So, sorcerer -- everything is out in the open at last!
~ Mephista to Doctor Strange.

Mephista is a demonic supervillain from Marvel comics and the daughter of the archdemon Mephisto - she is not as prominent as her brother Blackheart when it comes to making trouble for mortal life but she is every bit as dangerous if she puts her mind to it: she is a recurring enemy of Doctor Strange and resides in the same dimension as her father and brother, which mortals often refer to as "Hell" despite it not being the true Hell of Christian belief (many demons, Mephista included, are quite happy to play along with humanity's belief in a single Hell and Satan in order to further their own infernal influence).

Despite her considerable power Mephista is often considered a bit of a novice when it comes to mystical conflict and as such she has yet to attain the infamy of her father or brother: whether or not this will change in time is unclear (though given her relatively obscurity it is doubftul).

Powers and Abilities

Mephista has strong demonic powers and certain supernatural abilities such as great strength, immense speed, high level durability, energy projection and teleportation. She is about as powerful as both her father Mephisto and her brother Blackheart. As the daughter of an arch-demon, Mephista is very powerful, though she is still a relative novice. She is superhumanly strong (Class 50?) and durable, immune to most physical and many mystical assaults. Her tail is semi-prehensile and can strike with lethal force. She can turn aside some of Dr. Strange's spells, and she can cast a number of spells, such as the Shackles of Sheol. She can possess and manipulate others, open portals between Earth and Mephisto's Hell, and presumably much more.

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