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Cybertron needs strength - my strength.
~ Megatron

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons and the main antagonist of the Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy. Originally an Autobot who fought alongside Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus for freedom, Megatron betrayed them and turned to darker methods.

He is voiced by Jason Marnocha, who previously voiced Megatron in the Transformers: Prime Wars trilogy. In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka who also voiced Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End & Kingdom Hearts III.



Megatron, alongside Impactor, was once an unremarkable miner who toiled under a corrupt regime. As well as this, he was among those who fought in the arena for his cruel masters, the Quintessons. In the Pits, Megatron grew his strength of will, and purpose. Megatron would join Alpha Trion in speaking out against Cybertron's corruption. He would grow close to his students, namely Optimus Prime, and especially Ultra Magnus, who he viewed as a brother. Megatron and Ultra Magnus fought together in the battle of Tarn-Hauser Gate, during which the two saved each other's lives.

Megatron eventually decided that Alpha Trion was not doing enough, and killed him, forming the Decepticons so he could free Cybertron his own way. Megatron came up against the Autobots, led by Optimus and Magnus, and civil war began between the two sides.


~ Megatron angry at Starscream for shooting his Seeker commander Jetfire

After Wheeljack and Energon scout Bumblebee were captured by Seekers, Megatron arrived to the scene, preventing them from escaping. After mocking the "disarmed" Starscream, Megatron tried to appeal to Wheeljack, claiming that he also wants the war to end peacefully. After Wheeljack rejects him, Megatron chastised Bumblebee for not choosing a side, and with some encouragement from Starscream, elected to execute them. He was interrupted by Optimus, and the two argued about the Autobots accepting Megatron's treaty, with Optimus rejecting him. The two fought, with Megatron gaining the upper hand, before being ambushed by Elita 1. Later, Megatron made a speech to the Decepticons about how the Autobots rejected him and tried to assassinate him. Megatron discussed Prime's obsession with brotherhood, before being interrupted.

The interruption turned out to be Ultra Magnus, who had arrived to seek a peaceful end to the war. After backhanding one of his more trigger happy soldiers, Megatron began negotiations with Magnus. Despite Magnus's attempts to convince Megatron to end the war, Megatron told him to give up the Autobots under his command to prove his intentions. When Magnus refused to surrender, Megatron imprisoned him. After Shockwave discovered evidence of the AllSpark's existence, he asked Megatron to allow them to search for it, and use it to reformat the Autobots into Decepticons. Megatron declined the offer, but kept the idea as a drastic backup plan.

After Soundwave had discovered that Magnus had secretly alerted the Autobots to Shockwave's discovery, Megatron turned the idea into bait. Purified Energon was used to trick the Autobots into thinking they had found the Allspark, and a unit lead by his old friend Impactor would take the Autobots out. However, after the battle, Megatron found the Autobots had managed to escape, the Energon used as bait was lost, and Impactor was seemingly dead, for which he blamed Barricade. Returning to Magnus's cell Megatron demanded he surrender the Autobots location, and when Magnus refused, Megatron elected to enact Shockwave's AllSpark plan. Megatron broadcasted another transmission to his loyal Decepticons and announced Impactor's apparent death while urging any Autobots to turn themselves in, before intervening in a squabble between Jetfire and Starscream. In-between coordinating the search for the AllSpark, Megatron oversaw Magnus's interrogation and authorized Shockwave to use whatever methods deemed necessary to retrieve the location of the Autobot base. When Magnus attempted to escape and pointed a gun at Megatron's back, the Decepticon leader showed little unconcern, aware that the Autobot would adhere to his code of honor, and when Magnus didn't take the shot Jetfire subdued Magnus and returned him to Decepticon custody, where another round of agonizing torture seemingly broke Magnus.

