Melanie Pratt

Melanie Pratt is the main villainess from "Touched by the Sun," episode 2.03 of NCIS: New Orleans.

She was played by Sumalee Montano.

Melanie Pratt is the jet contractor for Curtwell Industries, as well as a liaison of the U.S. Navy. She was at the scene of a plane crash that killed war hero and pilot Lt. Lindsay Pratt. It was later revealed that Melanie had been cost cutting; ordering coupling from a foreign manufacturing plant that didn't adhere to U.S. military specs. The parts were riddled with mercury, which caused the plane that Lindsay was flying to be poisoned. Lindsay felt the effects of the mercury for three to four months, which led to her fatal crash.

After Lindsay's death, the evil Melanie covered up her callous cost cutting by claiming that the plane was clean and pinning the blame on Lindsay. A plane flown by Navy Lt. Val Franco had the same poisoned parts, and he was also feeling the effects as he attempted to prove that Lindsay didn't cause the crash. Following Franco's hospitalization, Sebastian found the part that was faulty, and that ended up revealing Melanie's indirect role in Lindsay's death. Pride confronted the villainous businesswoman with the evidence, with Melanie responding that she had no idea that the part would be faulty. Pride responded that Melanie had no idea it would be safe either, and that her selfish cost cutting ended up killing an American hero.