is to remake Cybertron in his image where he is the superior intelligence that controls the entire planet. The very reason he became a renegade is that he viewed the Tripredacus Council's approach in galactic conquest as far too slow and that his methods are better, and his gloating occasionally led to the heroes getting the upper hand. It should be noted that, despite Megatron's immense ego, he has the skills to back it up, in which they seem more of him viewing his own skills rationally rather than overestimating them. This is demonstrated as he manages to use an opportunity to win the Beast Wars, but to conquer Cybertron itself much more quickly than the Tripredacus Council tried to, already being the more successful strategist. Also despite his big ego, Megatron is willing to accept some flaws or the advantages the heroes have and is willing to adapt to give himself the upper hand.

He also has an immense flair for the theatrical. Megatron talks to himself, engaging in "intelligent" conversations, with his entire transformation into a Transmetal II dragon having led to him being very prophetic, quoting multiple times from the Covenant of Primus when he was causing mass destruction using the Nemesis. He always speaks in a polite tone while engaging in his own activities, like spending time in the Energon tubs or brushing the teeth of his dinosaur head, and has a liking towards saying the word "yes", quoting the word frequently. He even gives Quickstrike an actual trial, in which he is even dressed properly as the judge to show how much he loves to indulge in theatricality. However, following his success in conquering Cybertron, he dropped many of his theatrical antics for most of the series, having a very cold and detached demeanor. However, by the end of Beast Machines, Megatron regains his theatricality.

In Beast Machines, he has somehow developed a deep hatred for organics. This is presumably due to the Decepticon Megatron's spark influencing him. He views them as filth that contaminates his project as he views them as the chaos that is beyond his control. With his desire to be in control of everything, Megatron wants to purge Cybertron of anything organic and replace it with technology as he knows technology is something he can control, and something that can fit his image in which he is the superior intelligence and the God of Cybertron that controls Cybertron to his machinations.

Megatron is largely uncaring towards anyone, viewing them as pawns he could dispose of. Even his own men are no exception, as he actively abuses his men to the point where some want to betray him, which won't matter as Megatron will know and will use it to his advantage. The moment there is no use for one of his henchmen for him, Megatron has them disposed of. When Quickstrike couldn't provide any need for Megatron, Megatron attempted to put the trial in a way Quickstrike would be sentenced to death as he is done being lenient to traitor, only sparing him when his usefulness was renewed when Tigerhawk attacked the base. And when Quickstrike and Inferno were present in the Anthropoid settlement, Megatron is quick to sacrifice them in the attack without any remorse.

Despite his multitude of negative traits and being devoid of positive traits by the time he dies, it doesn't mean Megatron never had positive traits in his entire life, which would anyway be subverted. Megatron was understandably hesitant to do such an act for some time, viewing it as a last resort. However, when he does, Megatron feels no remorse for the act despite the costs being the same. He strangely even honors Rattrap's deal, allowing him to leave alive with the weapons he promised him for guarding him for a night. However, even this trait was subverted with his scheme to destroy Cybertron and remake it in his image, in which he has even remorselessly murdered Rattrap to further his goal for rebirth, no longer caring about such honor.

Overall, Megatron proves himself to be a master manipulator and chess master who would aspire loyalty for some of his men and works his own minions' treachery for his own goals, having even succeeded in conquering Cybertron. However, not only is he much more manipulative and strategic than his namesake, he is even more ruthless, going to even bigger lengths and being a threat to time itself to secure his power.

Powers and Abilities

Megatron is one of the most powerful Cybertronians during Beast Wars, although his specific powers varied from Body-to-Body. He has shown, however, to be a cunning strategist and manipulator in all his incarnations, is the only one capable to lead the dysfunctional group of sociopathic Predacons, and he has successfully used Tarantulas' and Tankor's treacherous nature to his advantage. He is also one of the very few who can match Optimus Primal in hand-to-hand combat.

In his first body, Megatron is capable of turning himself into a purple Tyrannosaurus rex', but while physically strong, this form is impractical for disguise, and rather used to protect himself against the high levels of unstable Energon on prehistorical Earth. His robot mode keeps his beast mode head in place of his right hand, allowing Megatron to crush his opponents or to shoot powerful energy blasts from it.

After destroying a moon-sized death ray of the alien race known as the Vok, Megatron was exposed to an unusual form of quantum surge energy that mutated his body into a metal alloy known as Transmetal. Megatron's new Transmetal body is capable of flight and is very strong, enough to ram through several pillars of rock unscratched, and he has a prehensile tail that allows him to grab and manipulate objects with it. Also, thanks to his Transmetal body being a combination of his original Cybertronian body and the Vok alien alloy, not only is Megatron undetectable to the Vok's technology, but he is also capable of using it to an extent with the right tools.

