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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Megatron from the Transformers live-action film series. The mainstream version can be found here: Megatron (Generation One).
Villain Overview

You still fight for the weak. That is why YOU LOSE!
~ Megatron taunting Optimus Prime during their fight in the first Transformers film.
Optimus Prime: You have no Soul!
Galvatron: That is why I have no fear!
~ Megatron's famous line in Transformers: Age of Extinction while as Galvatron.
~ Megatron's famous line in Transformers: The Last Knight while fighting Optimus Prime.

Megatron, also known as Galvatron whilst in his prototype form, is the main antagonist of the Transformers Cinematic Universe. He is an extremely powerful, destructive, and warmongering Decepticon hell-bent on ruling over humankind and the Earth. His cause has led to him come in conflict with his former brother-in-arms and archenemy, Optimus Prime.

He was a former student of Sentinel Prime, appointed to be Cybertron's Protector and commander of its defense force. But Megatron resented his brother, knowing he was a Prime and therefore Sentinel's favored student. This anger allowed The Fallen (the true founder and leader of the Decepticons) to ensnare him and led to the revival of the Decepticons. Following the demise of both The Fallen and Sentinel Prime respectively, Megatron was brought back to life thanks to the machinations of Cemetery Wind, KSI, and Lockdown, and eventually teamed up with Quintessa to revitalize Cybertron by destroying Earth (which were, in reality, Primus and Unicron).


Megatron serves as the main antagonist of Transformers, the secondary antagonist of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Transformers: Age of Extinction, and one of the main antagonists, alongside Quintessa, of Transformers: The Last Knight.


Megatron is a ferocious, egomaniacal and warmongering warlord, feared for his sadism, brutality and destructive behavior, all aspects that made even Optimus Prime growing wary of him. He was completely megalomaniacal, authoritative, and power-hungry, as when he wanted to control over Cybertron but ended up destroying it after a countless year war with the Autobots and Decepticons and then wanted the subjugation of the universe by attempting to seize power over the AllSpark. Megatron was somewhat of a social Darwinist, especially towards humans whom he considers insects and would have destroyed the entire Earth just to fulfill his goals. When he was resurrected for the second time in his life, and unleashed by KSI, he became extremely violent and uncontrollably aggressive, massacring every human who came close to him.

Like The Fallen himself, Megatron despised the human race as he considered them as fleshlings, insects and an inferior race. Megatron shown his disgust of a human when he fling a man. Despite of his dislikes for humans, he is willing to spare them to make them as his "pets" such as Dylan Gould.

As the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron faced no problems while in command, his followers possessed the utmost loyalty towards him and his cause. In fact, the only Decepticon that Megatron did not trust was his second-in-command, Starscream, who had opted for his command, but Megatron is able to keep his loyalty in check using violence and intimidation. He also did not tolerate failure from Starscream and would brutally beat him and even just insult him if he was easily irritated by his second-in-command's sycophantic groveling. But despite this, Megatron himself answered to a higher power and was a willing servant to his master The Fallen, who he was very loyal and respectable towards on Cybertron; the renegade Prime was able to heal him when Megatron had been badly injured. Also, when he discovered Starscream's head, he mourned him, showing despite the abusive treatment on him, he genuinely liked him.

However, Megatron wasn't always a belligerent and militaristic warmonger; back on Cybertron he co-ruled his native planet with his twin brother and future rival Optimus Prime, but after hearing word of an ancient alien force coming to their planet to seize the Allspark and after this force was unearthed he was left severely injured, though was later healed by the Fallen who was in the artifact and was able to manipulate Megatron with the promise of power and then began to desire the AllSpark which began him to create an army of Cybertonians called Decepticons. Megatron is extremly determined in his objectives, pursuing them with great perserverance. Even after being killed and revived, he does not renounce and is willing to restore Cybertron at all cost.

Megatron is above all narcissistic, overconfident, egotistical, and arrogant. When he first fought Optimus Prime in the first film, and Optimus said it was just the two of them in this fight, Megatron retorted No, it's just me, Prime! Also, after being killed by Sam Witwicky, Starscream his first lieutenant took command of the Decepticons in his absence, he was enraged and came close to actually killing Starscream while claiming "even in death, there is no command but mine." This also shows when Megatron savagely beat Sentinel Prime half to death as when he was goaded by Carly Spencer by being called Sentinel's "b****" and claimed that Earth was his and wanted to be in charge of the Decepticons once more.

