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Meltdown is a villain from the Hero Factory series.


Meltdown's Criminal Days

Meltdown was a dangerous cycloptic criminal known to use toxins to commit crimes across the galaxy. During his career, he sabotaged a iridium mine and assaulted a major city.

Hired by Von Nebula

Howevr, he was often hindered by Hero Factory At some point, a former hero named Von Nebula recruited Meltdown to destroy Hero Factory and hired him to corrupt his nemesis Stormer with nanobots.

Mekron City

Meltdown later traveled to Mekron City and came across police Chief Drax. During a brief battle, Meltdown managed to use his nanobots to corrupt Drax. After Stormer and three rookies Furno, Breez, and Surge arrived and cured Drax, Meltdown smashed a skylight and corrupted Stormer and fled the city, leaving Stormer to cause destruction though he was eventually cured.

Destroy Alpha Team

Later, Meltdown participated in a attack on New Stellac City with XPlode, Corroder, and Thunder and fought against Breez, Stringer, Surge, and Bulk while Stormer and Furno confronted Von Nebula. Despite his best efforts, Meltdown was defeated by Stringer and captured. After Von Nebula and the other villains were defeated, Meltdown and his comrades were taken to Makuhero City where he was imprisoned.


Later in the Break Out event, he and the other Villains escaped from Villain Storage.

Back in Storage

In Brain Attack event, Furno confirmed that he and the remaining Villains are re-captured again. 


Completely psychotic, intelligent, sadistic and specialist of dabbling in radioactive materials, using degraded nuclear radiation in his equipped tanks. His enjoyment inflicting suffering and death on his enemies with toxic his materials, ranking him as Von Nebula's most destructive and viscious employee. 


Radioactive Sludge Shooter and customized Meteor Blaster connected to the tanks on Meltdown's back, a tentacle that us as a whip and strike down enemies with toxic micro-nanobot invading his enemies body.


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  • He is the 1st one-eyed villain in Hero Factory, the 2nd is XT4.
  • Meltdown is the mad scientist of the Von Nebula's gang. 
  • He and Corroder share similar powers and traits, both use toxic materials on enemies, viscious among anyone in their way, making victims suffer before destroying them and their insanity is dangerous as their weapons. 
  • Hero Mark Surge mention to Stormer a history of Meltdown's past life, a twisted criminal that use radioactive materials for his robberies and later mutated and modified over time. 
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