After absorbing the original Megatron's spark, Megatron was thrown into a pit of lava and had gained a larger, red-dragon form that is capable of breathing fire and ice and is also absurdly strong, being able to best Optimus Primal's Transmetal-II body in battle twice, tanking magma and the combined assault weapons of the Maximals, and even survive a spare Autobot shuttle rammed into him at full velocity.

After returning back to Cybertron after tumbling in transwarp space, Megatron set out his plans in motion, after creating a powerful and devastating virus that he could unleash upon the populous, this virus has shown how powerful his mind is and how his intellect alone caused the downfall of the population, he also used his vast intellect to create Vehicon drones and a control harness that could control the Vehicons, the Vehicon drones would wipe out the survivors of the drones and then Megatron could rule in peace.


  • Tigerhawk (Tigatron and Airazor)
  • Inferno (reprogrammed into a Predacon and later killed when launching an attack on the protohumans)
  • Quickstrike (killed along with Inferno when bombing a protohuman village)
  • Tripredacus Council Generals Ram Horn, Sea Clamp, and Cicadacon (offscreen)
  • Rhinox/Tankor
  • Noble/Savage
  • All Cybertronians barring Optimus Primal (later revived when Primal sacrifices his life to destroy Megatron and restore Cybertron):
    • Cheetor
    • Blackarachnia
    • Rattrap
    • Silverbolt
    • Botanica
    • Nightscream