As revealed in Transformers: Age of Extinction, Megatron is also extremely intelligent and manipulative; after being decapitated by Optimus Prime, KSI used his head to hack Cybertronian encryptions but this ended up reactivating him and this allowed Megatron to trick KSI into building him a body called Galvatron and an entire army of Transformers so that he could seize the Seed and arise a larger one. But despite this high IQ, Megatron can also be single-minded and pertinacious at times. For all of his faults, the only thing that Megatron loved throughout his life was his home world Cybertron, so much so that he struck a deal with Sentinel Prime to revive it if only so he could be the one who ruled it. As shown in The Last Knight, he's even willing to make deals with humans if it means returning home and possibly rebuilding Cybertron despite his extreme hatred for humanity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cybertronian Physiology: As a Cybertronian, who are naturally large, physically imposing and powerful race of machines with the characteristics of transforming into their vehicle forms, and appear god-like to the human race. Being the vicious leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is one of the most powerful Cybertronian in Cybertron's history. with seemingly only Optimus Prime, formerly his brother-in-arms, and as well both his masters, Sentinel Prime and the Fallen, one of the original Primes, to be his only equals. Following his resurrection as Galvatron he was nearly invincible as he used his heat core chest to burn parts of his body to have a higher heat than usual. In the chest it has a particle weapon that disintegrates anything that goes trough it, including Optimus’s energon swords. He also was able to release his new Decepticons by transferring his essence into them.
    • Cybertronian Strength: Due to his imposing size and stature, Megatron possess immense superhuman levels of strength, able to completely dominate any other lesser beings such as Humans, destroying large structures and skycrapers with relative ease. Even among Cybertronians, Megatron's strength is unparelled, as he could physically overpower any Autobots, including ripping one in two pieces. In the first film, he was able to physically dominate Optimus Prime in a fight, forcing his opponent to his knees. In the second film, despite being resurrected in an inferior body, he was still able to somewhat contend with a much more experienced and stronger Optimus, even killing him though admittedly in an unfair way. However, at the end of the movie, he was outclassed and brutally mauled by Optimus. In the third movie, due to his injuries, he largely distance himself from physical confrontration from Optimus, knowing he is far too strong. Despite this, he caught Sentinel Prime off guard and viciously beaten his former master in response to his betrayel, however he was killed by very injured Optimus Prime with little difficulty. In the third movie, Megatron was rebuilt by KSI, in the form of Galvatron. In his new body, reminiscient of his original design, he became vastly stronger than before, and later even match and overpower Optimus Prime. In the fouth movie, Megatron again changed his appearance, though still possessing extreme levels of strength, still able to overpower the Autobots in the majority of their fights. In the final battle, even with his arm being cut off, he still dominates Optimus, with Optimus barely able to defeat him after Megatron was caught off guard.
    • Cybertronian Speed: Megatron posses considerable superhuman speed in his Cybertronian form, to the point he is able to match Optimus in combat speed in their confrontation. In his Cybertronian vehicle mode, Megatron in the form of a jet move at immense speed, as he was able to traverse through the stars alone from Cybertron in his search for the Cube. In the second film, his vehicle form which seems to be a hybrid of a jet and a tank, was able to caught up with Optimus in his vehicle mode when the latter was driving at full speed.
    • Cybertronian Healing: Due to his cybertronian physiology, Megatron's body is composed of living transformium metal, which has the ability to regenerate and heal itself, even after a serious wound to a certain extent. Optimus inflicted numerous blows and cuts into Megatron with his blade, which while it inflict significant harm on Megatron, he was able to fully recover later on. However, there are limits to this as when Megatron was badly mauled by Optimus at the battle in Egypt, he wasn't able to fully recover as there are many visible wounds on him.
    • Cybertronian Durablity: Megatron is extremely durable. Megatron's body is virtually immune to small arms fire from human weapons. He is able to take numerous punches and blows from other cybertronians such as Optimus during their confrontations with relative ease considering a punch from a cybertronian would be on the level of superhuman to a degree. More impressively, in his encounters with the Military, Megatron was still able to fight on despite being bombarded by missile strikes by F-22 Raptor fighter jets, and concentrated fire from Main Battle Tanks, however his armor and body became a shattered mess and the prolonged engagement contributed to his first death.
    • Transformation: As a Cybertronian, he is able to switch into his Cybertronian vehicle mode. In the first movie, his vehicle form is a Cybertronian jet, while in the second film, its a mixture of both a jet and a tank. In the third film, in order to blend in on Earth, his vehicle mode is that of a rusty Mack Titan 10 wheeler fuel tank truck. In the fourth film, his vehicle mode seems to be in the form of Freightliner Argosy truck. In the fourth film while in his new form Galvatron he was able to split into Molecules to change appearance. In the fifth film, he return to his first film's vehicle mode of a Cybertronian like jet.
  • Molecular Manipulation: As Galvatron, Megatron's body was constructed out of Transformium, a human-made variety of programmable matter derived from the living metals that Cybertronians are comprised of. Having spread his own code throughout every molecule of Transformium like a virus, Megatron was theoretically capable of transforming into anything he wished, though his only alt-mode in this body was that of a 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over truck. He is also capable of transmitting his own code to other Transformium-based devices; this allowed him to seize control of every robot KSI had built from the material.
  • Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: Being formerly the leader of Cybertron's military forces and later, leader of the Decepticons for thousands of years, Megatron possess extreme skills in martial arts and combat prowesness. He was feared by both Decepticons and Autobots alike, not just due to his cunning and power hungry nature, but also as a warrior. Megatron is one of the most skilled cybertronian combatants in history with only a few was able to match with him, such as Sentinel Prime and more prominently, Optimus, his rival.
  • Swordsmanship: Although largely inferior to Optimus, Megatron still possess a degree in the skill of a blade, primarily in his second body after his resurrection in the second film, although he use it in a minimal way. He was able to temporary kill Optimus when he snuck behind him and pierce his spark with his blade. In the fourth film, he possessed a blade axe and was quite proficient in it.
  • Master Marksman: Megatron is quite proficient in handling firearms, most notable his signature and dreaded weapon, the fusion cannon. With the use of his extremely potent weapon, he was able to blast Optimus Prime in point blank range, sending him to fly away and crash into the building. He would continue to use his fusion cannon throughout the films with potent results.
  • Expert Driver: Naturally having being created with a vehicle mode, Megatron is proficient in utilizing his vehicle modes whether in the form of aircrafts or ground vehicles.


