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Mei Hou Wang is a minor antagonist turned supporting character in Dragalia Lost. He serves as the main antagonist for the "Timeworn Torment" raid event and is considered to be the the one responsible for the events of the "Echoes of Antiquity" event.


Mei Hou Wang first appears as a meek little man in a black robe. He has dark skin and long grey hair.

Upon his power being restored, he becomes larger and a lot more muscular. He loses the robe, exposing his chest. His hair becomes much larger. His hands also become completely black with red fingertips.

In both forms, he has red lining under his eyes.



Long ago, Mei Hou Wang was considered to be an unusual fiend due to the fact that he actually cares about the lives of people, and he was a noble and friendly creature to be around. However, he had a power that he had no control of which was that he would summon fiends whether he wanted to or not.

Because of this, humans began to fear him, including the ones who once considered him their friend, and he was eventually sealed away by the Qilin in the Jin Gu Er. This entrapment caused him to loathe humanity and desire vengeance against them all.

Echoes of Antiquity

Although Mei Hou Wang doesn't appear nor is he mentioned, it is believed that his entrapment within the Jin Gu Er is what causes Wu Kong to turn into Qitian Dasheng due to similarities in appearance. Wu Kong also hears Mei Hou Wang's voice during his time possessed by the relic.

Timeworn Torment

Eventually, Mei Hou Wang manages to escape from the Jin Gu Er. However, this escape wasn't complete as while his body and consciousness were free, his memories and power remained within the Jin Gu Er. He had no recollection of his hatred for humanity, and he eventually meets Wu Kong, whom he becomes close friends with.

However, the two of them and the Halidom party eventually run into Xuan Zang, who intends to seal Mei Hou Wang back into the relic. In an effort to prevent that, Wu Kong breaks the Jin Gu Er, allowing Mei Hou Wang to regain his memories and power.

With this, the formerly friendly fiend begins to attack the party until Xuan Zang fixes the Jin Gu Er and seals him inside. Shortly afterward though, Mei Hou wang is set free by Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, who wanted to get him and Wu Kong to make amends, which the human sealer and Xuan Zang developed a goal to do.

After a brutal fight, Mei Hou Wang begins to calm down, and Wu Kong apologizes for not being there for him. After a moment of reconciling, Mei Hou Wang returns to the Jin Gu Er with the promise that he and Wu Kong will remain together.


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