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The Mendel Drone is the main antagonist of the 2019 horror game Alien: Blackout, the sequel to Alien: Isolation. It is a Xenomorph Drone that was born on the Mendel research station, it then killed the entire crew and set up a hive, with Amanda Ripley being the only survivor known, it hunts the survivors who docked with the station through the ground and hunts Amanda in the vents.


When the survivors dock with the station to get repairs, Amanda reveals herself to them, however shortly after the Alien comes out of a vent and attempts to attack them before Amanda shuts the door on it, later the Alien attempts to attack Amanda in the vents before she seals the vent door, the Alien banging against it. Depending on the players actions the Alien can kill 1/4, 2/4, or 3/4 of the survivors before beating the game. Amanda gets 1 of the survivors to cause the station to become unstable, after the ship is repaired, Amanda makes a run for it, the Alien right on her tail, Amanda gets into the docks and shuts the door on the Alien, letting it and the other aliens to die as the station explodes.

If Amanda fails to save any of the 4 survivors then the alien will manage to kill her and it’s likely it continued on to improve and make a bigger nest.


The Mendel Drone similar to the Sevastopol Drone does not climb on walls, it mainly attacks the survivors on the ground, appearing as a red dot if it is in a Motion Tracker, it approaches sound like the survivors speaking or doors opening and closing, if it spots a survivor it chases them before eventually either losing them or catching and killing them, it can also attack Amanda and the player through the vents, with it screaching and it banging against the vent signaling its approach, Amanda/the player must close the vent door to stop the Alien from entering, a banging sound signaling the Alien is gone.



  • The Alien acts similar to the Drone in Alien: Isolation, except it’s tail is never on the ground.


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