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Merukimon is a tragic antagonist in the anime Digimon Data Squad.


Merukimon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a giant humanoid, wearing a blue striped lion suit with a green mane. He oftern carries several knives on his person.

Digimon Data Squad

Merukimon was a peacekeeper who lives in the Infinite Ice Ridge in the Digital World. He first met Keenan Crier as an infant by his foster mother, Frigimon. While Spencer Damon, Yoshida, SampsonKeenan's parents were journeying to the Divi Merukimon first appeared when he went to the Real World. Just as the DATS were about to finish off Falcomon, a bolt of lightning blocked the Mega Burst attack, and Merukimon suddenly appeared. He easily defeated GeoGreymon and the others and took Falcomon back to the Digital World with him.

The DATS went on a journey to the Ice Ridge, where Merukimon dwells. When they got there, they started to battle him. But unfortunately, the DATS were once again defeated by Merukimon. Yushima summoned his partner Digimon, Kamemon, who digivolved to Gawappamon and wrecked the dungeon of Merukimon's lair while the DATS escaped with Keenan and Falcomon and returned to the Real World.

After the DATS returned to the Digital World for a rematch with Merukimon, Keenan stopped the battle. Then Merukimon told about the past about Keenan's origins. Merukimon misjudged that the DATS were not to blame for what happened from the past.

After the tragic events from the past were revealed, Kurata summoned a Gizumon as revenge for being attacked by Merukimon, who snuck up behind Merukimon, and shot him on the right side of his chest, wounding him. Merukimon then, said goodbye to Keenan and sacrificed himself to damage Gizumon XT. Gizumon XT shot him through his stomach while Kurata laughs evilly. Merukimon was then destroyed, as well as his Digi-Egg.

After his demise, Keenan accepted his promise to live as a human with the heart of a Digimon.


A God Man type Digimon who is one of the Olympus Twelve Gods; he is known for being the fastest being in the Digital World. It's impossible to see him with the naked eye due to his excellent swiftness, and it's said that all historical pictures of Merukimon are his afterimages. Since he hates to remain in one place, it's difficult to encounter Merukimon naturally in the Digital World, as he's always roaming. His special attack is "Thousand Fist", which uses his blinding movement to shower super-fast punches onto the enemy. Merukimon is also an excellent shaman, as seen in his "Spiritual Enchant" attack, where he slashes the dimension open with his beloved 'Azteca' sword and summons a demon from another dimension.


  • Thousand Fist
  • Spiritual Enchant
  • Super Charge

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