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Decepticons! Transform and rise up!
~ Megatron's command to take flight and move out.
Your fate is sealed now, Autobots. While your elite guard forces are preoccupied with the Decepticon Uprisings at the rims of the galaxy, I will use this space bridge to transport my Decepticons to the heart of Cybertron, and take over the entire space bridge network. From there, it will be a simple matter to transport all Decepticon forces onto a virtually defenseless Cybertron and take over the entire planet. And I have your expert space bridge technician to thank for it.
~ Megatron nearly moving his forces to Cybertron using the Space Bridges.
Starscream: Once again, the mighty Megatron has failed.
Megatron: Have I?
Starscream: Oh, you don't actually expect me to believe you planned that.
Megatron: Instilled with my own powerful personality, the clones might try to overthrow me, but not so my most loyal Lieutenenant.
Lugnut: Ah. I am honored my lord. Hah, Megatron trusts me the most.
Starscream: Ah, but your clones are just sparkless shells without my Allspark fragment to bring them online.
Megatron: Who needs your fragment? The ones I found inside Omega Supreme's spark chamber should do just fine. You're no longer of use to me.
~ Megatron using Lugnut's undying loyalty to his advantage to prevent the Omega Supreme clones from turning against him.

Megatron is the main antagonist of the 2007 cartoon Transformers: Animated. He is the ruthless and charismatic leader of the Decepticons after having overthrown the previous and seemingly benevolent leader, Megazarak.

Using the rhetoric to free the Decepticons, he rallied up support to initiate the Great War, hunting for the sacred Cybertronian artifact, the Allspark, the powerhouse of Cybertronian life, continuing his search even after the war ended. Following a betrayal by his second-in-command, Starscream, Megatron went to a 50 year coma, who after his reawakening, became the archenemy of Optimus Prime, a young cadet.

He was voiced by Corey Burton, who also voiced Shockwave (who also reprised his role in the same series), Brainiac, Zeus, Hugo Strange, and the Hatbox Ghost.


Megatron is a ruthlessly charismatic leader. With just sheer power of his words, Megatron can rally up entire armies to his command, inspiring undying loyalty from Lugnut and Shockwave. He has a no tolerance policy for treachery. If anyone dares to betray him and the Decepticons, Megatron ruthlessly executes them, as he did with Starscream, multiple times, holding a deep hatred for his treacherous second-in-command as a result. Even then, Megatron is a crafty fellow, he will spare his enemies and his own treacherous underlings for the fact that they are useful to him, and plays them like fiddles to gain the upper hand. This is one of Megatron's key traits, intelligence. By just the hseer power of his mind, he can menace the entire Earth and Cybertron together by manipulaitng certain key events behind the scenes even when he is just a disembodied head.

Megatron also talks highly of freeing the Decepticons from Autobot oppression, but in reality, is nothing but a clever rhetoric Megatron uses for his quest for power. Megatron values loyalty, but he won't hesitate for a second to sacrifice hundreds of his own loyal men if it could grant him victory. He even admits to Starscream he is a power-hungry maniac and is why making himself the template for the clones of Omega Supereme is not a good idea as they would all turn against him to prove themselves as the superior being. Despite how vile Megatron is, Megatron always remains pragmatic and rarely ever engages in gratuitous cruelty as he believes there is no point doing pointlessly cruel actions as it is not only pointless, but will bite him in the back sooner or later. But if he must, Megatron will do deplorable actions if it can actually benefit him, so his lack of resort to gratuitous cruelty makes him a more dangerous foe.

Megatron is vile, but he is soft-spoken and polite to any ally or enemy, having valued the loyalty of his minions and acknowledges them, but would secretly belittle them. Even as he downgrades all the Autobots by just referring to them as "Autobot" because he finds them superior to them to the point where he doesn't even bother to remember their names, Megatron is still polite to them in battle, and even as he threatens Professor Sumdac into serving him, Megatron does respect his enemies whenever they are worthy of it, having found Ultra Magnus to be a worthy arch-rival to fear and call by his name, and upon the very final episode, comes to view Optimus Prime as a worthy enemy, the only one that deserves to finish him off and gracefully accepts his presumed death, to which Optimus spares him instead as he believes Megatron is far too evil to deserve it.



