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I'm the one who pulls your string!
~ Mesmeralda to the Skylanders on top of the Frostfest Mountains.

Mesmeralda is a supporting antagonist in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a supporting antagonist in Skylanders: Swap Force and a minor antagonist in Skylanders: Superchargers. She is a diva who uses zombified puppets to commit her crimes.

Her singing voice is provided by Nancy Anderson, while her normal voice is performed by Grey DesLisle.


Mesmerelda appears to have purple spider-like appendages for her hair. She has purple skin with pink eyes. She has a total of four arms, her hands having bright pink fingers. She wears a stripped black and red dress. She has a tiny top-hat at the top of her head that's read with purple feathers coming out of the back. She has white gloves on her hands.


Mesmerelda is a very dedicated to being a performer, having her battle be set on a stage and having sang all of her lines. While it is not the key attribute of her personality, Mesmerelda takes the time to work in references to her spider-like appearance, seen when adding that you are "pulling her strings" in her song. Mesmerelda, despite being a performer, can't stand being in the spot light. This ends up being the reason for her demise, being compromised whenever it is shun onto her. Her excuses include her absence of makeup. During the battle, she has a tendency to commentate what is going on like a ring-leader.


Skylanders: Swap Force

Mesmerelda is first seen sitting at the table among Kaossandra's many minions. Later, she makes a more formal appearance through the main door with mist appearing underneath her. She demonstrates her ability to create puppets. Kaossandra reminds KAOS that she is full of surprises.

While exploring the Frostfest area, Mesmerelda will have giant hands appear that create obstacles. After doing so, she laughs and disappears.

In her official battle, Mesmerelda kidnaps the Frosthound with her giant hands and begins her performance, singing during the battle. Rather than fighting herself, she commands her puppet minions to attack. If a spotlight is shown onto her, she will be blinded and vulnerable to attack. She acts as an announcer in between battles, commentating the battle. She has many different attacks, that like most boss fights get progressively harder. the most common is an attack that involves a purple string being drawn across the ground where her puppets will charge. The second is her slicing contraption, and the third is a small rotund bomb enemy that will explode once you get to close. She drops the second two with her giant hands, while she just commands the puppets using waving motions. The frequency of these attacks depends on the battle's stage. After being defeated, she will make a dramatic pose, but will not be killed. The beast that she captured is then freed.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Mesmerelda makes a return to the series. Her role in this game is to be a "Boss Pursuit", where the player must beat her in a race. After being defeated, she sobs but is not killed.

Powers and Abilities

Puppet Manipulation - Mesmerelda has the ability to make puppets appear out of thin air on purple strings. These puppets, as seen during her battle, also have the ability to be brought to life.

Giant Hands - Mesmerelda is seen to have the ability to create giant hands that float in the air. These were seen many times before her official battle in order to create obstacles. These hands have the ability to teleport.

Obstacle Creating - Mesmerelda has the ability to create several different enemies and obstacles. One most notably is her ability to create a blade-spinning machine, and the other is a bomb-like enemy that explodes.



  • Grey DesLisle also does the current voice of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the character that Mesmeralda is based on.
  • Mesmerelda is quotes in game NPCs as being a well-known puppeteer.
  • Mesmerelda is the second antagonist in the series to have singing parts during her boss fight, with the first being Drill-X.


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