NOTE: The games are in a different canon compared to the movies. Each campaign is also in a different canon.

Transformers: The Game

Decepticon Campaign

After Blackout and Starscream destroyed Hoover Dam's freezing system, Megatron awoke before thawing out of his icy prison. He then demolished Mission City with his fire power alone in order to draw Optimus Prime out, which was successful. The Autobot leader rose from his shadows and battled his brother to the death, and though he put up a valid fight, Megatron eventually defeated Optimus. The Decepticon leader then brutally murdered the crippled Autobot by slamming his flail into his "skull". With Prime dead and Allspark within his cold hands, Megatron merged the Allspark with his spark, somehow granting him universally unstoppable power. The game fades out as Megatron, who is using the Lincoln Memorial as his throne, orders the remaining Decepticons to finish Earth (which is now just a fiery wasteland) off before continuing on to the next galaxy.

Autobot Campaign

When Bumblebee arrived at the Hoover Dam, Megatron was already awake yet incapacitated by the block of ice around him. Bumblebee managed to retrieve the Allspark even with an angry Megatron firing upon him, yet the Decepticon commander still broke out and re-established his reign over his military. Megatron tried to take the Allspark from Sam, but was confronted and eventually defeated by Optimus Prime. Weakened, but still alive, Megatron tried to attack his enemy one last time, but Optimus rammed the Allspark into Megatron's chest, killing him.

Revenge of the Fallen

Decepticon Campaign

The Decepticons finally managed to resurrect their fallen leader where he then took back control over them. His first mission in his new, stronger body was to, of course, find and kill Optimus Prime who was residing in a city block with a squad of Autobots protecting him.

