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  • Hi do you think that this character is villain?


    0:22 - 1:10 The guy in white

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  • Hi, Edwintrinh316.

    How much you familiar with Ring film series?

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    • Idk how Evelyn died a "natural death". There's something more to that.

      Also, the idea of Samara having nensha powers despite having completely human parents is a direct holdover from the novels where Sadako had similar parents despite having human parents who conceived her through natural means. I think the Ocean Entity was one of the demonic spirits that manifested within Samara's body when she was born. Same goes for Sadako and the En no Ozunu thing her mother retrieved from the ocean floor prior to conceiving.

      I think the rape bit is a reference to the same fate Sadako suffered in the novels prior to being thrown in the well. And remember kids, its PG-13. 

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    • Hey, dude, I've realised something. Samara was literally born on the same year when Sadako was thrown into the well. In Ring 0 Birthday, the movie is initially set in the present (which was around 2000 at the time the movie was released) but cuts back to 30 years during Sadako's last days. This is around 1970 and Samara was canonically born on this year and on the other while, Sadako was canonically thrown into the well on this year. Coincidence? I think not. 

      When Japanese girls are thrown into wells, another American girl will come out of a well. Sounds like a nice tagline if you know I what I mean. 

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