Megatron was once a normal Decepticon living in Cybertron under the command of Megazarak, while Cybertron was ruled over by the Autobot High Council lead by its Magnus. Seeking to overthrow them, Megatron rallied up support from the Decepticons by promising them to free them from the Autobot tyranny, using the support to overthrow Megazarak. Now in command over the Decepticons, Megatron initiated the Great Uprising, starting the Great War. During the Great War, Megatron led many victories thanks to the use of chemical weapons to wipe out entire battlefields. However, Ultra Magnus gained an advantage through the use of Space Technology. Megatron then sought the Cybertronian artifact that hosts the life of Cybertron, the Allspark, and had civilian areas all across the planet bombed, causing thousands of civillian casualties, demanding the Allspark if the High Council wants it to stop, so Ultra Magnus hid the Allspark from both sides. Due to the bombings, Ultra Magnus starts Project Omega, having created large Autobots that transform to ships called the Omega Sentinels to help them fight the war. Upon knowledge of this, Megatron sends Lockdown to capture Intelligence Officer Arcee to extract the Activation Codes of Project Omega from her, however, thanks to Ratchet, Megatron can't get his hands on the codes. The Great War finally ends with the Battle for Iacon with the Autobots winning, to which Megatron accepts exile in exchange for amnesty during the Tyrest Accord.

Season 1

As revealed in "Transform and Roll Out", Megatron continued his search for the Allspark. Managing to locate it near a Space Bridge being repaired by a ship containing a repair team led by former Autobot cadet and Prime named Optimus Prime. Megatron tried to take it from the ship itself, but was betrayed by Starscream, who planted an explosive device on his back. Due to the explosion that crippled the Autobots' craft, Megatron's lifeless body crashed on Earth, contracting "space barnacles," while his disembodied head was found in rural Michigan by a young Isaac Sumdac in his parents' farm. Megatron's head subsequently became a keystone for Sumdac's various robotic creations, which he used to help built his own company, and convert Detroit into a technological metropolis within the next 50 years.

His head was not reactivated until "Home is Where the Spark Is", when Sari used her Allspark Key to open her father's door to his lab. The surge of the key's power reached Megatron's head, putting him back online. Upon reactivation, he immediately found out that it was Starscream who betrayed him, and immediately plotted to kill him, but he needed a body to do so. When he found out that the Autobots were on Earth, he took control of one of Sumdac's prototype pocket bots and sent it to their hideout — an abandoned automotive plant. Using the pocket bot, Megatron hacked the plant's automated systems to try and kill the Autobots, but his plan failed, and he would have been discovered by the Autobots if it weren't for Bulkhead accidentally destroying the pocket bot.

Megatron as a head

In "Blast from the Past", he revealed his existence to Professor Sumdac while he was repairing Sari's tutor-bot and the future Dinobots, which were accidentally destroyed by Bulkhead. Even though Sumdac wanted to tell the Autobots, Megatron convinced him that he was an Autobot and didn't want the real Autobots to see him in his weakened state. Eventually, Sumdac repaired the Dinobots with Megatron's "help". The Dinobots went on a rampage, got their new Cybertronian-like forms, and Megatron got his second taste of what Sari's key could do. He then proceeded to tell the Dinobots that the Earth cars were malevolent fossil feeders and the Autobots were even worse, sending them on another rampage.

In "Nanosec", he told Sumdac to hurry up with building a body and that he required Destronium (a play on the words cybertonium, the stuff all Cybertronians are made of and require in G1, and Destron, the Japanese name for the Decepticons), but the only Destronium available was across town, and if it wasn't delivered in under 10 minutes, then it would be futile. Upon hearing this, and seeing a test run with a super-speed suit developed by Sumdac Systems, Megatron secretly bailed petty thief Nino Sexton out of jail and supplied him with the super-speed suit, paying him to deliver the Destronium to him. Both Megatron and Sexton (now calling himself Nanosec), however, were unaware that if Destronium were moved at high speeds, it would become unstable, volatile, and catastrophically explosive. At the same time, Nanosec was unaware that the side effect of the suit's speed-enhancing ability was the wearer's rapid aging. Within minutes of continuously using the suit, Nanosec aged into an elderly man and was shortly apprehended while Bumblebee, using his rocket boosters and aided by Bulkhead and Prowl, disposed of the Destronium just outside Earth's atmosphere before it could explode and potentially take most of Detroit with it.

During "Sound and Fury", Megatron created Soundwave, originally a musical toy he created for Sari's birthday — even though his actual reason for creating Soundwave was to create a new body when Sari used her key to upgrade it. However, Sari used her key too many times and gave Soundwave a spark, and after hearing about this, Megatron convinced him to start a revolution to enslave and destroy humanity, all other organics, and the Autobots, whom Megatron said were "traitors who live to serve the humans."

