Melissa Fang-Yin is one of the supporting antagonists of Crackdown. She is an Intelligence director of Shai-Gen located at the Knowledge Bank.


Melissa Fang-Yin is Shai-Gen's rare Intelligence Director.

Her complete intel network depends on the interception and evaluation of all communication through, to and from the city. Cultivated information is directed to the cultivated sectors to own conduct through the Corridor.

The population is under steady and vigilant inspection from field operatives known as 'Analysts'. They seek out violations and injustice and transmit precision data to the Enforcers who administer immediate and extreme retaliations.

After death

Melissa Fang-Yin's demise has crippled Shai-Gen's fundamental senses. Her analysts miss appropriate direction, and what data they got is incomplete and not very well communicated. This makes it more difficult for Shai-Gen to crush insurrection and cope with other inconveniences.

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