A shackled Magnus led Megatron and the other Decepticons to the old Tarn-Hauser Gate, which he claimed housed the Autobot base, but when Megatron investigated he found that his prisoner had deceived him and executed him on the spot. Disillusioned by this show of brutality, Jetfire finally broke with the Decepticon ranks and flew off; in response, Megatron ordered his Seekers to kill the traitor. When Starscream reported that Jetfire was dead, Megatron promoted him to Air Commander as a reward.Magnus's death had triggered the remote transmission of the Alpha Trion Protocols the Autobot had carried for so long, and in response Shockwave engineered a computer virus that would travel through Cybertron's infrastructure to wipe the processors of everyone who had carried it. Despite Soundwave's warnings that the virus would take its toll on the planet, an undaunted Megatron ordered him to proceed. Thanks to the virus, the Decepticons finally discovered the location of the Ark, and Megatron announced his intent to personally lead the final assault. In the final battle, Megatron attempted to stop Optimus Prime from throwing the AllSpark through the spacebridge by destroying, warning his nemesis that removing the artifact from Cybertron would kill the planet. Indeed, Megatron nearly seized the AllSpark, only for a shot from Bumblebee to stun him momentarily and drop it. Optimus was able to put the artifact beyond Megatron's reach, and the subsequent arrival of Omega Supreme prevented the Decepticons from destroying the starship as it rocketed through the space bridge portal.


Megatron monologues to the inert head of Magnus, cursing the departed Optimus Prime for the loss of the Allspark. He laments that the Decepticons, once powerful and feared, are laid low and forced to witness the end of Cybertron, which is dying without the Allspark. Soundwave then summons Megatron on behalf of Shockwave, who points out that Sector 12 is producing energy under quota. Megatron understands that this is no mere accounting decision: Shockwave wants the inhabitants of Section 12 killed so that their energon can power Project Nemesis. Megatron, stunned by Shockwave's ruthless practicality, deflects the decision until he can inspect the facility for himself, and departs for Sector 12 immediately.At Sector 12, Shamble and other Decepticons are surprised and elated when Megatron himself arrives to oversee their operations. Shamble's excitement and bright optics only serve to darken Megatron's mood, as he learns that Sector 12 is producing just over a fifth of its former output, despite the competent management and fervent Decepticon pride. Shamble is nervous when Megatron observes the infirmary, with less than ten percent of the crew able to work. Having seen enough, Megatron departs. As Shamble happily waves goodbye, Megatron orders Shockwave to deactivate Sector 12, to the horror of the Decepticons stationed there. Later, Shockwave informs him that Project Nemesis—the harvesting of sparks for energon—is now on schedule due to the sacrifice of Sector 12.Starscream presents the captive Autobots to Megatron, and orders them taken to the arena, once a symbol of Decepticon fame and power, now a harvesting ground of the weak. Megatron taunts Elita for her tenacity and charisma, but once she witnesses Shamble and the Sector 12 Decepticons dying after having their sparks removed, she begs to know how he could have fallen so low. Ignoring his inner struggle, Megatron blames the current state of affairs on Optimus Prime's actions again, and orders that the next set of sparks will be harvested from the Autobots themselves!

Back on Cybertron, Starscream shoves Elita-1 into Megatron's chamber, where she berates him again for murdering Cybertronians, including his own Decepticons, for energon. Megatron in turn believes that they have more in common than she realizes. Elita is sickened by the comparison, and Megatron angrily dismisses her. Back in her cell, Elita confers with the rest of her imprisoned team from their nearby cells, wondering about the nature of Project Nemesis, still strong in her resolve to resist the Decepticons. The Autobots realize their only chance of escape is to overtake the guards coming to take them for energon harvesting. Elita hears approaching footsteps, and prepares her team to attack. Their attempt fails, and her team is escorted out to Kaon Arena for harvesting.Before Elita is destroyed, Megatron proposes that she join him and help lead Project Nemesis. Megatron remembers when she was called Ariel, and how Prime failed to appreciate her leadership. Elita pleads on behalf of her team, her friends, but Megatron is unmoved. Elita tries a final time to appeal to the gladiatorial champion of old within Megatron, even inviting him to join the Autobots. Megatron quickly rebuffs her and the Autobots await their death. At the last minute, a sudden power outage deactivates the harvesting system, and a lone Decepticon runs out onto the arena to free the Autobots—Scrapface, returning the favor to Elita! Scrapface and the Autobots quickly find another ally as they escape the arena. Even Skytread thinks Megatron has gone too far, and asks the Autobots to knock him out to make it seem that they overpowered him, a task Chromia happily performs.On Cybertron, a furious Megatron blames Starscream for the loss of the captive Autobots. Shockwave notes that yet another sector will need to be offlined so that more sparks can be harvested. Megatron angrily agrees as Soundwave delivers startling news: he has received a signal from the Ark! Megatron feels there can be no further delay; he forces Shockwave to activate Project Nemesis, a large spacecraft powered by the sacrificed sparks of both Autobots and Decepticons. Megatron addresses a crowd of Decepticons, swearing to exact revenge on Optimus Prime for the loss of the Allspark. Starscream wonders how they can even find Prime in space. Megatron answers that he already has with the help of Doubledealer. The Nemesis is made it to the space station while the Autobots were stuck battling Scroponok. Megatron intuits that Prime has journeyed this far to retrieve the AllSpark and will not risk losing it again by destroying the spacebridge. Instead, he prepares a boarding party and will crush Prime with his bare hands!

