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Mertin Fargleman is the main antagonist of the nickelodeon movie, Cowman: The Uddered Avenger. He is voiced by Tom Kennyy


Mertins Parents did not love him as a child This is most evident by the fact they named him "Mertin" He Was later thrown into a dumpster where he was left for dead then Hourdan Harold found him and brought him back to his parents who continued to mistreat him until he fled later using his intellect to be able to create mutated plants he was also mostly bullied in school druing his younger years and has always tried to get the covveted blue ribon but has always failed until he finnaly snapped as one last hail mary he stole/bribed his way into getting the jurassic corn kernal and unleashed it onto the whole town nearly slaughtering them all till his creation was defeated  By Cow man and he was sent to prison his fate is largley unkown

Physical Appearance

As Professor Twiney Vines, he wears a green top hat, a fake mustache, a blue necktie, a yellow vest, and a green jacket. His appearance resembles Willy Wonka. However, as Mertin Fargleman, he dresses up as a mad scientist. he also has black glasses and a fake mustache that he usually carries around


Mertin Fargleman is a mad scientist, obsessed with creating hybrid plants that he used to enter in the plant judging competition at the county fair. However, the fair always kept rejecting his plants, causing him to steal the Jurassic Corn Kernel, in order to create a giant corn monster. As Twiney Vines, he pretends to be nice by growing an ice cream tree, making the people like him. he is also a mass murderer who has killed several villages worth of people with his creatures he is extremely manipulating and deceptive probably one of the top villains ever he managed to convince the town to turn against Cowman including his friends although this ultimately led to his downfall as he got too arrogant and tried to kill the whole town right away


I must Steal the Jurassic Corn Kernal for only i Mertin Farglemen Twisted Botanical genuis can ahrness the power of its prehistoric Dna and so i shall !