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Mercedes Nillsen is the secondary antagonist of 22 Jump Street. She is the daughter of the drug lord known as Ghost.

She was portrayed by actress Jillian Bell.


Mercedes was the roommate of Cynthia, before his death with WHYPHY, leaving Mercedes alone, after she becomes Maya Dickson's roommate.

Mercedes was first shown in her pajamas witnessing Schmidt having sex (include anal sex) with Maya in their room, and immediately takes a dislike for Schmidt. Maya tells Schmidt that Mercedes was the old roommate of the girl killed by WHYPHY, and after she died she led her dorm with her. After Dr. Murphy was found with WHYPHY by Officer Hardy, and case is closed. However Schmidt and Jenko find out that he was framed and set out to find the real supplier.

They arrive at the beach to find Mercedes to be behind the mastermind, who is Ghost's daughter, and has already figured out that Jenko and Schmidt are undercover cops. They approach her, but are outnumbered with her henchmen until Captain Dickson arrives with backup. A fight breaks out with Mercedes holding Dickson hostage, Schmidt is able to catch up to Mercedes and he smacked the gun out of her hand and they both fight.

Mercedes punches Schmidt

Mercedes punches Schmidt a few times demanding that he fights back but he refuses she then punches him again which made him hit her. Not fazed by his punch she hits him and tells him to "learn how to hit" Mercedes punched him again but leans in to kiss him which made the fight weird but they continue she uses bottles of glass and smacks him with them, Schmidt tries to do the same but Mercedes is again not fazed considering its a plastic bottle after a short scuffle Mercedes is able to retrieve her gun back and now holds Schmidt hostage until Maya knocked her out. She is then handcuffed by Maya and was taken to jail.


  • Many people confuse Mercedes as the main antagonist of the film; however, Ghost is the main antagonist because he was the one who helped his daughter distribute the WHYPHY.
  • Mercedes Nillsen is the only antagonist of 22 Jump Street that did not die (because she was arrested). The Mexican dealers and the Ghost's henchmen (including the pilot of the helicopter) were killed during the climax of the movie (some henchmen were incapacitated in the beach of Puerto Mexico and didn't die). The other villain that apparently dies is her dad Ghost; but his ultimate fate is ambiguous, because he appears alive (it's unknown whether canonically) in the credits of the movie.