At a space station near the Nebulon Spacebridge, Optimus Prime and the Ark crew attempt to repel the rampaging Scorponok to no avail. To make matters worse, the Nemesis has arrived at the station, and as Optimus Prime finds himself in Scorponok's vice grip, it is Megatron who frees Prime with a blast from his fusion cannon. There is no altruism in Megatron's deeds; he wants to be the one to kill Prime. Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Refraktor join the battle, giving Prime time to order that the detonator charges be removed from the space station.Wheeljack gives a charge to Prime, but before he can lob it at Scorponok, Megatron strikes him down, burning with vengeance for their doomed homeworld and his thwarted plans of conquest. Prime tries to appeal to his reason, saying that he knows the coordinates of the Allspark. Megatron demands the coordinates, and as the leaders stare each other down, Scorponok transforms to scorpion mode and attacks them. Prime picks up the charge, hurls it at Scorponok and fires, the bomb exploding in its face.Nearby, Prime emerges from the rubble to find Megatron slumped against a wall, his upper torso impaled by a girder. The two leaders take a moment to discuss how things went so wrong for them, with Prime admitting that he was wrong in throwing the Allspark through a Spacebridge, but that he is determined to return it to Cybertron. Megatron says that the search is futile, as Cybertron is too far gone. He explains how he culled the energy of many Cybertronians to power the Nemesis. Prime asks about Elita-1, and Megatron replies that he assumes that she died after refusing to join him. The news nearly sends Prime into a fury, but he quickly regains composure and urges the formation of an alliance with Megatron, who would rather die than join him. Prime's idealism won't permit him to let Megatron die, and he laments the endless war that has defined them both. He dislodges the girder from Megatron's chest and swears to work together to save the Allspark.Elsewhere, Starscream awakens and, unable to find Megatron, quickly declares himself leader of the Decepticons. The Seeker finds the Autobots and leads the Decepticons in a brief skirmish. However, Megatron arrives, being supported by Optimus Prime, and orders a cease-fire. Soundwave quickly and deftly manages to open the blast doors, to Wheeljack's amazement. Starscream mocks Megatron's weakness and criticizes the shaky alliance, and makes his bid to replace Megatron as leader, only to earn a fusion cannon blast to the chest. As the Autobots and Decepticons prepare to leave, Scorponok returns, and both leaders send their troops into the fray together.

Even their combined forces can't defeat Scorponok, so Prime orders Wheeljack to patch up Megatron, to the former's chagrin. As Prime attempts to control the giant scorpion by riding on its back and looping a rope around its head, he is stung in the back; before there can be a second sting, Megatron saves Prime again, firing on Scorponok and sending him scuttling away. But now, Megatron intends to make good on his promise to execute Prime for removing the Allspark from Cybertron. Prime accuses Megatron's judgement as being Quintesson-like, which gets Scorponok's attention. Scorponok explains that it is actually the last Scorponok, and that its kind never rose up against the Quintessons like the Autobots and Decepticons did, costing it the lives of its family. Scorponok now judges both the Autobots and Decepticons as being like Quintessons, due to sentencing each other to death with their endless wars. Megatron, resenting the comparison or being stung by its words, lashes out at Scorponok, giving Wheeljack and Prime time to disable the gravity controls, disorienting the Decepticons long enough to escape to the Ark at last.

Prime orders the Ark to depart immediately, unwilling to kill Megatron even now. However, Starscream, back aboard the Nemesis, prepares to fire on the station and the Ark, disposing of both Prime and Megatron. As Ironhide prepares to engage the warp drive, Starscream fires.

