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  • I had a talk with JKWinning about Talia and Bane:

    Larry1996 wrote: It's a problem with Talia and Bane, is it? It's because Bane said he was League of Shadows, but in The Dark Knight Rises, I saw at the end, that he was actually Talia's protector and guardian, and I had a thought that she was the leader of the League of Shadows and she invited Bane to join, and Talia was the heir to the League, it's just like that prisoner guy said, "...No ordinary child. A child born in hell. Forged from suffering. Hardened by pain.", may I continue? "...The child had a friend, a protector, who showed the others that this innocence was their redemption.", and there was a League of Shadows page on Batman Wiki, saying that it was led by Talia in the third film, and the dramatic cue music (with Ra's and Joker) ended with her, and like Ra's al Ghul, she hid her identity as Miranda Tate, while Ra's hid his as Henri Ducard, and they were using Scarecrow and Bane as decoys, just so you know, if that's the reason why Talia is the real main baddie or not, sorry

    If you like we could leave them as "one of the main antagonists" still, maybe Talia isn't responsible for everything, and maybe her real identity as the child and heir to the throne is just something that makes her a true baddie

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    • And since Barsad (Nolanverse) is the secondary antagonist, I was wondering if you can do some work on him

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    • Yeah sure I can do that

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