Mei Ling

Mei Ling

Mei Ling is one of the eleven main antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po. She appears in the game's tenth chapter level "The Legendary Harp of Legend".


Mei Ling was invited to play at the Emperor's birthday celebration, but she felt that an impressive tune of her magnificent harp was too battered and ordinary for such an incident. She virtually searched for anything that she felt was a more convenient instrument, only to find a magical harp with destructive powers that could possess her and cause her to threaten throughout the land in China. Fortunately, Po and the Furious Five succeeded in freeing her from the harp's influential effect, though Po then startled her and Shifu by his playing on her original harp.


Not necessarily villainous, Mei Ling is a skilled, glamorous, intelligent and persuasive harpist. She is shown to be extremely opportunistic, imaginative and harmonious. She also has a fondness for her harp. Despite her cunning and dangerous nature, Mei Ling is shown to be quite clever, charming and resourceful when she plays her harp at the Emperor's birthday celebration.

Fighting Style

It is unknown if Mei Ling is an ordinary fighter, as she was seen in battle while under the control of the cursed harp. She uses the harp to cause her to float in the air, and it allows her to unleash energy blasts, similar to the musical Kung fu performance demonstrated by the diabolical Yaoguai. Also, she can occasionally throw her harp, causing it to spin like a circular saw.


  • Although she is the main antagonist of the chapter level, Mei Ling is not truly evil.



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