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Transformers Cybertron Menasor with Minicon partner Heavy Load

Just step back, old man! I'm sick of all your daft rules that don't even make any sense! The time for those rules is long gone! They're old and outdated, just like you! We're about to enter a new age! And I'm gonna be the one who's gonna lead this planet into it!
~ Menasor, Giant

Menasor was a member of the Gigantion native Transformers, and a major antagonist of Transformers Cybertron. Angry at how he was not treated with respect by the planet's leaders, especially Metroplex, and wishing to change his society, Menasor fell in with the Decepticons.

He was voiced by Sam Vincent.


Menasor debuted during the cartoon's final arc in the episode "Giant". He was one of the giant Transformers who inhabited the planet Gigantion. When Megatron and the Decepticons came to the planet in search of one of the Cyber Planet Keys Megatron needed to control a black hole, Menasor joined up with them, especially since his old rival Metroplex had allied with the Autobots. When Megatron was upgraded to Galvatron, Menasor continued to serve him. Alongside Galvatron, in Scourge, Menasor searched for Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key, and crossed paths with the Cybertron Defense Team. Galvatron allowed Menasor to test himself against the Autobots first. The Gigantian towered over his opponents and pushed them hard in battle, but he ultimately fell before the triple Cyber Key Power of their Triangle Attack. Galvatron defeated the Autobots by himself after that, and carried Menasor from the battlefield. 

However, when Menasor and Metroplex finally squared up, their Minicons detached and stood between them, asking them to reconsider. Metroplex apologised to Menasor for not respecting him and Menasor switched allegiance to the Autobots. He helped them to defeat Galvatron and joined Optimus Prime's new project to rebuild the space bridge.



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