Melvinborg is the unseen Bigger Bad of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in season 1 (specifically from episodes 1-11 before his first appearance in episode 12) and the main antagonist of season 2. He is Melvin Sneedly from the future.

He was voiced by Jorge Diaz.


Melvinborg is a half-human half-cyborg version of Melvin Sneedly from the future. During the first season, he disguised himself as the superintendent, Vil Endenemys and was helping George and Harold (even getting the rulebook that is needed to fire Mr Krupp.) However at the end of the first season finale, he revealed his true colors by telling George, Harold, and Mr Krupp that he was working with Melvin. Then George and Harold revealed that Vil Endenemys was actually Melvin from the future. Then he proceeded to rip up his disguise and fires Mr. Krupp and expelled George Beard and Harold Hutchins.


That’s right! I am Melvin Sneedly, From the FUTURE, Oh, and I’m a cyborg. (George and Harold gasp) I came back in time to write the wrongs of my past and I start by getting rid of all of you. (Melvin: WHAT!?) Not You, Melvin. For I am Future Melvin Sneedly, and you three are GONE
~ The so-called Vil Endenemys revealing his true colors
NO! But, but I’m you. But I’m YOUUUUUUUUUU
~ Melvinborg’s last words before permanently fading from existence


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