The one who gave him such a task was his enigmatic master, the Fallen, as the two planned to harvest the sun's energy via a primordial device built by the ancient Transformers and use the overwhelming power to become gods. After defeating Prime, the Decepticons were successful on recovering the Sun Harvester. However, the Fallen unwittingly betrayed Megatron and hogged the sun's energy for himself, becoming an omnipresent deity capable of anything.

Despite the Fallen's power, Megatron used his rage and murdered his traitorous former master before taking the power for himself, raising an army of brand new followers, and seemingly succeeded his goals in universal conquest.

Autobot Campaign

In the Autobot campaign, Megatron still escaped his watery grave and attempted to recover the harvester with the Fallen in Cairo. Megatron and a supporting Starscream then ran into Optimus and Jetfire, where the four then had a brawl. Though Megatron and Starscream were defeated, it ultimately ended up in the death of Jetfire. However, the Decepticons were still unsuccessful, as in the film, as Prime used Jetfire's shared power to kill the Fallen and save Earth yet again.

Dark of the Moon

As the Dark of the Moon game is the apparently canon prequel to its film adaptation with the same name, it takes place three years after Revenge of the Fallen where Megatron retreated to a Decepticon barrack housed in a missile silo. He led several Decepticon invasion and raids on Autobots bases before confronting the Autobot officer Warpath and scanning a new vehicle mode. Afterwards, Megatron faced Optimus Prime himself, and finally defeated his heroic brother. However, instead of killing him, the Decepticon commander simply locked Prime in a cryo chamber before thawing out the Decepticon assassin known as Shockwave from his icy prison. With one of his best warriors under his control, Megatron commanded Shockwave to invade a Chernobyl nuclear plant before constructing a camp in Africa, setting up the events of the film.



I am Megatron!
~ Megatron escaping his cryostasis prison in the first movie.
Starscream: I live to serve you, Lord Megatron.
Megatron: WHERE IS THE CUBE!?!
Starscream: The humans has taken it!
Megatron: You failed me yet again, Starscream. Get them!
~ Megatron to Starcream
Jazz: That's all you got, Megatron?!
Megatron: Come here, little cretin!
Jazz: You wanna piece of me?! You wanna piece...
Megatron: NO! I want TWO!
~ Megatron when killing Jazz.
~ Megatron before engaging Optimus.
Megatron: Humans don't deserve to live!
Optimus: They deserve to choose for themselves!
Megatron: Then you will die with them! Join them in extinction!
~ Megatron fighting Optimus
Give me that Cube, boy!
~ Megatron when chasing Sam.
~ Megatron continually chasing Sam after entering the building.
Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling? Give me the AllSpark and you may live to be my PET!
~ Megatron demanding the AllSpark from Sam Witwicky

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Megatron: Starscream, I'm home.
Starscream: Lord Megatron, I was so relieved to hear of your resurrection.
Megatron: You left me to die on that pathetic insect planet.
Starscream: Only to help spawn our new army. The Fallen decrees it! After all, in your absence, someone had to take command.
Megatron: [Grab Starscream by the neck and crush him against a Cybertronian embryo] So disappointing.
Starscream: Hatchlings! Hatchlings! Careful, fragile!
Megatron: Even in death, there is no command but mine.
~ Megatron to Starscream after finding out he took over the Decepticons in his death.
My master, I failed you on Earth. The AllSpark is destroyed. And without it, our race will perish.
~ Megatron to the Fallen of his failure.
Megatron: Come here, boy. Mmm... closer. You remember me, don't you?
Sam: I did what you said, okay? Just don't hurt us.
Megatron: SHUT UP! [Drops Sam off the platform] It feels good to grab your flesh! I am going to kill you! Slowly, painfully. But first, we have some delicate work to do.
~ Megatron takes Sam and his friends hostage to extract the information on the Cybertronian symbols while admitting that he doesn't lack the urge to take revenge on Sam.
Megatron: Ohh, there they are. These symbols can lead us to the Energon source.
Scalpel: Ve must haff ze brain on ze table! Chop-chop!
Sam: Brain? What does he mean by my "brain"?!
Megatron: Well you have something on your mind, something I need.
~ Megatron observing Scalpel probing Sam's mind.
Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?
~ Megatron attempting to demotivate Optimus during the forest battle.
You're so weak.
~ Megatron as he kills Optimus Prime during the forest battle.
The boy must have the Matrix. We cannot let him reach Optimus! Decepticons, begin our assault!
~ Megatron on the Pyramid
~ Severely injured Megatron call Starscream.
No... NO!
~ Megatron witness the Fallen's death
This isn't over...
~ Megatron retreat after the Fallen's death.

