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Memnan saa

Mennan Sea

Mennan Sea is an antagonist in the Hellboy comics. He was a powerful sorcerer who was long lived.


Memnan Saa was born Martin Gilfryd in 19th Century London and has interacted with Edward Grey, the Lobster and the BPRD. Spent most of the first part of B.P.R.D. tormenting Liz with apocalyptic visions of the future. Memnan Saa began his long life as Martin Gilfryd, a mortal curator for the British Museum's Egyptology Department.

He would go on to study multiple ancient magicks and lost arts from teachers across the globe, even in places unknown to modern man, gaining a great deal of untold power. At the height of his ability he's basically unstoppable.His primary Goal was the perserve Humanity in any way he can but was later corrupted into his goal and by the Oghru-Jagd and had developed a god complex. During an expedtion by Kate he had antagonist Liz and the others for his plans to take over the world but was eventually defeated and killed by Liz.

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