After Lugnut and Blitzwing arrived on Earth during "Lost and Found", Megatron initially waited to see if they were truly loyal. After Lugnut and Blitzwing's battle, Megatron denounced Blitzwing as unstable and Lugnut truly loyal to the Decepticon cause, and spent the rest of the episode communicating exclusively to Lugnut, who Blitzwing thought was even more insane than himself.

In "Nature Calls", space barnacles wreaked havoc in a mining area outside Detroit, assimilating with a construction vehicle and becoming a techno-organic monster. The monster was defeated by Bumblebee, Prowl and Sari using hot water sprayed from a fire hose in the mine. It was revealed that the space barnacles had latched on Megatron's body, which crashed in the vicinity 50 years ago. Shortly after the space barnacles were destroyed, Sumdac found Megatron's body lying by the river and brought it back to his lab.

Megatron killing Starscream after his resurrection.

During the "Megatron Rising" two-parter, Megatron got impatient with Sumdac since he hadn't had much progress in repairing his body. Then he tried to communicate with Lugnut again, even though he and Blitzwing were with Starscream, who also thought that Lugnut had gone insane. After having his signal detected, Megatron received an unexpected visit from Starscream, who, even though he had the upper hand, didn't do anything except talk to Megatron. Then when Bumblebee burst in, Megatron used the lab's robotics to throw Starscream and Bumblebee outside and convinced Sumdac that he should complete his body to "help" his so-called "Autobot brothers". Lugnut and Blitzwing then flew in, and Blitzwing found out that Lugnut wasn't insane, then placed Sari's key (which they stole from Ratchet into Megatron's head, resulting in him being resurrected into his new Earth mode.

In Part 2, upon his reawakening, Megatron defeated the other Autobots, "killed" Starscream by deactivating him using the Allspark key, and led Lugnut and Blitzwing to Dinobot Island to retrieve the Allspark. When they arrived, Megatron immediately battled Optimus and both combatants ended up inside the Autobots' ship, rekindling their past struggles. When Megatron got hold of the Allspark, he placed it in his own spark chamber, giving him more power and proclaiming his intentions to conquer Cybertron and lay waste to Earth. Even though he had the upper hand, Sumdac attempted to take him down by disrupting his equilibrium circuits, which distracted Megatron long enough for Optimus to disperse the Allspark and seriously damage Megatron. But while Megatron failed in his quest to acquire the Allspark, he succeeded in kidnapping Sumdac and downloading an incomplete design spec for a space bridge.

Season 2

In "The Elite Guard", Megatron threatens Issac Sumdac's life to put in motion his plans to create a Space Bridge, so that his forces could transwarp to Cybertron and conquer the planet from within. During construction, Megatron found an Allspark fragment in one of Sumdac's worker robots.

In "Mission Accomplished", the Allspark fragment-revived Starscream repeatedly tried to destroy Megatron, only to be repelled each time by being killed and then being revived again. Using a tachyon transmitter he had stolen from the Elite Guard's ship, Megatron sent a message to his fellow Decepticons and causes another Decepticon Uprising to occur in the process with fatal results, letting the rest of the Decepticons know of his return.

In "A Fistful of Energon", upon hearing of Starscream's escape from the Autobot Elite Guard, Megatron put out a bounty on the fugitive Decepticon, intending on personally disposing of him himself.

In "Rise of The Constructicons", Megatron recruited Scrapper and Mixmaster after learning of their existence to build the Space bridge, coercing them with multiple supplies of oil after learning they drink oil frequently to turn them against the Autobots and destroy them. However, their memories got wiped by the Autobots, foiling Megatron, for now.

In "SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy", he was contracted aboard his ship by Swindle, who wanted to sell him a powerful weapon that could trap all technological life in a fate worse than death by freezing them in place permanently while they are still aware of their surrounding. Megatron, intrigued by the offer, wanted a demonstration first before being fully convinced to buy the weapon and trapping all Autobots with it, When the demonstration proved to be successful, Megatron buys the weapon and waits patiently for it to be arrived to him so that he can use it against all his enemies. However, Swinder was eventually defeated by the Autobots before the weapon could be delivered on time, leaving Megatron frustrated by the loss.

During the "A Bridge Too Close" two-parter, Megatron officially initiated the Constructicons into the Decepticon ranks. When he realized that his Space Bridge was still not in spec, he received word from Shockwave that Cybertron's best foremost Space Bridge expert was none other than Bulkhead, whom he kidnapped and threatened to first decapitate him, then replace his head with a Headmaster unit to kill all of his own friends, forcing Bulkhead to agree to finish the Space Bridge for him to return to Cybertron.

