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aka Legendary Supreme Being Lord Gwyn

  • I live in 中国 湖北
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    Please forgive any bad translations, I am using translations, I hope to make you understand more clearly, because I don't know how to speak Chinese.

    The the the the the the the the the the the the the Followed: There can be only one supreme being in every story/cosm. Of course, they can become two or more Supreme people on other timelines (such as Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh); however, each avatar must be associated with a unique character. They are not powerful demons or all evil incarnations. Only malicious descriptions of monotheistic God are added to this category. They are superior in power, resources and scope to everyone else, so they must have extraordinary qualities. They are omnipotent or Omnipotent.They are immortal because their nature is directly related to the existence of their universe/multiverse. They must be necessary evils, because without them, the world will never exist. 6. They must be the original creators of their background, and as a squatter Will not make them supreme (thus, Kefka, Thanos with the heart of the universe, etc. is not counted, although it has the same ability as the Supreme) 7. If an evil opponent of a creator exists in an environment (a true Anti-god), then they are also considered to be supreme, because they act as the "half of the darkness" of the benevolent Creator (this example is the one below) ) All, great evil beasts and darkness) Use this category only For characters that match the description. In addition, there is no reason to change Gwyn's "恶棍的类型" part in his information box. It is perfectly fine.

    The same is true for Urizen.

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    • Hey.handsome shibobi,I hope after you read my message you can give my favorite character a favorite type of character, as I said Gwen is tragic but in the dark soul worldview is also supreme existence. I'm not going to edit and I hope you can help me with this.I've loved this character for 4 years and it's almost my favorite game character. I have seen Supreme seems that some figures are not as demanding as this style.i hope you can understand my motion.thank you very much! Even if it is a tragic supreme being.

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    • 先生。这次请允许我的观点想法.谢谢你,下不为例!

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  • Yes, I understand why "Demonic Monarch" or something similar to it would work for Urizen's Type of Villain, but the fact he's a part of Virgil is more important. Therefore, I think "Fragmental Demon" works better for him.

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  • Please do not the edit summary everything with unneceesary things like "Phantom Phanyom It Was Sent by Mundus To Deal With Dante. Is Not Murderous Demon. Because it's more accurate to call it an apostle." every time you edit a page. & you do not have capitalize every single word you said, otherwise people will have troubling understanding what you are saying sir.

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