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Menoetius is a minor antagonist turned protagonist in Dragalia Lost, who serves as the main antagonist of the event "Romance Under Siege". He is established to be the brother of Promethius.

He is voiced by Richard Ian Cox in English and Makoto Furukawa in Japanese.


Menoetius looks much like his brother Promethius and Epimethius, except he has a green coloration as opposed to Promethius's red and Epimethius's purple.


Menoetius has an obsession with power and loves to pick fights if he thinks they will entertain him. He doesn't seem to have a very good relationship with his brothers as his motivations in his debut were mostly to hurt Promethius, and one of his quote in the dragon roost has him call Epimethius nothing more than a weakling.

He also seems to like manipulating others for no reason other than amusement.


Upon witnessing Mym and Chelsea put up struggle fighting the Dyrenell Empire due to their dates being interrupted, Menoetius quickly took an interest and approached the dragon and the sylvan. Upon which, he asked them if the understood what love is. Both Mym and Chelsea explain how love is a bond between two, but Menoetius interprets their phrasing as love being a means to control somebody.

While Mym is unaffected, Chelsea starts to question if she is being to controlling of Luca. After going too far with attacking Dyrenell soldiers and almost hurting innocent people, Chelsea gets scolded by Luca, causing her to see herself as a burden to him.

After that, Menoetius approaches Chelsea again and tells her to take control and force Luca to love her. Chelsea, however, tells the dragon that she wants Luca to genuinely love her by his own will and gets ready to fight as the rest of the party arrives to face Menoetius. Mym and Chelsea let Menoetius know that they have no intention of being manipulated by a dragon who bullies his own brother. Menoetius, amused by the outcome, flies away while telling them that he will return to cause trouble again.

Later, Mym and Promethius track down Menoetius for his actions, engaging in a fight. Although beaten, Menoetius remains amused by the two dragons choosing to befriend humans. When Mym and Promethius tell him their bonds make them stronger, Menoetius interprets it as them manipulating the humans for power and flies off to manipulate somebody Promethius seems to know.


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