Transformers: Dark of the moon

Now, don't be greedy, my fragile ones.
~ Megatron when feeding the hatchlings.
Starscream: Oh my poor master, how it pains me to see you so wounded, so weak.
Megatron: Spare me, you gaseous sycophant! You know what you are told, which is nothing!
~ Megatron deflecting Starscream's hollow pity.
Dylan Gould: Autobots! They're alive! They're here!
Megatron: Decepticons, defend the pillar! Raise the bridges! Find them!
~ Megatron after Dylan informed him
This is my PLANET!
~ Megatron beating up Sentinel Prime.

Transformers: Age of extinction

I am Galvatron!
~ Megatron gaining full control over Galvetron
We shall meet again, Prime, for I am reborn.
~ Galvatron escaping at the end of Age of Extinction.

Transformers: The last knight

Today we hunt…
~ Megatron in a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight.
I want my crew…
~ Megatron in a Japanese TV spot for The Last Knight.
The end is near, my old treacherous friend. What a shame you'll be unable to see it.
~ Megatron to Starscream's severed head in The Last Knight
Nitro Zeus: You blew your chance to kill Unicron!
Megatron: I knew you couldn't do it. Your time is over, Prime. You failed. You turned your back on Cybertron. Now you will watch Earth die!
~ Megatron taunting Optimus for causing the fall of the Earth.


  • In the first three films, he was voiced by Hugo Weaving, who also played Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy, David Melrose in Patrick Melrose, V in V for Vendetta, Thaddeus Valentine in Mortal Engines, and Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • In the video games for the first two movies and later films, he was voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker, who also voiced his Generation One cartoon counterpart and Soundwave. Welker has also voiced his 2010 counterpart.
  • In the video game for Dark of the Moon, he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who also voiced his "Aligned" counterpart in the video games War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, and Rise of the Dark Spark, and Solomon Grundy.


