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Behold!! The age of the Decepticons!!!
~ Megatron, whilst activating the Omega Lock, using it to revive Cybertron and cyberform Earth.
And one shall fall... you, Optimus Prime!
~ Megatron to Optimus before they battle.
Megatron is commanded by NO ONE!!!!
~ Megatron after resisting Unicron's control.

Megatron is the main antagonist of the Transformers "Aligned" universe, serving as the main antagonist of the Transformers: War For Cybertron games and the 2010 animated series Transformers: Prime. He later returns as the secondary antagonist in the television film Predacons Rising.

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the Cybertron games, and by Frank Welker in the Prime series who also voiced his G1 homologue. And Ja-hyeong Gu is the Korean dubbed version.


During the series, Megatron was scheming, fierce, egotistical, sadistic, and cruel. He was very manipulative and persuasive, as he was ready to rally a military of Cybertronians to his cause and gain loyalty from several individuals, like Dreadwing. Megatron was mainly concerned with gaining power and would eliminate anyone who stood in his way, like Cylas, Airachnid, and Predaking. He also didn't wish to backtrack from a fight probably thanks to his time as a gladiator of Kaon. But he might be somewhat tolerant, as proven by his tolerance of Dreadwing's initial decision to punish his brother Skyquake however solely to those who showed timeless loyalty to him. He was conjointly extraordinarily prejudiced, believing all life within the galaxy was second to the Cybertronians, notable organics like humans. His only redeeming feature was that he never discriminated against the various sorts of Cybertronians. He conjointly had vowed to destroy his old foe, Optimus Prime, and his Autobot followers at any cost as they continued their war on Earth.

These qualties soon led to his own downfall when Bumblebee killed Megatron by stabbing him through the chest with the Star Saber. throughout his end, Megatron showed signs of pain and agony.

When Megatron was possessed by Unicron he originally wished to easily continue his plans and rule with Unicron along. Unicron violently informed Megatron that his body now belonged to him and Megatron was just kept as a husk, which Megatron's personality changed a touch and everyone he wanted was freedom from the Chaos Bringer. Megatron, somewhat, rooted for the Autobots during their fight with Unicron despite being condemned to eternal suffering by Unicron as Unicron battled Optimus Prime when the Prime attempted to involve Megatron however Megatron was unable to do to anything.

After he was free, Megatron claimed to possess the ability to truly understood the true meaning of oppression by experiencing it himself and had lost all of his taste for inflicting it on others, to the surprise of Optimus, Starscream, and everyone else. Megatron declared that the Decepticons were no more before exiling himself to somewhere within the galaxy, which could prove he had learned through the whole ordeal. Optimus even mentioned that, somewhere deep within, Megatron has the capacity for change.


  • Millions of unnamed Autobots (directly by his hands, indirectly by the Cybonic plague) 
  • Vehicons
  • Dreadwing
  • Multiple counts of U.S. Army soldiers  (indirectly by Darkmount's weapons) 
  • Insecticons (under Airachnid's control)
  • Bumblebee (temporary, resurrected)
  • Skylynx and Darksteel (indirectly through hoarded weapons Starscream used on them) 


War For Cybertron

I am dominator...I am the destroyer...I AM MEGATRON!
My victory will mark a brilliant new beginning!

