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  • If you want, we can talk about Samurai Jack. Great series and always nice to find someone to talk with him/her about it. I've just re-watched season 5. So glad I've done it. Here are the specific topics related:

    1. Season 5 episode 6 - I have a theory that Scaramouche literally losing his head is a symbolism about changing your point of view. Ashi earned a new realistic perspective, which motivated her to prevent Jack from losing his head for good, and Scaramouche was determined to get even with Jack while not using the thinking part of his head. Sassing the dog men is the best example. Specifically for the dogs, I think that they hate being called dogs because they grew up in the street. You know how people treat to ownerless dogs. Being dog men helped them to claim a place in society. If being anthropomorphic didn't helped them get on the ship, I consider the option that they're working with the guard. I know all three of them are guys you don't want to meet at the middle of the night, but the only truly scary of them was the white curly one. Unlike "Spike" and "Astro", "White" doesn't look like a dog. More like a psychopath in a fine suit and big canines to me.

    2. I wonder what Genndy would say about a crossover between "Harry Potter" and "Samurai Jack". Ashi can work as a reformed death eater, similar to Snape. Jack can be great as a auror. He already had some fake Jacks (Mad Jack, Jack-Aku hybrid, you can say Scaramouche is a fake Jack in his own way), like Alastor Moody who had Barty Crouch Jr. as his own fake. The three dog men from episode 6 of season 5 can work as a less villainous version of Malfoy and his goons. All the creatures whom Jack helped will get along with Harry, Ron and Hermione. As Hermione is based on JK herself, I don't wanna be her "Samurai JK" version if Genndy see JK the way I see her. Know what I mean? And does the fact JK is a genius despite her literature atrocities (6 great book, one 80% good book and a whole symbolic universe) means she would be wise enough to appreciate "Samurai JK"? She did approved the cursed fanfic, so IMO she better recognize a quality when she see it.

    3. Non-Samurai Jack topic: I didn't quite got your opinion about topics 1 and 3 from our first thread.

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    • I used to think the same thing. Until the Cursed Fanfic. From that moment forward, she threw fake news just to stay "relevant". Spitting in Emma Watson's face just to retroactively justifi a black Hermione in the play? Check. Continuing Voldemort's legacy, despite it took ages to get rid of him? Check. Not disqualifying one of the worst portrayals of time travels? Check. Ruining Harry and his family to unrealistically levels from reasons unknown to man? Check. If it wasn't for the original and true series' sheer awesomeness, some people would skin JK alive. I wouldn't call a reboot rip-off. Reboots can improve the wrong parts of the original. Like in "Planet of the Apes". The reboot series is far better than the original. Maybe it will be the case in HP universe too. 

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    • Well, as much as I dislike Cursed Child, I believed that she just reluctantly allowed it to be published. Possibly because it's a sequel (rather than a prequel like Fantastic Beasts) where pretty much everything we need to know have already been answered, she desperately needed a new plot and came up with a not-so-good one.

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  • Hey, mate :-).

    We didn't talked ever since 2017, when we met in one of Jester of Chaos' threads. I'm so glad i met this man. Pen-mates like him are highly valuable.

    Now, for things i would like to talk with you about:

    1. If you're familiar with Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Spiderman (i'm into other topics as well, but these are the topics which i have the most questions right now), i believe you can help me with some questions i have regarding them.

