The Mer Queen is a minor antagonist of the TV series Primeval, being in the fourth episode of the second series.



The Mer Queen is from the future it is unknown how far from the future she comes from but it is most likely she comes from the very far future because They have been to believe our descendent (The future evolution of the human race). It is unknown how old the Mer Queen is and how long she has been queen for because we saw little of her in the episode and saw more of the Mer Creatures but all we know is that the Mer Queen grows bigger that the other Mer Creatures and has a red back instead of grey or blue like the Others.

Current Life

Anomaly Opened from the future to the present and a bunch of Mer Creatures came threw including the Mer queen but the Mer queen stayed near the Anomaly waiting for her Minions to give her food and then she would go home and eat it one of the Mer Creatures gave the Mer queen Abby maitland so the Mer Queen took Abby home to eat but Connor Temple followed and found Abby at the bottom of a cliff Connor Tried to help her up but the Mer Queen was getting closer pushing and Killing other Mer Creatures but Nick Cutter help Connor get Abby up the Mer Queen just missed Abby's leg then Stephen Hart came and gave Nick a gun and they both shot the mer queen dead it is unknown if the kingdom died without a queen or the Mer Queen might have had children it was unkown then not long after the Anomaly closed and no Mer Queen has been seen since.



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