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Here's how it works. You'll be competing with those alien species in various challenges. The winner gets a brand new car. The loser gets their home planet destroyed!
~ Meldar explaining the game show.

Meldar Prime is the main antagonist of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie-episode "Win, Lose and Kaboom". He is a ruthless alien who hosts a game show known as Intergalactic Showdown.

He was voiced by Tim Allen, who is best known for voicing Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films and who also played Toy Santa in The Santa Clause 2, while Jess Harnell did his singing voice.


He consists of an organic head attached to a robotic body and is the host of a game show called "Intergalactic Showdown" in which aliens from different planets have to compete against each other in several challenges, and all but the winners have their home planets blown up. To force the aliens to compete, he threatens to blow up their planet if they don't. Meldar does all this using his matrix generators, which give him virtually limitless reality-altering powers and prevent inhabitants of the galaxy from stopping him.

He casually treats this mass genocide, which he seems to have no motive for other than entertaining himself, like an ordinary game show, making jokes out of blowing up planets, and April says that he has been doing so for "eons".

At the end of the episode, Jimmy and friends manage to steal Meldar's matrix generators and destroy them, ending his show once and for all and leaving him to be tortured forever with electricity by the Brains (one of the other races they were competing with on the show).


It's time I've sent you to commercial... permanently.
~ Meldar to Jimmy.
Poor clueless lifeforms! Don't you get it?! I can bend space, twist time, warp reality, like this!
~ Meldar to everyone.


  • Meldar's voice actor, Tim Allen is the same actor who also voiced Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films by Disney/Pixar.
  • Meldar's name might be a play on the Nintendo videogame Metroid Prime.
  • Meldar seemed to have wanted to blow up Earth since he'd done things like forcing Jimmy and the others to vote one of their mates off their team so that way they'd be short-handed, and trapping Goddard in a force field bubble before he could race with Jimmy and the others against the Brains across the Obstacle Course not allowing him to do so so that way when the Brains put them in their hypnosis they'll not be able to have a way to help them get through the dangerous course after they wake up so they won't be able to catch up to them in time allowing Jimmy and the gang to lose Intergalactic Showdown.
  • Meldar is a parody of Jeff Probst from Survivor.
  • It is unknown why he is not part of the League of Villains, which includes Professor Calamitous, and King Goobot, possibly because he does not have his powers anymore and is still being punished for his crimes.


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