Aboard the Nemesis, Starscream awakens to see a portal just ahead of him in space. Before he can figure out what it means, Megatron arrives on the bridge, ready to pay Starscream back for his treachery, knocking him flat with a punch. After banishing Starscream from the bridge, Megatron orders Barricade to take the Nemesis into the rift to pursue Prime. Within the rift, the Nemesis is subjected to stresses and mysterious light, sending Megatron crashing to the ground. As he recovers, a new surprise awaits: a mysterious purple Decepticon materializes in front of Megatron, laughing at him!

The mysterious figure only introduces himself to Megatron as a guide to the future, being careful to not reveal too much information. Megatron wants no help and lashes out, but the intruder easily matches him in strength and counters Megatron's attacks with suspicious familiarity. The two fire their arm-mounted cannons at each other, somehow transporting them to a strange location within the Dead Universe. The guide tells Megatron that even though the risk taken to arrive here and now was great, it will be all worth it if Megatron can kill Optimus Prime, whose death will cause the guide to no longer exist! Megatron relents and is prepared to listen.

The guide emphasizes the importance of taking the Matrix and killing Prime, taking Megatron on a journey through his past, telling him that the Prime is part of a legacy that seeks to suppress those whose strength was forged in the gladiator pits. Megatron remembers that only his self-reliance and strength kept him alive, not trust; hatred was his source of power. Megatron confesses that the guide truly understands him. The guide agrees; after all, the pits are where they both were born. Despite his strength, the guide explains that he is still a slave in his thrall, and that Megatron must master his fate before he realizes the guide's treachery!

On the Nemesis, Megatron and the guide see the Ark only moments away from exiting the Dead Universe. The guide tells Megatron to channel his hate and rage, and soon he is brimming with crimson, coruscating energy, unleashing it as a powerful beam towards the Ark. However, Sky Lynx soars between the beam and the Ark, taking the full brunt of the beam as he implores Prime to escape. Sky Lynx is atomized, but the Ark makes it through the rift.

The guide tries to get Megatron to pursue them, but they are stopped as he intervenes, summoning the guide painfully back from where he came. The guide attempts to give Megatron something that might help him vanquish the Prime, but it quickly dissipates, and the guide vanishes.

Nearby, Optimus Prime communes with the Matrix, seeking wisdom on the best of action on how to handle Megatron. Bumblebee arrives and suggests that Megatron cannot be redeemed and must be stopped, no matter the cost. But the pair have no time to debate; the Nemesis is now active, and extending a tractor beam to the Ark! The Nemesis then collides with the Autobot spacecraft, breaching its hull.

Megatron and a team of Decepticons storm the bridge and find it empty. Starscream calls the Autobots cowards before they leap out from hiding, ambushing the invaders. The Autobots gain the upper hand against the Decepticons as Megatron searches for Prime elsewhere on the ship. Prime, horrified by the Matrix-induced visions he received in the Dead Universe, unleashes a ferocious attack on Megatron, gaining resolve to end his life in order to save billions in the future. Megatron mocks his honor, but Prime's resolve will not shatter, and he demands forgiveness from Megatron for the loss of the Allspark. At that moment, Cog encounters the two leaders and is horrified by Prime's decision to kill Megatron. This gives Megatron an opportunity to counterattack Prime, and while they are locked in struggle, an explosion occurs just behind Cog, who is helplessly sucked into space. Prime and Megatron grab onto the ship as the room depressurizes.

Prime and Megatron bicker about which of them will possess the Allspark, but Prime turns words into action and begins pummeling his adversary. Megatron soon begs Prime for mercy, but the request was a feint; Megatron shocks Prime with a nearby electrical cable. Megatron opens the chest cavity of the stunned Prime and extracts the Matrix! Optimus awakens, but Megatron no longer refers to him as Optimus Prime, but rather Orion Pax. Clutching the Matrix, Megatron fulfills the counsel recently given to him by his guide from the future, and as he raises his fusion cannon to slay Prime, Bumblebee comes to his rescue. Megatron escapes with the Matrix as Bumblebee helps Optimus to his feet. The two Autobots limp to the bridge to stop Megatron from retrieving the Allspark on the planet below.


