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Menasor is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise. The original version of the character was the combined form of the Stunticons.

Generation One

G1 Cartoon

Menasor was introduced in the latter half of the second season, at the climax of the two-part story "The Key to Vector Sigma". He was formed by the Stunticons in order to battle Superion and gained the upper hand but was defeated when Omega Supreme joined the battle. In the later episode "Masquerade", when a group of Autobots impersonated the Stunticons, the real Stunticons arrived and formed Menasor to prove their identity. The Autobots managed to form Menasor as well, using Windcharger's magnetic powers and Mirage's illusions, but were easily defeated by the real Menasor. However, Menasor was quickly driven off by Autobot reinforcements. In "Starscream's Brigade", when Starscream and his new henchman Bruticus were on the verge of deposing Megatron, Menasor entered the battle and defeated Bruticus.

Menasor was among the Decepticons who went into exile on Chaar after the events of The Transformers: The Movie. After they had been rallied by the return of Galvatron, Menasor was formed one last time to try and attack a weakened Defensor but was overcome by Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.

In his first appearance, Menasor was voiced by the late Roger C. Carmel, who also voiced Bruticus, Motormaster and was the first actor to voice Cyclonus, as well as portraying Harry Mudd in Star Trek: The Original Series. In all later appearances, Menasor was voiced by the late Regis Cordic.

Marvel Comics

Menasor only made one appearance in the Marvel US comic, in issue #22, "Heavy Traffic". The Stunticons formed Menasor to battle Superion on a freeway. Menasor received unexpected help from anti-robot vigilante Circuit Breaker, who attacked Superion and allowed Menasor to defeat him, although the Stunticons' main target, Skids, escaped in the confusion.

Menasor made a few appearances in the Marvel UK-exclusive stories but never in the present day, appearing in a vision in "Second Generation" and a flashback in "Perchance to Dream". The post-movie version of Menasor appeared in "The Legacy of Unicron", where he was used to batter down the door to the Decepticon throne room in a failed attempt to save Shockwave from assassination.

Transformers: Cybertron

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

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Prime Wars Trilogy

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