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  • I dont know why you banned me on fmk wiki,I never deleted content after I was first banned.I only corrected mistakes in the info and fixed typos.Any deleted content was accidental,So please lift my ban

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  • Continuing our former thread:

    1. "Sonic" fandom makes me wonder how "Sonic" is still ongoing franchise. They ask things that man were not meant to achieve, hope the good people fill their rediculous requierments and then blaming the world for faults of their own design. I can only assume the franchise is still standing thanks to casual fans like you, because let's just say that if the fandom built machines for Doctor Eggman, the said machinery would blow up and kill everybody.

    2. The second half of the series is on its way. Until then, here's a new thought: 1. After hearing about the new "Aladdin" movie, i began wondering if Lockwood's case also applies to the sultan. I know the sultan was stupid for the major part of his life (lucky for him, he had his wife to run the kingdom for him), at least from what we saw in the film, but i wonder how much of his stupidity is part of Jafar's best efforts and how much is part of time and gradual disability. The sultan was lucky he had Jafar and not Mills. Jafar was a literal smug snake, even his more flashed-out version, whose main achievement was not being executed when Jasmine's mother was alive. Mills was a cutthroat hard working man. But the fact he and Jafar does share many similarities, from being envious psychopaths who killed royalties (Mills killed Lockwood, Jafar very likely killed Jasmine's mother) to corrupting dinosaurs (Iago is technically a dinosaurs, because birds are dinosaurs), makes me wonder how would each of them deal in the place of the other one. Mills would kill both the sultan and wife, and i'm afraid to think what he would do to Jasmine and Genie. But do you see Jafar being able to manipulate Lockwood and being close to succeed at doing a buck on Maisie's expence? I know Lockwood is a better ruler than the sultan, Mills is a better villain than Jafar and Maisie is a better princess than Jasmine, but IMO it's an interesting theoretical discussion. Also, if we take the similarities between Iago and Indoraptor (i just know Jafar have a major part in what Iago became), does it mean that Iago also had a personal fantasy of humiliating/killing Jasmine and that Indoraptor had Lockwood on his killing list?

    3. I usually play games for plot and gameplay, not just for customization. Soul Calibure have a rather tangled plot. Know all those people who say "Game Of Thrones" is tangled? Wait until they'll hear about Soul Calibure.

    4. "Even Rodan"? I know you're the expert, but didn't Rodan was an upright pterosaur? He's suppose to be less powerful than, say, Godzilla. Behemoth sounds interesting. He reminds me less of a giant sloth and more of the 2005 King Kong with tusks. Now him as one of the avengers. A real endgame for most EMU villains. 


    here's a discussion i want you to see. You need to see it to believe it:

    Does this turn of events make sense to you? I'm not justifying myself. Just saying that i respect the man, but many of his arguments are mute, he blame me for not knowing my stuff (actually i do) and act almost like a Spino fanboy. He's the only person i know who think JP3 is the best sequel. I respect opnions, but here, i feel like this argument just went off tracks.

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    • 1. The reboot is still in progress, but feel free to take a look.

      With all humility, I take the liberty to say that Heather is similar to what I hope the female villains of "JW Dominion" will turn out to be.

      2. Maybe you also liked Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. I like them, except for the part where Drogon burned the throne instead of burning the man who killed his mother. Hope your fanfic kaijus won't have this issue.

      3. Poor Ironwood :-(. He must be eating himself for leaving the town folks to their fate. Cinder and Adam are dead, so who drove him to be so much misguided? Maybe Salem?

      4. What's the most important thing you'd like to see in "JW Dominion"? Personally, I really want Wu to finally give back his wretched soul. Also, good thing Berry will return :-).

      5. Pending.

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    • 1. I have to say that it looks very promising even for a blueprint and i can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest!

      2. I didn't actually watch Game of Thrones but i can't dent that the Dragons in that show look great! But from i heard from my mom (She watched the show) and from the internet the final season was pretty bad...

      3. Actually Cinder is STILL alive, you know after being frozen and thrown out of a pit! And it was both Cinder and Salem with the most spine-chilling scene in all of RWBY! I can't really describe it you have to experience it yourself to know what i'm talking about:

      4. Yeah Wu's karma coming back to bite him in the ass has to be the thing i'm looking foward to the most and when that happens i will use a very popular phrase: "Karma is a bitch, ain't it?" and i also saw something on Deviatart that looks very promising:

      5. While we are in the subject of anime i would like to recommend a anime that i think you might like, it is named Overlord, a anime that instead of going with the usual hero's group it goes with the "villains" instead it has 3 seasons all with 13 episodes and i honnestly think it is a very interesting choise to go with the antagonists raher than the hero. Also i'm taking a break from Demon Slayer because i mainly watch anime dubs and Demon Slayer's dub is still in progress so i decided to wait a bit until it is completed to watch it again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, mate :-).

    Recently i checked the history of Indominus-Rex article and saw your editing. I also like JP very much, so i'm glad i found another JP fan :-).

    If i may, i would like to ask some questions:

    1. I kinda hope Henry Wu will die in JW:FK. Do you think Indoraptor will kill him, or one of the natural dinosaurs (in case of natural dinosaur casualy, i think the allosaurus will be great for the job)?

    2. Do you have a favorite JP/JW hero (mine is Owen, with Malcolm and Sarah close behind)?

    3. Assuming you know both JP2 novel and JP2 movie, which of the main antagonists did you liked better? Peter Ludlow or Lewis Dodgson?

    I'm always happy to talk with JP fans, so i would be delighted if you'll answer :-).

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