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Ooh, I 'member!
~ Usually when responding to the others.
'Member Stormtroopers? Not those stormtroopers! The REAL old ones. People want to 'member? They're gonna 'member.
~ Don Memberberry, revealing his true intentions.

Memberberries are a new type of super-fruit and one of the two main antagonistic factions (alongside in South Park's 20th season. They are responsible for turning Gerald Broflovski into the notorious troll SkankHunt42.

Though their role in the plot decreased significantly during the second half of the season, they serve as the unseen Bigger Bads in the 21st season, as they are now controlling Mr. Garrison.


Memberberries are first used by Mr. Mackey in his office. Later, Stephen Stotch shows them to Randy Marsh. Their main function is to bring about nostalgic feelings for the supposed good times of the past by "membering" pop culture icons.

However, they also make homophobic and racist comments, such as talking about when marriage was only between a man and a woman or when there weren't so many Mexicans.

It is later revealed that they have existed since the times of the ancient Roman Empire, and played a part in its downfall by causing its members to be addicted to memories of the past.

In "Fort Collins" they seem to be aware of their surroundings as they were seeing a normal memberberry experimented on. They flee from the Marsh household and hold another Memberberry hostage with them and throw in Caitlyn Jenner's drink.

They are also seemingly indestructible as one was seen burned by a torch, acid, and electrified with little to no effects. While they can be squished and eaten like any normal fruit, however, their juices can still talk and affect people with their nostalgia.


They appear as normal-looking purple grapes with faces on each piece and speak in a very high-pitched voice. One particular memberberry named Tubbs is much bigger than the others and speaks in a lower-pitched voice.


At first, they appear to only remember pop culture from the 80's and 90's, mostly Star Wars, but they are shown to have a darker side also remembering homophobic and racist ideologies from those decades.

Starting in "Fort Collins", they are shown to be more aware of Randy and Mr. Garrison's attempts on destroying their entire species, and a group consisting of 5 (later 6) memberberries escape the Marsh household, setting off to kill another memberberry by dropping it off into Caitlyn Jenner's drink. The memberberry doesn't show signs of pleading for mercy, as it says "That's okay, I 'member!" before being dropped into the drink. Judging by this, the memberberries are fine with death just as long as they'll be eaten.

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