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  • what happened between myself, Misery, Austin and the others is none of your concern - it has ended.. you want to contribute?

    here are some suggestions;

    • expand some of our Short Pages / Stubs
    • add pictures to our pages without images.
    • rewrite some articles in need of repair.

    now go do some productive work and kindly keep your mouth shut about matters that don't concern you, last I checked you had zero influence in any of these events and only came back to editing after to mouth off.. if you are a troll account that's "activated" itself like a billion before you trust me.. you really aren't going to get much reaction.

    if you are not one of these accounts you have no reason to be acting like an ass to everyone for no reason.

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    • you're calling me a troll?

      that's hilarious.. you're the biggest troll on the wiki.

      I'm already preparing to do constructive edits but I'm not afraid to say things as they are: Misery was a bitch and she deserved to get banned, no one should be getting pissed off about it.. they should be celebrating.

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    • you're still talking crap to try and provoke a reaction, act like a child and you'll be called a child..

      now, go do constructive edits and be quiet about everything else.

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    • no

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Suxx wrote:
    pretty stupid question, alignments have nothing to do with tyranny -  they can be any alignment.

    Dude, why are you attacking Molecule Mike so much for no reason, first you made him a problem user for no reason at all, claiming that he has caused chaos, which he hasn't, and now you're harassing him for making a simple question. Drop the attitude.

    I would atleast like an explanation on why you're being harsh on him.

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    • Suxx wrote:
      1) being new doesn't mean squat - if someone is acting stupid, they are being stupid

      2) Misery was a bitch and everybody hated her, so she's finally banned - means she can't return and cause more problems

      3) he did, actually, by interupting Shogun and Jester's talk page, which started the whole shitstorm

      4) my attitude is my own, deal with it or stop interacting, you aren't the wiki's babysitters.

      1) Not knowing something makes him stupid? Wow that's totally not a d**k thing to say at all.

      2) Not everybody hated her in fact I barely interacted with her however she was civil with me at least.

      3) I mentioned it on B1b's and the same thing happened there, he wasn't the sole person to mention it on a wall.

      4) Just because it's your own attitude that doesn't excuse it, acknowledging a flaw doesn't excuse it. Also wiki's babysitter's or not stuff ike that diiscourages new users since they'll think that this wiki is hostile (which I fear it actually is becoming).

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    • this argument is null and void now, Molecule Mike is perma-banned.. move on and contribute to wiki outside of message walls (which are fast becoming a bane to this place anyway, used mostly to engage in fights).

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    • A FANDOM user
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