Beast Wars

Dinobot: Their controls are down. Destroy them.
Megatron: Now where's the fun in that? A little torment I think first, yes? Side guns!
~ Megatron's first line.
Then we will create alternate forms based on the most powerful local creatures.
~ Megatron deciding his team will adopt organic forms of the local lifeform.
Well, this is an interesting sight, yes... Optimus and the traitor Dinobot engaged in battle.
~ Megatron enjoying Optimus and Dinobot's duel from afar.
Tarantulas: Not the winner that interests me.
Megatron: Nor me, noo... how much more preferable will it be if they both lost, yes... Megatron, TERRORIZE!
~ Megatron deciding to use the aforementioned duel to kill both Dinobot and Optimus.
Blackarachnia: Why do you always talk to yourself?
Megatron: Ah, I simply have a penchant for...
intelligent conversation.
~ Megatron after one of his monologues.
Dinobot: Do not shoot, Megatron. I have a hostage.
Megatron: Oh, so you do!!!! [shoots at Tarantulas] Now, are there any other stupid Maximal ploys you wish to try.
~ Megatron showing his lack of care for his henchmen.
Optimus Primal: Prepare to blow pod hatch
Computer:Unable to comply. Pod hatch is magna sealed.
Optimus Primal: That's impossible.
Megatron: Oh, I assure you, it is not
Optimus Primal: Megatron?
Megatron: Hmmm, ironic, isn't it? Both of us hitting upon the same plan to destroy the alien machine, but unfortunately in my version, the pilot goes down, or should I say... up with his ship. [—] Oh, you Optimuses do love to sacrifice yourselves, don't you? Unfortunately, this time your foolishness will destroy you and your Maximals. The Beast Wars are over, Optimus. You lose!!!
Computer: 10. 9. 8.
Optimus Primal: No!
Computer: 7.
Optimus Primal: Noooo!!!
Computer: 6. 5.
Optimus Primal: MEGATROOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Computer: 4, 3.
~ Megatron orchestrating Optimus Primal's eventual death.
Ah, me. Such entertainment, yes. But I suppose, while they are distracted, I should attend to business.
~ Megatron deciding to act now on convincing Silverbolt and Quickstrike to join his side rather than merely watch them fight an insane Inferno.
Megatron: Prepare for a full attack.
Silverbolt: What? We outnumber them two to one.
Megatron: Yes.
Silverbolt: We have twice their firepower.
Megatron: Yes.
Silverbolt: We should give them a chance to surrender.
Megatron: Um, no. Question my command and I will tear you from limb from mismatched limb, fuzor.
~ Megatron's lack of honor as he ignores Silverbolt's protest on dishonorably attacking the Maximals despite them being outnumbered.
Megatron: And would anyone else like to object?
Quickstrike: Well I…
Megatron: Yes!? Does it all have to be quick?
Quickstrike: 'Cause once we cripple 'em, I'd kinda like it'll enjoy their suffering for a while.
Megatron: I like how you think Quickstrike put business before pleasure.
~ Megatron being abusive to Quickstrike when he thought he was objecting to him.
Spiders spin their webs, yes... but I spin them larger.
~ Megatron spying on Blackarachnia.
Impressive. Using an Energon blade on any other spark would've destroyed it. However, it seems you cannot be terminated. Advantage... or is it?
~ Megatron torturing Rampage to submission.
Welcome to the Predacons, Rampage. You shall be an honored member, so as long you don't forget one important factor of your new life. It's mine. Welcome my new servant, yes. Welcome to the Beast Wars!!! [laughs evilly]
~ Megatron sadistically welcoming the anguished Rampage to his team.
Soon, very soon, I expect a visit from Cybertron.
~ Megatron's motive on enacting what he wanted to do with the Golden Disk.
Hmmm, my ears are burning. Yes. Why, Dinobot! What a delightful surprise. Let's see, where are we now? I have the Golden Disk, I have the power to change the future, and the only remaining obstacle in my path to unimaginable glory... is yourself.
~ Megatron taunting Dinobot as he confronts him.
Now I enter these hallowed halls a conqueror, yes. Autobots and Decepticons still frozen in emergency stasis. Awaiting the moment, four million years hence, when they awaken to start the Great War. The Great War. Where the Autobots defeated the Decepticons. And thus their descendants, the Maximals, rule we Predacons. Archaic Energon-guzzlers! How dare they? Unwilling I was to follow my namesake's instructions, it has all come down to this. The ultimate risk for the ultimate prize! A day of reckoning with those all who made us slaves!
~ Megatron showing his willingness to murder Optimus Prime after ranting about the Predacons' unfair treatment in Pax Cybertronia.
And now Optimus Prime, in memory of the Decepticons. For the glory of the Predacons. For the Cybertron that is rightfully ours and mine to rule. I unleash the storm of vengeance. Farewell.
~ Megatron killing Optimus Prime.
Say goodbye to the universe, Maximals. The future has changed. Yesss! The Autobots lose. And You... you! No longer EXIST!!!
~ Megatron making a final taunt against the Maximals as they start being erased from existence.
Farewell, Maximals. With the destruction of Optimus Prime, the Decepticons and Predacons now take their rightful places as rulers of Cybertron. I, Megatron, have triumphed... Yeeesssss.
~ Megatron boasting about his victory
Megatron: Megatron, the greatest leader of the Decepticons, my namesake, yours is the first chapter in the history of Cybertron. A chapter that is about to be rewritten.
Quickstrike: Something doesn't seem right about this boss.
Megatron: Fool, Optimus gained his power from Prime's spark. Imagine what I will gain when I mingle my spark with his.
~ Megatron about to gain power from the original Megatron's spark
I am not so easily destroyed. Thanks to your treachery, my power is greater than ever!!! Let me... thank you!
~ Megatron rising from the lava after he gains a new Transmetal II Dragon form and confronts Tarantulas
Megatron: I suppose, given my imminent godhood, these primitives should really be beneath my attention. Ah, still. No score is too small to settle, I always say.
Dinobot II: You would turn the full fury of this mighty warship
on a lone anthropoid?! Tell me Megatron, where's the honor in that?
Megatron: You DARE use the H-word to me?!
Dinobot II: I... I apologize. I merely felt the power should be conserved for the larger battle.
Megatron: Duly noted... and IGNORED!
~ Megatron plans to raze the entire Anthropoid colony, berating Dinobot II for questioning his command.
Megatron: Oh well, come on. Let's have it. The usual destiny and honor speech.
Optimus Primal: Speech this!
~ Megatron and Optimus facing off at the final battle of the Beast Wars.
I am Alpha and Omega, Optimal Optimus. Now and forever, until the end of time!
~ Megatron to Optimus when fighting him, proclaiming himself a god.
What possible reason do you have to betray me? I am your Master. I am your creator.
~ Megatron to Dinobot II after the latter's betrayal and redemption.
Stand aside traitor. And observe as I fulfill my destiny. What?
~ Megatron's final words in Beast Wars before Rhinox rams the Autobot shuttle against him and crashes through the Nemesis.

