Jack Rich

aka Patrick William Rich

  • I live in Toronto Ontario Canada
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is writer and producer of Corduroy at Nelvana.
  • I am male
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  • Stop spamming the monsters category.

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    • All right I will stop spamming but Wikipedia or any other wikis are not always correct and Homer Simpson and other Simpsons Characters with yellow skin are not humans because human skins are in different shades of peach or brown not bright yellow. So all Simpsons Characacters with Yellow Skin are Monsters.

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    • Ever heard of jaundice? The pigmentation that turns your skin bright yellow? The Simpsons are yellow to make their style more unique than other generic cartoon characters. You're obviously a troll, judging from your impossibly awful grammar and impossibly late response (unless you were just now unbanned).

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