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Mendelson is the main antagonist of the House, M.D. episode "Twenty Vicodin". He is the leader of the New Confederates, a white supremacist prison gang.

He was portrayed by Jude Ciccolella.


Mendelson is a prisoner at the New Jersey prison where Dr. Gregory House is sent for his various offences in the final episode of of season 7. He is serving a lengthy sentence, probably for hate crimes, and is addicted to Vicodin pills. He and House have a good relationship due to House supplying him with Vicodin in return for Mendelson's gang protecting him from other inmates.

However, this changes when Mendelson discovers that House is going to be paroled in five days and demands twenty Vicodin pills as an "exit tax". House tells him that this is impossible because he won't be given enough Vicodin in the next five days, but Mendelson just tells him to find a way.

House approaches Porter, the prison entrepreneur, but discovers that Mendelson's gang already took his supply. On discovering that he is having trouble, Mendelson takes House's cane and tells him that he can't back down without being seen as weak.

Eventually, House manages to get his hands on some Vicodin. He decides, however, to go to the prison clinic in order to diagnose a prisoner named Nick. To create a distraction, he throws the Vicodin into the air to cause a distraction. During the ensuing chaos, Mendelson grabs House and orders his right-hand man Sullivan to kill him. At the last second, House's cellmate Curtis arrives and beats Sullivan to the ground. He then turns his anger on Mendelson and beats him into unconsciousness along with the other man restraining House.



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