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Mel Maguire is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. She appeared as a minor character in 2016 and a supporting antagonist in 2017.

At first Mel was the personal assistant and right-hand henchwoman of pimp lord Nathan Curtis, whom she helped out in his sex abuse ring by influencing young girls into becoming his grooming targets. Mel helps Nathan target Bethany Platt in her sexual grooming storyline, but eventually turns against him when Nathan's actions result in the death of a 14-year-old named Laura Carter - one of his youngest victims.

She is played by Sonia Ibrahim.


Mel Maguire was known in Weatherfield to be a worker at a tanning salon where her boss Nathan Curtis owns the shop. She first appeared in 2016 and later becomes recurrent in 2017 after seeing Nathan getting acquainted with a young resident, Bethany Platt.

Soon enough, it turns out that Nathan's tanning salon is actually a front for his sexual grooming ring - as he sexually exploits young teenage girls to the point of grooming them into becoming his victims. Mel is revealed to be helping Nathan out with his plans to groom Bethany into his sex ring. It is partly clear, though, that Mel is uncomfortable with the extent of Nathan's ruthless methods. At one point, Nathan hurt Mel's hand when he slammed the money till onto it after catching her trying to take some money from it.

At somepoint, Nathan's grooming plot with Bethany comes to fruition when he invites his friend Ian Yardley and their associates to take girls in having sex with young girls - including Bethany and fellow youngster Laura Carter. When Bethany asks Mel for help upon wanting to leave, Mel instead leaves her to get victimized by Nathan and his gang. This continues until Nathan learns from corrupt policeman Neil Clifton, a member of Nathan's gang, that Bethany's nephew David Platt and his rival Gary Windass are on their way with the police to raid the flat - with Bethany's mother Sarah Platt also en route to try and rescue Bethany from Nathan. This prompts Nathan to order Mel in getting everyone out of the flat. Mel does so and flees herself whilst Nathan gets arrested for his actions; both Ian and Neil are eventually detained along with two of their fellow associates as well.

In the build-up to Nathan's trial, Mel encounters Bethany and begs for her help - claiming that Nathan is after her and that she is left homeless. Bethany takes her in despite the objections of her family, with Bethany's grandmother Gail Platt and her mother Audrey Roberts both suspecting Mel of having ulterior motives. This turns out to be correct when Mel later calls Nathan, who has assigned Mel to find Bethany and stop her from testifying against him in court. Nathan has urged Mel to do this with the promise of them two having a special life together once he goes free.

Eventually, Mel takes Bethany to a train track alleyway and kidnaps her. She takes her captive and holds her prison until Bethany's friend, Craig Tinker, sends her a message with some distressing news - that fellow young victim Laura Carter has committed suicide due to the ordeal that Nathan put her through and after both his ex-girlfriend Shona Ramsay and David himself were unable to persuade Laura to help testify against him. The news of Laura's death horrifies Mel to the point where she breaks down in tears.

Shortly afterwards, Mel decides to let Bethany testify against Nathan by taking her to the courthouse. When they arrive, Mel confines to Bethany how she helped Nathan groom Laura when the girl was 13 years old - thus letting out the truth that she was never comfortable with Nathan from the start. Bethany asks Mel to come with her so they can bring Nathan down together, but Mel refuses - feeling that she is to blame for Laura's death and that nothing she can do will help now. Mel drops Bethany off and leaves the area. Mel's betrayal would help Bethany convict Nathan after she testifies against him in court; in the end, Nathan is found guilty of rape and is jailed alongside Neil and Ian after the pair are also convicted for rape as well.



  • Mel Magurie has made a total of 38 appearances throughout her duration on the show.