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Menace is the final boss of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

He is a giant amalgamation of evil spirits that were briefly under the thrall of Dmitrii Blinov, who was unable to control them for long and ended up overwhelmed and killed for his efforts. Menace then set his eyes on killing the first thing he could see: Soma Cruz.


Menace was created when both Celia Fortner and Dmitrii Blinov traveled to the Abyss so Dmitrii can complete his copied version of Soma's Power of Dominance that he had emulated after being in Soma's soul. By absorbing the souls of several demons Dmitrii could gain their abilities and fully become Dracula's successor as the new dark lord.

Upon entering the corpse-filled central chamber of the Abyss, Soma quickly found that Dmitrii had acquired the souls of powerful demons to use at his disposal and casually sacrificed Celia in front of him in order to acquire even more power.

Before Dmitrii had the chance to test his newfound abilities, however, the truth was revealed: Because what he had was nothing more than a copy of the true Power of Dominance, Dmitrii was unable to properly contain the monster souls he had collected, and they all slowly merged together within him, ultimately forming a single soul with the power of all those monsters combined; the Menace. Unable to contain such power, Dmitrii died in agony as the Menace emerged from within him, causing Dmitrii's body to violently explode in the process.

Boss Fight

First Form

During the first phase Soma is trapped under the crouching bulk of the colossal abomination. Here, Menace's only weakspot is an upside-down head that protrudes out of its chest. He mainly uses spiked objects which either stab out of his body or from the floor and a poisonous mist that he spits out of the lower jaw of his main head.

Second Form

Once the chest head has been destroyed, Menace stands up and reveals two new heads that Soma needs to strike: One on his left leg and one between its skeletal jaws. Menace's massive body takes up a large part of the arena and must be avoided while Soma must use several floating platforms to reach its heads. Depending on where Soma is, Menace will occasionally try to jab, punch or stomp on him with its limbs. While these attacks are very slow and telegraphed, they deal massive damage to Soma and must be avoided at all costs. The biggest threat however comes from the several leech-like jaw demons Menace constantly spawns from his body. These creatures will attempt to ram Soma, which does a considerable amount of damage and can easily overwhelm Soma if their numbers aren't kept in check.


After his defeat, Menace breaks down into the evil souls that created him which immediately attempt to merge with Soma, almost overpowering him and driving him insane with the powers of Dracula. But when Soma remembered his childhood friend and love Mina Hakuba, he was able to overcome the evil spirits that threatened to take him and banished them out of his body.

Harmony of Despair

Menace is the third boss in the game. Only his second form is confronted. He still has his original attacks and can also jump and kick. Instead of destroying all his weak heads, you only need to destroy two.


  • As Dawn of Sorrow comes last in Castlevania's main timeline, Menace can be considered the chronological final boss of the game series (not counting the Lords of Shadow timeline), while Olrox currently concludes the timeline as a whole in the novel Reminiscence of the Divine Abyss.

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