Too bad mannen!
~ Meka's final words before death

Meka is a Rinjū Tortoise-Ken user who is the surviving member of the Rinjuken Akugata by the events of Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger.

He was voiced by Hidenari Ugaki, who also voiced a Stingray Nezire, Rigurou, a Boat Org, Omo-Karu, Visionary Messenger Voffa, DezumoVoorla, Okakurage, Mizogu of the Clump, and Merg Arita.


He appeared in a dimension that looks like a Japanese temple where joined forces with the Gaiark, he steals Long's sealed form from Jan in order to make the world in his image. He then converts the sealed form into an energy cell to boost up the Nunchuck Banki combat skills. Once the test run was a success both him and the Nunchuck Banki left the dimension to cause mayhem onto the human realm.

Speaking of which he appeared in the city using a boom mike to listen all the scream that civilians are making thanks to the destruction that the Nunchuck Banki is causing. However the Go-On Wings arrive to take the two trouble makers out of the city before fighting them with what they learned from Gorie.

A while later he appeared with the other ministers as they were about to confront the team, however the other sentai arrived battle the ministers and Meka. During the fight he used his other shield to block the shots that were fired by GekiChopper and Go-On Black. However Ken used the hand sword to break the barrier and Gunpei used the spirit of his partner to send Meka flying as he gotten back his engine cell.

After that the prime minister left the area leaving him to fend for himself, but not for long because since Long managed to revived himself Meka decides to ally with Long before being destroyed by the Sentai groups.


  • Meka's head was repainted and was used to serve as an unidentified Gangler Monster in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger "Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves" and was combined with the repainted body of Pocane Daniro.


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