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  • Our previous thread reached 500 replies, so I start new.

    I finished first half of S2 of Big Hero 6, I find it better than whole S1, maybe because of its better pacing. Liv Amara was more interesting villain than Obake with more relatable motive. Her subordinate Chris wasn't original or interesting, but threatening in the end. Karmi left the cast and I don't feel sorry, because for most of the show she wasn't the nicest girl. Megan seems like better replacement for her. I'll watch rest of the eps soon.

    Momakase is our favorite villain, but who is your least favorite? Mine is Noodle Burger Boy, because he's most annoying character of the show. I know he's supposed to annoy characters, but not the audience too. I am also not fond to Steam Baron, because he's too bizzare to me.

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