Mekanorimon are minor villains in Digimon Adventure 01 and Digimon Adventure 02. Mekanorimon are Champion Level Digimon that resemble machine androids with one eye.


Digimon Adventure 01

When a mysterious being was controling Kari, it took the DigiDestined back in time to show how the DigiDestined came to the Digital World. One of the Dark Masters; Piedmon, attacked with a small army of Mekanorimon and Guardromon. Gennai (when he was younger) hi-jacked one of the Mekanorimon and escaped with the Digi-Eggs, (with the exception for Gatomon's Digi-Egg).

Machinedramon also has an army of Mekanorimon. One of them were attacking Tai. Izzy, Agumon, and Tentomon, with a Tankmon. They both tried to fire at the DigiDestined but the missed and shot each other. The remain Mekanorimon's location are unknown.

Digimon Adventure 02

About three or four Mekanorimons worked for the Digimon Emperor presumably due to the influence Dark Ring or Spiral. Three were lost in the Dark Whirlpool. The Digimon Emperor rode one out and encountered the remains of Devimon. Their current locations are unknown.


  • Twin Beam
  • 4-Disk Break


  • When Gennai hi-jacked one of the Mekanorimon a Bakemon was inside the Mekanorimon.
  • Mekanorimon's Rookie form is Hagurumon.
  • Mekanorimon can Digivolve into Megadramon.
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