In Part 2, he battled Starscream, his clones and the Autobots at the same time, telling the Autobots about his plan to conquer Cybertron while the Autobots are at their weakest. Unfortunately, the Allspark fragment he got from the beginning of season 2 wasn't enough to power the Decepticon Space Bridge, so he used the fragment in Starscream's head for more power as a living battery, but Starscream's head overloaded the power core and sent himself, Starscream's head, a revived Omega Supreme, and the Space Bridge equipment through a random part of the galaxy, ending up drifting in space with Starscream's head; the two arguing amongst themselves.

Season 3

During "Transwarped", Starscream freed Megatron from his stasis cuffs by shooting a sonic laser from his mouth. An offline Omega Supreme suddenly appeared and Megatron enters to become Supreme's prisoner and deliver him to Cybertron so he can initiate his attack, taking control of him by using Starscream's head as a living battery once again, causing him deep pain. He then manually transports himself after having all the Decepticon forces to stand down after talking about the failure of his plan to Shockwave and eventually tried to destroy the Autobots after transwarping back to Earth to prevent them from exposing Shockwave's cover. After Prowl severed his control of Omega, Megatron battled and easily defeated Optimus. He was then trapped by Starscream after trying to convince him that they can rule Cybertron together and nearly arrived on there. They, along with Omega, instead wound up transwarping randomly across the universe, courtesy of the plasma dynamic thruster Bumblebee placed on Omega.

By the time Lugnut managed to destroy the thruster on Omega in "Decepticon Air", they found themselves in the middle of space. After picking up Shockwave once he had acquired Arcee to sucessfully extract all the codes from her and destroying Starscream's clones in his own personal lair while foiling his attempts to assassinate him and taking all of the protoforms, Megatron creates three Omega Supreme clones and makes Lugnut linked with them and transwarps Omega to Earth's moon, and then Earth itself.

Megatron, arrested.

In the Endgame two-parter, Megatron sees Lugnut in possession of the activation codes and entered one of the clones to personally oversee the destruction of both Detroit and Earth's Autobots before focusing on Cybertron. However, Optimus Prime, wielding the Magnus Hammer, managed to disable the clone Megatron rode in, forcing the Decepticon leader to enter the battle himself and trying to kill Optimus Prime. During the course of the conflict, the clones were revealed to have been rigged by Starscream to explode, with Megatron and Detroit ending up caught in the explosion. It was only through Prowl and Jazz's "Processor Over Matter" recovery of the Allspark and Prowl's sacrifice that the explosion caused by the final clone was contained, saving Detroit from total destruction. Surviving in spite of heavy damage to his body, Megatron made a vain attempt to destroy Optimus one last time, only to be knocked to the ground by a swing from the Magnus Hammer. Megatron told Optimus to finish him, but was spared (he only smashed his fusion cannon), so that he would face punishment for his war crimes on Cybertron for a long time.


