Melvin is the main antagonist of the youtube short-film Agents of Secret Stuff uploaded by Ryan Higa on his youtube channel Nigahiga.


Aiden, a agent of the Agents of Secret Stuff (A.S.S.) task to protect Taylor, a high school senior from the Society Involving Not-So-Good Stuff, aka the S.I.N.S. The S.I.N.S. has also sent an agent of its own to kidnap Taylor. Aiden tried to protect Taylor from students, which he perceives to be a threat, especially Melvin, appearing paranoid to Taylor.Despite of these, Aiden and Taylor became friends and Aiden revealed his secret that he is an agent tasked to protect her. Melvin, asked Taylor to an upcoming dance but Taylor refuses because she already have a date (presumely Aiden). Melvin asked Taylor with a red rose, which Aiden suspects as a knife in disguise. Aiden grabbed the rose from Melvin and ask him to go away. Taylor thinks that Aiden was being too paranoid again and leaves Aiden. Aiden questioned his suspicions and out of regret he tossed the rose to the wall and the rose was indeed a knife. He then hears a screaming Taylor and saw Melvin taking her away via car. Aiden tracked Melvin's car and met him in a warehouse where he tried to rescue Taylor, who was tied to a chair. Melvin was a better fighter than Aiden and when he was about to defeat Aiden. Taylor stopped Melvin, and later revealed she freed herself. The Heads of the A.S.S. came to arrest Melvin and it was revealed that the A.S.S. has been looking into Taylor's potentials and that she is the daughter of one of the heads.

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