I destroyed your city and it didn't break you, Arrow. I should've kept it simple... and just destroyed your heart.
~ Merlyn.
It's been a long time. But surely you remember Tommy's father... Malcolm Merlyn, the original Dark Archer.
~ Malcolm Merlyn.

Malcolm Merlyn, also known as Arthur King, the Dark Archer and simply as Merlyn, is a professional assassin that's an enemy of the DC superheroes, the Green Arrow, and Booster Gold. He was a former member of the 1000, but currently a member of the League of Assassins. He is the archenemy of Green Arrow.


Arthur King was a professional Archer. Oliver Queen was inspired to take up archery all because of the skilled archer, Merlyn "the Magician." Once Green Arrow was famous, Merlyn challenged the Green Arrow to a public archery contest. Merlyn manage to defeat the Green Arrow, and disappeared with the victory under his belt. Merlyn later reappeared and became a member of the League of Assassins, and a former member of the 1000.


Justice League Unlimited

Merlyn appears in as a part of the Legion of Doom. In the episode "Alive" he sides against Lex Luthor during the mutiny however he dies in the fight.


Main article: Malcolm Merlyn (Arrowverse)

Malcolm Merlyn is a major antagonist in The CW's Arrow and one of the main antagonists of the Arrowverse, as the main antagonist of Season 1, an anti-villain in Season 2, and an anti-hero in Seasons 3-5. He also appears in Season 2 of the spin-off series DC's Legends of Tomorrow as one of the two secondary antagonists (along with Damien Darhk) and a member of the Legion of Doom.

He is portrayed by John Barrowman.

Green Arrow DC Nation Showcase

Merlyn appears where he is hired by Count Vertigo is assassinate Princess Perdita in an airport, but is stopped by Green Arrow. In the show, he is voiced by Malcolm McDowell.

Video Games

In the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Merlyn appears in one of the Green Arrow S.T.A.R. Labs missions imitating Green Arrow. Green Arrow must hit Merlyn with three arrows in order to accomplish his mission.



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