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Meio's Army as the name suggests, is Grandmaster Meio's army and the main antagonistic faction in Strider 2014. The bulk of the army is based in Kazakh City, which Meio has established as his seat of power.


  • Solo: A man who is dressed in green armor with a yellow visor and is a mercenary hired to hunt down Strider Hiryu.
  • General Mikiel: A man with a hat, green armor, black clothes and a cybernetic body.
  • Juroung: A monk loyal to Meio. He dresses in blue clothes and has dark skin and white hair. He is a man who uses his cybernetic enhancements to control large bodies of water.
  • Professor Schlange: A scientist who is a more traditional reimagining of Herzog Schlange who overlooks weapon development. He has a cybernetic eye and has a mechanical appendage in place of a lower body.
  • Team Four Winds: A group consisting of several Chinese women who were commissioned to hunt down Hiryu. This version of the team has Tong Pooh, Nang Pooh, Pei Pooh, and Xi Wang Mu.
  • Troopers: Robots that function as the army's common grunts and come in many varieties.


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