Transformers: Prime

Decepticons!!! I have returned.
Starscream! Now that I have returned I will issue the commands.
That is no longer an Autobot. Just a mindless beast, its only instinct to destroy anything in it's path.
Quit groveling and await my command.
Optimus. Been well? I see you have brought your trusty watch dog.
Arise, my legion!
Bravo Optimus. But this is but a prelude. You may wish to save your strength for the main event.
Ah.. misdirection Optimus. You would've made a fine Decepticon.
Haha! Optimus Prime! Your Autobot armies are defeated! Bow before your new master.
So be it.
The Autobot scout. The punishment for trespassing in my domain is your destruction!!
How could this be?
So tell me scout, what are you?
If this is my subconcious, WHAT ARE YOU DOING INSIDE MY HEAD???
Someone, besides myself, is unwell?
Optimus! Hahaha!!! Such irony. But after ages of endless battle, the mighty Optimus Prime is felled by a simple virus from a distant past!?
And what makes you think I would save the life of my oldest enemy?
After our deep history together, to not watch the spark end from Optimus' eyes with my very own...
Well played scout.
The chemical formula for the cure you seek. Not that I expect you to know how to read it.
Once you release me from this prison, you will have the cure.
You tricked me!
No! Take me with you... TAKE ME!!!
I'm out! Or should I say in. Hahaha!!!
Go on scout. Obey my will.
Bumblebee can't hear you anymore!
Decepticons. Your rightful lord and master has returned.
Oh it will be a miracle all right, Starscream, if you survive what I have planned for you!
My greatest mistake? I've made a few. But there is one I do not intend to make again!
And how swiftly things change. To think that a short time ago it was you who was standing here while I was lying there. Right after your failed attempt to terminate me. But know this dear Starscream. Our postions shall never again be reversed.
If Breakdown allowed himself to be captured by those smaller than him, weaker than him. He deserves whatever fate awaits him.
Soundwave is quite competent at surveillance, I can assure you. The fact is Starscream, despite your treachery, I've allowed you to carry on this long because I took a certain delight in following your string of failures. But you've finally become tiresome,'ve hit rock bottom.
I suppose helping those less fortunate would be completely out of the question. If that is the case you may as well use your drill to finish me. I guarantee you will never have a better opportunity than right now....well what are you waiting for? Think of the glory! Seize the day! Optimus would.
I will be sure to share the details of our little conversation with Optimus. The day I rip out his spark!
My second in command is a prisoner of the enemy. Which means all Decepticon intelligence could fall at the fingertips of the Autobots!!
Did you drop it you one-eyed oaf?
If a chemical can work for Optimus Prime's lap dog. Imagine what it will do for our troops.
Why leave matters to fate when one can forge one's own destiny? Ha speaking of fate..
Your defeat was foreseen here by the ancients. What was it they wrote? The weak shall perish?
Rivers of your very lifeblood. Rising from the depths to become one with me.
Megatron, leader of the Decepticons and your very herald the one who wielded the Dark Energon which binds us to awaken you once again. The prophecy has been fulfilled!
Master. I did not mean to overstep.
It is rather ironic considering our last encounter. If memory serves, you were desperately trying to extinguish my spark.
I would expect nothing less. However, I have a proposal. Join me in defeating our shared enemy. Unicron the Chaos Bringer.
Unicron's lifeblood runs through me. Only I can hear his thoughts, anticipate his movements. Optimus, our past alliance Autobot and Decepticon no longer matter, not while Unicron lives.
I can lead you directly into Unicron's spark. The very heart of his darkness.
You can always be relied upon to listen to reason Optimus.
Make no mistake. He already does.
Optimus! Swiftly.
Teamwork hmm.
Don't you remember old friend.
Our mortal enemies. We're out numbered. Go! I'll cover you.
Orion Pax is one of us.
... And the first to address him as Optimus Prime will have their voice box torn out.
Orion, I am sorry about the recent commotion. You weren't in anyway harmed were you?
You will finish Project: Iacon by the time I return or I will carve out your spark before your very eyes.
I should of removed more than that scout's voice box when I had the chance.
Let us see what other long lost treasures we might be reunited with.
The Decepticon cause is once again indebted to the contributions of Orion Pax.
Conflicting agendas will only result in Chaos and failure. You would be wise to remember that Dreadwing. You are under my command now and as such you must follow my lead.
I honed my skills in the pits of Kaon!!!
Clones! Well played Starscream, if you are even here among your underlings.
Bring me Starscream's head on a stick and I will reward you as my second in command, all of you.
A busy day for assassins.
And together we shall crush Optimus Prime.
Impossible!!! Trace the problem to its source and fix it!
Which is the fiercest among you?
Move quickly and operate with a surgeon's skill. Do you understand me Knock Out?"
Are you not the fiercest Insecticon?
Did you retrieve the relic?!?
How is this possible?? Four relics each within our grasp. And yet only Soundwave has returned with something other than an excuse.
Perhaps this day is not lost after all.
Then you owe me a spark. And if it's not the one belonging to Bulkhead, it had better be Wheeljack's!!
