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Menis is an Arrancar that joined Patros in his rebellion against Sōsuke Aizen and a villain from Bleach.


Menis aided Patros in his plan to obtain the Hogyoku so as to use it to overthrow Aizen and when Patros was caught by Ulquiorra Cifer trying to steal it, Menis and Aldegor appeared and slashed him in the back. After Patros cut the 4th Espada down (not realizing it was just an illusion created by Aizen's Zanpakuto), his subordinates accompanied him to Karakura Town. He'd heard there was someone there who knew how to use the Hogyoku (Kisuke Urahara) and while Patros went to find that person, he sent Menis and Aldegor to deal with captain Hitsugaya and his team. After confronting the Shinigami, Menis noted they had guts before

Menis fighting Hitsugaya and Rangiku

he and Aldegor released their Zanpakuto with Menis taking on Hitsugaya and his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto. The Arrancar managed to fend off all their attacks and declared their resistance to be pointless. As their battle continued, Menis overwhelmed Hitsugaya and mockingly asked if he was out of breath, then stated he couldn't believe the captain and his team had killed five Arrancar. He continued to attack Hitsugaya and Rangiku and the 10th Division captain eventually froze his arms, saying he didn't have time to waste on non-Espada. Menis said he shouldn't get cocky and broke the ice, but the battle eventually turned to Hitsugaya's favor and the Arrancar was overwhelmed. Badly beaten, Menis fled to Patros' location with a badly wounded Aldegor and the leader asked what had happened to them. They asked if he'd found out how to use the Hogyoku yet and when Menis found out Patros had been spending his time fighting Renji, he got angry. However he suddenly started to freeze, much to his shock and finally shattered.

Powers and Abilities

Menis in Resurrección form

Menis has considerable spiritual power, since when released, he was able to fight a captain using his Shikai. He has also demonstrated the ability to use Sonído, an Arrancar technique that lets him move extremely fast. Like all Arrancar, Menis can enter his Resurrección form by releasing his Zanpakuto, Erizo, with the release command, "Stab". When he does so, he gains an increase in power and three tail-like, segmented appendages with sharp points on the end, two in place of his arms and one on his back, that he can use in battle. They also seem able to extend in length.


  • The name of Menis' Zanpakuto is Spanish for "Hedgehog".