Professor Sumdac: Decepticons? But you told me you were an Autobot.
Megatron: And I hated every moment of that humiliating charade. But no more.
Sumdac: What have I done?
Megatron: Professor Sumdac, you can't go now. Don't you wish to see the completion of that which you helped create?
~ Megatron reveals his true colors to Professor Sumdac.
Ah, Starscream. How fitting to have you by my side, as I finally take revenge on the one responsible for my fifty stellar cycles of helplessness and humiliation! Does anyone else have a problem with my leadership?
~ Megatron executes Starscream for his treachery.
I waited 4 million stellar cycles for this. With the power of the AllSpark, I will reclaim Cybertron for all Decepticon kind, but not before I lay waste to the miserable world that held me captive for so long.
~ Megatron merging with the Allspark and proclaims his intentions to raze the Earth.
Your work is clever human, but far too superficial. Armor-platting and servo-mechanics, you know nothing of the spark at the core of all Cybertronians. Let's see how you like being crushed under this Achilles' heel.
~ Megatron recovering from a sabotage by Professor Sumdac.
Megatron: You appoint yourself protector of the Allspark and yet you have no concept of its true power?
Sari: Optimus!
Optimus Prime: You want power? Have your fill!
~ Megatron overpowering Optimus before his first defeat.
Comfortable in your chair? It appears Professor that our fates are destined to be intertwined once more.
~ Megatron holding Professor Sumdac hostage.
Professor Sumdac: You cannnot trick me into helping you this time Megatron. The Autobots will come for me.
Megatron: And yet, thus far they have not. Why do you think that is? Could it have something to do with the fact that you resurrected their worst enemy. Right now the only thing that is keeping you alive is your usefulness to me.
~ Megatron threatens Sumdac into building his Space Bridge.
Megatron: Starscream! You're alive?
Starscream: What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost. Well, maybe you have!
Megatron: Is that the best you could do Starscream? And to think you actually believed you could take over as leader of the Decepticons. You couldn't lead a parade.
~ Megatron thwarting an attempt on his life by Starscream.
Fellow Decepticons, take heed! Your leader, Megatron, still lives! Though we remain dispersed throughout the far reaches of the galaxy, exiled from our true home, we are all still Decepticons, united by a common purpose. The time has come for us to put aside our differences and act as one under my undisputed leadership. Only then can we cast off the shackles of Autobot oppression. Working together, we can raise up our glorious empire once more, and crush all who stand in our way!
~ Megatron's speech towards the Decepticons, announing his return.
Megatron: Silence Autobot! As improbable as it may seem by the looks of you, I have it on good authority that you are quite the genius when it comes to Space Bridge technology. Equally impropable is the fact that now I need your help.
Bulkhead: Never going to happen, Megatron. Not as long as I have an ounce of Spark left in my chamber!
Megatron: Have it your way Autobot. Why don't you show our guest what you picked up at Sumdac Tower. Refuse to cooperate with us, and I will have no choice but to cut off your head and replace it with this HeadMaster unit.
Bulkhead: Been there, done that, the answer's still no!
Megatron: Oh, so very brave of you. Of course, your suffering will be relatively insignificant compared to what your friends will endure when I destroy them using your body. Starting with Professor Sumdac.
Bulkhead: No, you wouldn't!
Megatron: Let's test that theory, shall we?
~ Megatron threatening Bulkhead to serve him otherwise he will decapitate Bulkhead and use the HeadMaster technology to destroy all his friends.
Megatron: You have no friends here Autobot, and when I'm finished, you'll have no friends anywhere.
Bulkhead: Okay, okay, you win. I'll help... finish your Space Bridge.
Megatron: Wise move Autobot.
~ Megatron taunting Bulkhead and sees success as Bulkhead accepts Megatron's deal.
Deceticosn, prepare for our conquest of Cybertron.
~ Megatron making his mvoe against Cybertron
Ratchet: Omega, what are you doing? Don't you recognize your old friend!

Megatron: The question should be don't you recognize your old enemy?
Optimus: Megatron?
Megatron: Ah, then you do remember my name. Pit I can't remember yours. How does it feel that the very source of the Autobot victory during the Great War will now deliver your annihilation.

~ Megatron hijacking Omega Supreme
Ultra Magnus? Here? No, merely a cheap imitation. Lugnut, order your clones to dispose of these flying Autobot pests.
~ Megatron seeing Optimus with the Magnus hammer.
Megatron: Lugnut, this field test has been a complete failure. Order the other clones back to the moon immediately!
Lugnut: Forgive me great one, but their flight capabilities are disabled.
Megatron:Then destroy the Autobots! Destroy the city! Destroy anything that's not me!
~ Megatron ordering the clones of Omega Supreme to destroy Detroit.
Megatron: You're a persistant little Autobot.
~ Megatron facing off Optimus Prime for the final time.
Megatron: If I cannot save my clones, at least I will have the satisfaction of destroying you, Optimus Prime!
Optimus Prime: So you can remember my name.
~ Megatron showcasing his mere respect for Optimus just by uttering his name.
If I must give up my spark, at least I get to take yours with me.
~ Megatron attempts to kill Optimus before being blown up himself.
You have interfered with me for the last time, Optimus Prime!
~ Megatron making one final attempt to kill Optimus.
Megatron: What are you waiting for Autobot? Finish me.
Optimus Prime: That would be the easy way out Megatron. You don't deserve it.
~ Megatron goading Optimus to kill him, only for Optimus to spare him and bring him to Cybertron to answer for his crimes, and his last words in the show.



  • Unlike several other versions of Megatron, especially the G1 incarnation, the Animated Megatron is extremely intolerant of Starscream's disloyalty and viciously killed him the first time he slipped up, much different from others where he allows many of Starscream's traitorous plans. In other incarnations, he keeps Starscream alive in order to continue abusing him and make him live a life full of torture or in the case of Transformers: Prime, take amusement in observing his failures but Animated Megatron decided that Starscream was a serious threat to him and decided killing him off was a priority for his own safety.

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