    2. Who's your 5 favorite writers at the moment?

    3. I have some fanfics a rap battles blog. From 1 to 11, how much would you like to see them?  

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    • 1. JK and Tolien are indeed awesome. However, JK makes me upset. It's not only the horrible "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". I believe every Harry Potter fan knows all about it shortcomings, which are countless. It's about things she did in the wake of it. She forced a retcon just to make the cursed fanfic fit in the canon. As a writer, i would never dig my own grave by enslaving the good parts of my stories to the bad parts just to stitch a half-baked retcon. But JK, of all people, came up with some rather infuriating statements like "Hermione was black this whole time" and "The Curse Child should be canon". The sole reason she said that Hermione was never specifically white is to justify the fact that the good people of the cursed fanfic casted a black woman to Hermione's role. And which words did she used? "Canon: brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. White skin never specified". She wanted to appear as a positive color blind (not caring about ethnicity. Like we do), but just came out as uncharacterically ignorant. Girls can have brown eyes, frizzy hair and supernatural intelligence, and also white. She could've done what every normal writer would do and say loud and clear that "The Cursed Child" is just a fanfic, or maybe that it was all an alternative reality. But she cancelled every symbolizm (Hermione is a scholar jew, not a scholar black) and everything Emma Watson ever did just to justify a bad story. If Hermione was black, then JK should've told the good people of the studios to cast a black girl instead of Emma Watson. Letting people walking around with one thing in mind, only to change it for justifying a bad decision, is like making you study for a cardiology exam, only to change it to chemistry exam at the last minute. And the part where Harry dated Ginny? That's one of the parts which JK is content with. She regret about Ron and Hermione's legit and natural relationship, but is cool about a second-hand incest. It's not "Games Of Throne" here. Having such screwed-up priorities is something Voldemort would do. When a woman is so brilliant and talented, i expect her to be much less clueless. Here's the video which informed me about some of what i've just wrote in this paragraph:

      "Twilights" and "50 Shades" are horrible as a whole. But giving a horrible epilogue and an incestous ending to an otherwise great franchise like Harry Potter is unthinkable. Do you find it infuriating, like i do, or do you see it as mostly sad?

      2. Took me a minute, but now i remembered that Arakawa gave us "Full Metal Alchemist". I like the 2003 version better. Even got to episode 4-5. IMO it worked better than the manga and made more sense. The 2009 one was just forcing the manga on the tv screen. Father is the only thing in the 2009 version i liked better. Other than him, i take the 2003 version.

      3. I must thank Hirsch for giving us "Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse". Miles Morales was just the new Spiderman this franchise need. He reminds me of myself. Spier-Gwen makes the canon Gwen's death even more sad. I know she was a lion to the slaughter, but seeing her awesome role as Spider-Gwen makes me wish that Peter would've die instead. Kingpin put the King in King Louie. I mean, this guy is a freaking bigfoot. There were aspects i didnt liked though:

      A. Spider Pork (a clear shout-out to the Simpsons movie. He had too many meta jokes. There's only so much meta jokes you can have before it killing the serious tone of the movie). All of the other unknown Spider people (Spiderman Noir was relatively okay) didnt helped too much.

      B. Olivia Octavius just doesnt floating my boat the way Spiderman 2's Alfred Molina version does. I don't know if she was truely bad-written, or because Alfred Molina was one of a kind. She was weird. She see Peter in her lab, doesnt suspect anything and just physically examining him in misplaced fascination. I'm pretty sure what she did can be considered as sexual harassment, or at least highly illigal invasive methods. It's weird to see a woman doing it. Maybe the good people wanted us to see her as disturbing? "My friends call me Liv" is self condradicting. I mean, a degraded version of Doctor Octopus have friends? She's probably one of those girls who leave behind long raws of bitter exes. The only way i can see her having friends is if she brainwashed them, like how Jill Roberts brainwashed Olivia Morris and Kirby Reed (just for perspective: Jill wanted both to get murdered as part of her own killing spree).  

      C. Prowler was Miles' uncle. It doesnt come out as a twist. It's more like a forced plotline.

      3. Lovecraft was a racist? Man :-(. I didnt remembered that part. If he was, then he's lucky to dead, because many people these days would kill him for less.

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    • 2. Honestly, I like the manga more, but since FMAB is basically the manga onscreen (excluding some unimportant fillers), I like FMAB. The Manga is the true original in every sense of word. The 2003 sucks, the only thing that people often used for arguments is "the bittersweet ending" which is what is FORCED. Dante is the worst thing and I really dislike the 2003 series as a whole. Its fanbase sucks, as well.

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