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Mertin Fargleman is the main antagonist of the nickelodeon movie, Cowman: The Uddered Avenger. He is voiced by Tom Kenny


Physical Appearance

As Professor Twiney Vines, he wears a green top hat, a fake mustache, a blue necktie, a yellow vest, and a green jacket. His appearance resembles Willy Wonka. However, as Mertin Fargleman, he dresses up as a mad scientist.


Mertin Fargleman is a mad scientist, obsessed with creating hybrid plants that he used to enter in the plant judging competition at the county fair. However, the fair always kept rejecting his plants, causing him to steal the Jurassic Corn Kernel, in order to create a giant corn monster. As Twiney Vines, he pretends to be nice by growing an ice cream tree, making the people like him.


  • He is similar to Poison Ivy.
    • Both are obsessed with creating plant hybrids
    • Both plan to use their evil plant monsters to take over the world.

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