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When you're a clown, nobody takes you seriously!
~ Mel Gibson (singing).

Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson AO is an antagonist in the adult animated sitcom South Park. serving as the main antagonist of the episode "The Passion of the Jew". He's a very warped parodied version of filmmaker Mel Gibson.

Taking Gibson's more negative aspects and amplifying them tenfold, South Park's version of Mel Gibson is, to put it lightly. absolutely insane, obsessed with masochistic torture, prone to bouncing around in a Daffy Duck manner, and willing to go on a full-scale rampage for very minor things.

He is voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker.


"Give me back my money!"

The protagonists came into conflict with Gibson when Stan and Kenny went to the actor's abode to take back five dollars each, believing it was their right to be refunded the admission price since they had watched The Passion Of The Christ and disliked it, Gibson refused and tried to wave them off, claiming that not liking his film was akin to being anti-Christian. When Stan and Kenny persisted in their demand, Gibson got excited and started undressing down to his underwear before strapping himself to a stretcher, telling them that the only way he could be convinced to give them their ticket money back was if they tortured him. Taken aback by this, the boys declared that they had no intention of torturing him, causing Gibson to go on a unhinged, megalomaniacal rant on how he needed the profit from the film to start his own church, so that he could continue his quest to "bring fire and brimstone back to Christianity" (and play the banjo).

Now thoroughly worried by Gibson's insane behavior, Stan declared that the actor/director was "fricking daffy", a comment that Gibson immediately took great offense to, causing him to pull out a gun on Stan and Kenny. Gibson proceed to cashing the boys through his house firing his gun randomly in the air while jumping around and hooting and wooping. When Gibson was momentarily distracted by his own reflection in a mirror, Stan and Kenny were able to track down his wallet and take five dollars each from it, and then made their escape from his house.

Stan and Kenny took a bus back to South Park, they discovered that they were pursued by the madman, who driving a truck and dressed as Braveheart, demanding his five dollars back he rammed into the bus the boys were on, causing it to crash. He then promptly flew his truck into the town's cinema.

Emerging from the flaming wreckage of the truck Mel Gibson was revealed to the town as a complete lunatic and lost his former popularity, Cartman (who believed Gibson shared his antisemitic views) was shocked to see his former idol parading around and his plans to rally the town into a hate-march crumbled quickly. As for Mel Gibson himself, no one is quite sure what happened to him but he presumably got taken away shortly after his rampage.

Gibson, still dressed only in his underwear, would later make a short appearance in the "Imaginationland" special, where the US military taskforce headed by General Deckter called him in as an advisor on the on-going situation of a group of terrorist having taken hostages in Imaginationland. Gibson, however, was for the most part distracted by tweaking his own nipples, but he eventually managed to focus long enough to give the military the bit of advice that they should examine the video footage of the terrorists more closely and look for the person who didn't fit in. Noticing that it was actually useful advice, General Deckter declared "Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure!".

He did make a cameo in "200" and "201", as the many celebrities who followed Tom Cruise who wanted revenge on South Park. However, he ends up redeeming himself like the celebrities (except for Barbra Streisand and Mickey Mouse).



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