The human factor did indeed tip the scales. In favor of my enemies.
Who in the pits of Kaon is that??
At last we take our rightful places, Optimus, as Gods wielding the power of the cosmos.
Prime's lastest recruit is the final relic of Iacon?
A pity you are incapable of flight.
A word of advice: stop thinking aloud.
No, Starscream. There are only two possible outcomes based upon what I find here in your twisted, little mind. If I do not deem that you are worthy of rejoining the Decepticons, you will perish on this very day.
I said stand down! That is an order.
Do not ever make me regret which one of you I spared.
I bested your little blade once...and I shall do it again!
Then I will have no choice to open the pods exposing your pets to Cybertron's toxic atmosphere. And then we can all watch as they instantly perish together.
Now if you please, the Omega Keys. One at a time.
They can run but they can never again run home.
Our oppurtunity to revive Cybertron has been lost. Due to the treachery of Optimus Prime!! But with our new fortress of Kaon. We will seize control over this world. Decepticons transform and rise up!!!
This was the place.
So, one survived. Take our guest back to the citadel for questioning.
You do have a way with words Starscream. Make haste and unearth the Autobot corpses.
Shockwave! This is quite an unexpected turn. I thought you had perished on Cybertron.
And allow me to clarify the new chain of command. While Starscream will retain authority of military operations, Shockwave shall be my first lieutenant in charge of all scientific endeavors.
Starscream. You would do well to take a cue from Soundwave on occasion and keep things to yourself.
Is there no one who could bring me their heads?
Then by all means. Activate the spacebridge.
Shockwave. It does my spark good to see you once again tampering with creation.
Such primal magnificence.
You left abandoned Decepticon technology fully operational and unsecured?!?!"
Ultra Magnus. Allow me to venture. You intend to disarm my fusion cannons by disabling their power core?
Ultra Magnus! You are no Optimus Prime.
What are you doing? No, we will not retreat!!
They are not the remains of Predacons, Starscream. But rather, the remains of Predacon clones. For you see, our recent Autobot hunter wasn't the first beast super soldier Shockwave ever attempted to breed from prehistoric matter. During the war for Cybertron, I sanctioned the dispatch of a small army of these Preda-clones to earth, to unleash the beasts on unwilling Autobot forces stationed here. Once they accomplish their mission, the surviving Predacons had settle on this very world, for ages to come. Guarding the Energon reserves they had managed to secure, while awaiting my arrival. Of course our reunion was much delayed, and it would seem we lost the beast to the ravages of time.
Shockwave. I understand you engaged Optimus Prime in the field.
Excellent. For I am rather impatient, to witness my army of beast trample humankind, underfoot.
Starscream, assume command of my beast.
Starscream are you with the beast?
You have performed well my pet.
This will be a splendid contribution to the spawning of your Predacon brethren.
Communications have been down for how long???
Which is more than I can say for some.
Please continue Shockwave. No, no one important.
Come Starscream.
Resulting in the loss of the Insecticon hive and over half our military troops.
Well done Shockwave. Knock Out! I'm waiting.
And I see you have been keeping secrets.
Yet you are unique. A miracle of science, cloned by Shockwave, recovered from the remains of your body ancestors.
Your vision... is boundless.
You pride yourself on your evolution, yet you have learned nothing!
The Autobots expand their forces, while ours continue to dwindle!
As A Beast!!!
Your assistance actually. To help complete a little science project.
Indeed, and my only mistake was not seeing the extermination through.
You should of heed my advice and face me as a beast.
Prepare to join your scout in the Allspark!
I do not understand, why am I not one with the AllSpark? Do I yet live?
So... I will live again?
So we are to rule together? As one.
But to destroy Primus... is to destroy Cybertron.
That pest is the very one who robbed me of my spark. And now I possess the power to return the favor.
But our merciless attack drove the Autobots into submission. They fled for their very sparks.
Perhaps not destroyed... just damaged enough that our shared form will no longer be of use to you and force you to abandon what remains! For regaining my free will, even over a mangled and inefficient frame, is preferable to enduring awakening life as your slave!
Who to root for? The lines have certainly blurred.
Because I now know the true meaning of oppression... and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it.
Enough! The Decepticons are no more. And that is final!
~ Megatron now learns his lesson and abandons the Decepticon cause.


  • Megatron's design in this version was combined version of his his live-action incarnation and his Generation One incarnation:
    • Megatron's helmet and legs design were derived from the Generation One counterpart. Also, both Megatron also had their fusion cannon attached on their right arm.
    • The rest of the elements of Megatron's physical appearance are derived from his live-action incarnation, particularly his ability to turned into Cybertronian Jet and demonic-looking visage.
  • War of Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron and Rise of the Dark Spark (Video Game) version of Megatron are far worse than his cartoon (Prime) counterpart.


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