Beast Machines

So Optimus Primal and his Maximals have survived after all. See how they contaminate the perfection of Cybertron with their mongrel Beast forms.
~ Megatron's first line in Beast Machines, now in control over Cybertron.
I call it my throne room, Optimus Primal.
~ Megatron introducing himself to Optimus Primal.
Optimus Primal: What have you done to the Council of Elders?
Megatron: Alas, they are no longer in control. Cybertron is now my domain. You may bow before your new lord and master.
~ Megatron revealing he is the ruler of Cybertron.
Megatron: Surprised to see your old nemesis, Optimus Primal? I believe we have some catching up to do. A few memory gaps to fill. Let's start with the Beast Wars. They are over, you lost. Oh, there are a few loose ends running about. But then I see you brought them right to me.
Cheetor: We gotta lead them away from the Council Citadel.
Rattrap: How about leading them away from US!
Megatron: Your new beast modes may protect you from my virus, but they won't save you from my Vehicons, the way of the future, Transformers without sparks. No more individual minds. Just one single, guiding intelligence: mine.
~ Megatron explaining his goal.
Optimus Primal: Look at yourself, Megatron. See the thing you despise the most. Cybertron will never be pure as long as the beast exists within you. You failed.
Megatron: No, Primal, you have failed. You're still too late to save your people. Billions of Transformers, their extinguished sparks are on your hands.
Optimus Primal: What have you done with them?
Megatron: Perhaps if you'd won the Beast Wars, things would've been different. Who's to say?
Optimus Primal: Tell me what you've done!
Megatron: Who's the beast now, Primal?
~ Megatron delivering his mind-breaking speech to Optimus.
Megatron: How is this possible? My battle drones are models of technological perfection. They possess superior firepower and maneuverability, and yet they are defeated by a small pack of lowly beasts. Why?
Diagnostic Droid: Free will?
Megatron: Hmm, interesting notion... and desperate times call for desperate measures. Yes!
~ Megatron realization on why the Maximals defeat his battle drones, about to create Tankor, Jetstorm, and Thrust.
I LIVE! I LIVE! I— what kind of puny body is this?!
~ Megatron hosting his body in a diagnostic drone.
Victory is most delicious when seasoned with irony. Is it not?
~ Megatron's intentions in using the Optimal Optimus body as the template for his new body
Yes. The seeds of your future lie in ruins. But the seeds have just been released!!
~ Megatron taunting Optimus Primal on his victory.
And now, as a reward, I shall allow you to witness my grand ascension. COME TO ME, MY CHILDREN!!!
~ Megatron calling out to the sparks to absorb them.
Megatron: Knowledge? Wisdom? Love? Am I supposed to occupy my mind with frivolities in the face of ultimate power!
Optimus Primal: Is that the only ideal you serve Megatron? Megalomania?!
Megatron: And what do you serve Optimus Primal? The law of the jungle? Survival of the fittest? Are those your lofty ideals?
~ Megatron and Optimus' conflicting ideologies.
Megatron: My great ascension is finally complete. YESSSSS!!!!
Optimus Primal: I won't let you do this.
Megatron: You cannot defy destiny!
~ Megatron finally gaining the powers of Cybertron.
Once I get to the planet's core, I will create a perfect core, with me as its core conscious. All that remains is to activate the key to Vector Sigma, and this entire planet would be transformed into the perfect technosphere.
~ Megatron's grand plan.
Optimus Primal: You have what I need. The means to reformat Cybertron. I have what you need, the means to reach its organic core. Stalemate.
Megatron: Not quite, my friend.
Optimus Primal: You can destroy my body Megatron, but not my spark.
Megatron: I don't have to destroy. I am only separating you from the Oracle. Now I alone control the fate of Cybertron.
~ Megatron now erasing any obstacles in accessing the key to Vector Sigma.
Optimus Primal: Forget it, Megatron. I won't allow you to destroy Cybertron.
Megatron: Destroy it? I'm recreating it in my own image. Access key to Vector Sigma.
Optimus Primal: No!!!!
Megatron: Say farewell to the last of the organic.
~ Megatron nearly winning at the end of Beast Machines.
Megatron: You're trying to physically harm me. How amusing. Soon your disgustingly organic body will be emerged with the technomatter, while your spark remains with me. What are you doing?!
Optimus Primal: Planting the seeds of the future. We must seek the balance, Megatron, not only the balance between the technological, but the balance between eternal enemies. Between you, AND I!!!! The great transformation awaits, Megatron. Prepare to be reformatted.
Megatron: NOOOOO!!!!!!
~ Megatron's final words.

Audio Logs

Megatron's Evil Laugh

Megatron's theme


  • This version of Megatron is known to have a habit of saying "yes" a lot. Ironically, his last word before his death in the last episode of Beast Machines was "no".
  • Megatron is killed three times, with the first time killed by Terrorsaur, the second killed by Tarantulas and Quickstrike, and the three and final time by Optimus Primal.
  • Megatron has the highest body count in the Beast Wars franchise.
  • Megatron is one of two Predacons to survive at the Beast Wars, with the second being Waspinator. However, unlike Waspinator, Megatron died for good in Beast Machines, which makes Waspinator the sole Predacon to survive the entire Beast Era.
  • Megatron was voted up by fans to be a member of the Transformers Hall of Fame in 2013.
  • Throughout Beast Wars, and his first appearance in Beast Machines, Megatron had always had one actual arm on his left side. However, in his Transmetal II form, the actual arm was on the right side, while the dragon head become his left.
  • This is arguably one of David Kaye's most iconic roles ever, and is mostly what made him a pretty prominent actor throughout the voice acting industry. This is also one of his favourite roles in his career.

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