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Menoa Bellucci is the main antagonist of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. She is responsible for create Eosmon to targeting the DigiDestined while robbing them of their consciousnesses.

She wass voiced by Mayu Matsuoka in the original Japanese version and Erika Harlacher in the English dub.


She appears to be kind at first, but turns out to be cruel despite her goals. She lived in Colorado and was a child prodigy, so people looked at her badly, and she felt alone.



Menoa was once one one of the DigiDestined and was partnered with Morphomon. She met her partner Digimon when she was nine years old, Morphomon. She took it everywhere with her, and gave her a butterfly hair clip that she currently uses. When she is 14 years old, Menoa decided to move to New York when she was accepted to a university, but when she told the news to Morphomon, she realized that it was disappearing, and left only her butterfly hair clip.

After the loss of her partner, Morphomon, Menoa began to descend a downward spiral of psychological tendencies. She created Eosmon to rob DigiDestined of their consciousness, and force them to never grow up, so they would not share her pain of loss.


As the Tai and Matt are about to discuss what had just occurred, they are approached by a girl from the pub named Menoa Bellucci and her assistant, Kyotaro Imura, who claim to have an idea on what is transpiring. Menoa begins to explain that a Digimon named Eosmon has begun sending messages to Digidestined all around the world, and robbing them and their Digimon partners of their consciousness. Menoa then asks that the DigiDestined help destroy Eosmon in order to undo what has been done, offering to lead them to it.

When Tai and Matt find small clocks in their Digivices. Menoa seeing this, then begins to explain that due to the damage done by Eosmon, should Tai and Matt continue using their Digivices enough times, their connection to their partners will die out, and Agumon and Gabumon will, too. Matt suspects that Menoa and her assistant are somehow linked to all of this and begin to tail them.

Izzy learns that Eosmon was artificial, which explained why Omnimon had little to no effect on it during their battle. After tracing it back to Menoa, she suddenly appears before Izzy, revealing her plan. After having Eosmon take Izzy's conscienceness, she then gets ahold of the list of any and all remaining awake DigiDestined. However, before he was knocked out, Izzy sends the coordinates of Eosmon's prime location to Matt and Tai. With the location sent, the two head to Eosmon's hideout.

Menoa then goes on to proclaim herself as the savior of the DigiDestined, having created a sort of "Neverland" where they never have to grow up, and that if they choose, Tai and Matt can stay there with her so that they never have to part with their Digimon, as well.

Menoa explains that she has no control over them, and that they're all doing this of their own volition. Despite this prevention, the sub conscience Digimon cannot Digivolve, but are great in numbers. Menoa wanting to save everyone for good, creates an army of cloned Eosmon. Outnumbered and without a backup plan, Tai and Matt quickly retreat to a nearby floating island. Menoa sees this as an opportunity and sends her Eosmon clones out into the real world.

Tai and Matt, and Agumon and Gabumon come face to face with Menoa and her remaining Eosmon army. Omnimon is formed once again and begins to destroy the Eosmon one-by-one. Menoa screams in despair, and fuses herself with Eosmon, prompting it to take on a much stronger, final form.

Agumon Bond of Courage and Gabumon Bond of Friendship proceed to take down Eosmon and hear Menoa's pleas of help. As it turns out, all she wanted was closure from her loss and forgiveness from Morphomon. They want to rescue her, they finally destroy Eosmon once and for all, and in turn destroy the Eosmon clones. As Eosmon is destroyed, Menoa sees a brief image of Morphomon. Morphomon shows Menoa that it was saying "We will always be together", as it disappears, finally giving her closure.

Upon returning to the real world, Menoa is arrested by Kyotaro and will be seeking therapy.



  • Menoa is the third DigiDestined to become a villain.


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