We all have a past, Hanna... aren't you curious what she plans to use against you?
~ Melissa to Hanna

Melissa Hastings is a recurring antagonist on Pretty Little Liars. She is the sister of Spencer Hastings and a blackmailed member of the "A-Team". She attempted to kill Aria on the Halloween Train, dressed as the Queen of Hearts, and is also responsible for the death of Bethany Young, whom she believed was Alison.

She was portrayed by Torrey DeVitto, who also played Nanny Carrie in One Tree Hill.


Season 4

'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e

It is revealed that Melissa was one of the people trying to kill Aria on the Halloween train, dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

Villainous Deeds

  • Attempting to kill Aria Montgomery by pushing her off the Halloween Train.
  • Killing Bethany Young by burying her alive, believing Bethany to be Alison and believing that Spencer had murdered her.
  • Joining Mona's Army to take down Alison.
  • Wearing the Black Swan costume, though blackmailed.
  • Having a rivalry with Spencer, often causing her to come across as downright mean to both Spencer and her friends.


  • Her villain status is currently unclear.
  • Many fans theorize that she is The Black Widow. This is proven false, as The Black Widow is Sara Harvey.
  • She was "A's" minion, but became Mona's henchmen when she joined her army.
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