The Nemesis burns up in its descent to the Earth's surface, while the Decepticons onboard are violently thrown about their bridge. Starscream and Megatron are both thrown into disarray over their predicament, and the Nemesis soon crashes in a lush jungle on the surface. Megatron receives a vision of Galvatron, who has been forcibly summoned by Unicron. Clutching a Golden Disk, Galvatron swears to find a way back to Megatron. Awakening from his vision, Megatron ties the Matrix of Leadership to his chest via crude metal straps.. Megatron orders his troops to work on the ship so they can leave Earth, asserting his desire to locate the Allspark and repeating his claims about "saving Cybertron". Megatron turns down Starscream's request to scout the area, while Soundwave reports that Laserbeak has spotted intruders.The Decepticons wander into the jungle and find a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor, the former of which recognizes Megatron as his ancestor and showers him with praise. "Beast" Megatron and his partner Dinobot reveal their robot modes and bow to the Decepticons. "Beast" Megatron shows the original Megatron the Golden Disk."Beast" Megatron explains the origins of the Predacons to the original Megatron: they were the few survivors of the mostly extinct alternate Cybertron who traveled to Earth. When the first Megatron questions why they went to Earth of all places, "Beast" Megatron asserts that he specifically wanted to join forces with the Decepticons and deliver the Golden Disk to his ancestor—the disk contains all of Megatron's past, present, and future memories and can track his Energon signature. When the original Megatron suspects treachery on "Beast" Megatron's behalf, he explains that his existence from the alternate future of Cybertron is essentially proof that Prime never succeeded in retrieving the Allspark. As Starscream expresses disgust at the sycophantic Predacons and his lack of recognition from his peers, the arachnid Predacon Blackarachnia sneaks up on Starscream to polish his wounded ego. The two 'cons then form an alliance in secret. Airazor is spotted by Laserbeak and gunned down, enabling Soundwave to drag her back to the Nemesis at the mercy of both Megatrons.

The two Megatrons discuss the contents of the Golden Disk (and the need for the Predacon to choose a different name). "Beast" Megatron warns his ancestor that too much knowledge of the future can be dangerous, but the Decepticon leader says he knows just enough to know not only where the Allspark is, but what he must do to retake it. Nearby, Starscream eavesdrops on their conversation, reporting it to Blackarachnia.Megatron has another vision: he finally comes across the Allspark. After a brief struggle, he catches it, but then notices that he's actually holding the dead face of Ultra Magnus. As Megatron is consumed by a great void, he awakens, rips the Matrix off of his chest, and throws it across the room. He contacts Soundwave and "Beast" Megatron, telling them it is time to press his advantage with knowledge from the Golden Disk: he knows exactly when and where Rattrap will try to free Airazor and sends Astrotrain and Scorponok to intercept him. He also dispatches "Beast" Megatron to North Bridge to ambush Arcee and Primal's team, unfazed by Hound's energy signature suppression! Megatron approaches a mysterious structure, smiling as the Matrix glows on his chest...

Megatron and Soundwave conduct their own search, but Megatron has a key advantage: with the Golden Disk, he has access to his future self's thoughts, and can pinpoint the Allspark's location directly. Suddenly, the voice of the Golden Disk becomes that of Galvatron, and he is suddenly surrounded by Sparkless bots as Galvatron taunts him–but this turns out to be another vision from the Matrix. Megatron is stunned, but rejects Soundwave's concern about what effect the Matrix has on him and fails to notice the Matrix glowing energy that Optimus Prime can sense, giving him a way to follow Megatron's trail. Dinobot barely has time to retrieve his sword from the unconscious Soundwave before Megatron sucker-punches him. Dinobot responds in kind, transforming into raptor mode and slamming the Decepticon into the ground. The shock jostles Megatron's arm compartment, and Dinobot lays optics on the Golden Disk. Seeing that Megatron is so close to collecting the Allspark in addition to the Matrix and Golden Disk, Dinobot transforms back to robot mode and engages the Decepticon gladiator in a mortal duel. Dinobot takes the full measure of Megatron, criticizing his wild, undisciplined strikes. With a single well-timed strike, the enraged Megatron is bested at last, and Dinobot prepares to end Megatron's obsession for the Allspark by delivering the killing blow.

But Dinobot is ambushed once again, this time by "Beast" Megatron, who viciously mauls Dinobot and severs his arm. Now critically wounded and facing two Megatrons, Dinobot makes a last-ditch effort, firing at Megatron with his optic beams! The attack worked, and the Matrix is knocked from Megatron's chest. "Beast" Megatron tends his stunned namesake as Dinobot escapes with the Matrix.


  • Megatron is based on his IDW counterpart in characterization and motive.
  • Throughout the events of Siege, Megatron descends completely into bloodlust and megalomania.


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