  • Megatron is one of the most powerful Decepticons of all time rivaling his former late master The Fallen. He is renowned as the one who gets his hands dirty, as well as the one cunning enough to have a backup plan. Also, whenever he and his fellow Decepticons are in a battle in any way with Optimus Prime, Megatron is usually the one who always comes into direct combat with Optimus for a broad time and usually the only one who so much as lasts a minute or even dominates his opponent:
    • In the first film, Megatron slays Jazz effortlessly and, when he battles Optimus, he is shown to be significantly stronger and overwhelms the Autobot leader rather easily. Megatron is one of the largest of the Transformers that appear in the film, matching only Optimus Prime, and is incredibly powerful. This incarnation is completely relentless and doesn't yield in a fight even after being repeatedly shot by human fighter jets.
    • In Revenge of the Fallen, when he confronts Optimus Prime a second time, the brawl destroys huge amounts of their surroundings, but Optimus still gains the upper hand, forcing Megatron to call for reinforcements so that he can recover before re-entering the clash. In the end, he defeats Optimus through cunning tactics rather than combat skill. He snuck up on the Autobot leader while he was searching for Sam, impaled him with his blade and blew his spark out simultaneously with his cannon, ultimately killing him. At the climax of the film, he pairs up with the Fallen to duel Optimus, but is overpowered due to the Autobot leader's upgraded power mode.
    • In Dark of the Moon, during the Battle of Chicago, he brutally injures Sentinel Prime but is soon decapitated by Optimus due to being severely battle-damaged from the prior film.
    • In Age of Extinction, Megatron is now in a far more powerful and advanced body than any of his predecessors. He is shown to have much more destructive weaponry as well. During his fight with Optimus Prime, he is shown to match Optimus in a fight relatively easily, and his durability and dexterity means he has an unprecedented but overwhelming advantage. Also, because this incarnation of Megatron does not have a collective 'soul', he is completely incapable of fear and is much harder to kill - he is immune to fatal stab wounds or being thrown over vast distances. The only reason he did not defeat Optimus properly or survived once again was that Lockdown intervened.
    • Finally, in The Last Knight, although he has presumably ditched his Transformium ability, his new body has extreme durability and while several explosions or rapid machine gunfire may stagger him, he suffers no wounds, only Optimus' sword being able to damage him. In the end, it took all the Autobots combined and Viviane distracting him to defeat him, although they couldn't finish him off, and he presumably survived even his fall from Cybertron and reentry into Earth.
  • Megatron scans and transforms into a truck in the third film in order to blend into the human's everyday lives. This can notably be compared to Optimus' truck vehicle mode.
  • Megatron was originally going to named Galvatron after his resurrection in the second film, but he eventually retained his original name to avoid confusion.
    • He did however, assumes the name Galvatron in Age of Extinction upon gaining a man-made body made of Transformium designed by Joshua Joyce out of his original body's remains before re-assume his old name by the time he worked for Quintessa and gained his next body from her.
  • Megatron's live-action iteration is arguably among few whose reformation/evolution into Galvatron being at hands of other party beside Unicron.
  • Megatron is the only villain in the film series to have appeared in all five films.
  • It is unknown how "Galvatron" becomes Megatron again in the fifth movie with a new form.
  • Galvatron's truck form is reused with a black and red colour scheme in the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie.
  • There were originally going to be scenes and mentions of Megatron actually eating the sparks (hearts) of his fallen foes, but was cut for time issues. He also apparently ingests the innards of his enemies in the Nintendo DS version of the game and such an action was performed by him in a book based on the first film.
  • During the events of The Last Knight, Megatron has the same red mark as the one that Optimus had when Quintessa put him under her control. It is, therefore, possible that he was either controlled or simply made allegiance to Quintessa with the mark as evidence. Evidence suggests he was working willingly with her, his eyes retaining their natural red color, while Optimus (as Nemesis Prime) had purple optics.
  • Concept art for Age of Extinction reveals that Galvatron was originally designed to look closer to Optimus Prime, with his head being shaped similar to his.
  • Concept art for The Last Knight reveals that Megatron was originally intended to transform into a dragon and he would directly breathe fire from his mouth instead of shooting it from his fusion cannon. His jet mode was originally intended to be used for one of the Guardian Knights instead.

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Original Continuity

Transformers: Decepticons (Megatron, Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons (The Fallen, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Scorponok, Sideways, Grindor, Ravage, Alice & Scalpel) | Constructicons/Devastator (Demolishor, Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Hightower, Scavenger & Overload) | Theodore Galloway
Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Sentinel Prime | Decepticons (Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Shockwave, Driller, Watch-Out, Igor, Crankcase, Crowbar, Hatchet & Devcon) | Dylan Gould
Transformers: Age of Extinction: Cemetery Wind (Harold Attinger, James Savoy), Lockdown, Steeljaws & Shadow Raiders | Kinetic Solutions Incorporated (Joshua Joyce, Galvatron, Stinger, & KSI Drones) | The Creators
Transformers: The Last Knight: Quintessa | Infernocons | Decepticons (Megatron, Barricade, Nitro Zeus, Mohawk, Berserker, Onslaught & Dreadbot) | Transformers Reaction Force (Commander Santos) | Unicron

Transformers: Movie Prequel: Swindle | Dreadwing | Payload | Wreckage
Transformers: The Reign of Starscream: Thundercracker | Ramjet | Stockade | Hardtop | Crankcase
Transformers: Alliance: Fracture | Reverb | Overcast | Jetstorm
Transformers: Defiance: Skywarp | Divebomb
Transformers: Tales of the Fallen: Flatline
Transformers: Nefarious: Rumble | Ratbat | Buzzsaw | Beastbox | Breakdown | Dirt Boss | Ransack | Fortress | Thrust | Skystalker | Tankor | Sonar
Transformers: Foundation: Astrotrain
Transformers: Rising Storm: Fearswoop | Ruination | Deadlift | Bludgeon | Mindwipe | Space Case

Video Games
Transformers: The Game: Megatron (Console, Nintendo DS)

Reboot Continuity
Bumblebee: Decepticons (Shatter, Dropkick, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Ravage, Shockwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp & Thrust) | Jack Burns | Dr. Powell