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  • How are you these days, mate?

    Good to see you again. It's cool to see you here in the villains wiki. I have a pen-mate I appreciate dearly in this wiki. Cool to see you like Jurassic Park and the walking dead in addition to Scream. And you had a good taste in fictional villains.

    If I may, I would like to here your opinion about JP:

    1. Who's your favorite JP hero (mine is Owen. Malcolm is number 2, with Grant and Sarah are close behind)?

    2. Which of JP2 villains you liked better? Peter Ludlow or Lewis Dodgson?

    3. Do you think Wu will die in JW:FK (I hope he'll die)? If so, how do you see him get killed?

    4. What do you think made Wu become evil? Greed or losing his benevolent boss?

    5. JP universe had 3 confirmed hybrids so far. Spino-Rex from part 3, Indominus-Rex from part 4 and Indoraptor from part 5. Any thoughts about the possible 4th hybrid in part 6?

    6. I have a theory that the carnotaurs is "the lost world" novel are actually mutated chameleons. The full theory is in this link:

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    • Sorry for the late reply, I've been working on Karate Kid wiki lately. I have quite a few I frequent, though I don't have as much time as I used to. I'm not too bad, but I'm working a lot and always tired lol

      1: Grant by a country mile, after that Eric Kirby. 

      2: Of the two, Ludlow. Very slimy. Dodgson should have been the villain in the film, but he was only in the novel, sadly. If I had to pick a favorite Lost World character, it's Tembo. 

      3: No, but I hate the Jurassic World series (cheap, stupid remakes with bad writing and characters) so I don't really care lol

      4: I don't know, the filmmakers will likely never bother to explain why such a forgettable character that had 15 seconds of screen time decided to become the big bad. My guess would be plot convenience. Likely the filmmakers would just argue "greed". (Nedry was greedy too only difference is he was actually a good character with realistic goals) 

      5: I don't like the explanation that the Spino was a hybrid, it feels like a lazy excuse to explain why the films ignored/retconned Isla Sorna in favor of a remake of the first film. If the Spino was a hybrid it would look like a hybrid and not a regular Spinosaurus. 

      6: I doubt the Carnotaurs were mutated chameleons since they can't camouflage in real life, maybe they had some kind of camouflage in their DNA? Either way that's really silly and I'm surprised Crichton included it. Sorta like how the Indominus Rex could "camouflage" (invisibility and camouflage are not even close to the same thing), with Hollywould would realize this. Anyway, I can sorta see why they left that aspect out of TLW film, it feels really out of place with the more realistic and dark tone the sequel was trying to set. Honestly Carnotaurus is a really overused dinosaur especially as a big bad (main antagonist in "Dinosaur" and . It's basically just a T-Rex or Allosaurus with horns, so not really something that interests me as a main villain. Same with Baryonyx, which was the main villain in Ice Age 3, since it's just a smaller Spinosaurus with a thumb claw and no sail it's another one that feels like a crappy replacement dino. 

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    • 1. Take it easy. Life are busy. I myself am in 2nd year in college. Also, you're talking to someone who might take some days before writing, so i'm the last one to judge. I agree Grant is great. It's just that he lost his edge at part 3. From the responsible adult to a one-dimentional raptor-obssessed person. Poor Sam Neil. He risked his hide in that role.

      2. Tembo was indeed awesome. For me he's number 3/4 tought, because we got Malcolm (best character in the movie, second favorite JP hero), Sarah (number 3 on my chart) and maybe Kelly (nailed a raptor both in the novel and in the movie. Nuff said). If you know Klayton Fioriti and Jeremy James Prutchick, you remember they made a video about the main cinematic human villains before Mills. Their interesting discussion concluded in Klayton choosing Ludlow as his favorite villain and Jeremy chose Hoskins. What would you say if you were in this video?

      Also, one thing i liked about Ludlow is the reason for him being the big bad. The movie did a better Hammond. Redeeming the Don Quixotte of a man vs killing him. Getting him face his backstabber nephew is equally as interesting as the plot with Dodgson.

      3. Sadly, Wu survived for the 6th movie. Does the fact you dont like JW mean you also dont like Owen as a hero?

      4. I want to hope Wu lost his mind after losing Hammond, because if your guess is correct, it makes Wu just as motherless bastard as Roman Bridger. Personally i wish him the death he got in the novel.

      5. I didnt liked this creature as well, but at least having some t-rex and suchomimus in it make more sense than his initial concept. Given the real creature was longer, less tall and nowhere near as dangerous as the creature in the movie, the JP3 spinosaurus cant be anything but a Spino-Rex. As for the 4th hybrid: I have a theory that Wu want to clone Hammond. If not Hammond, maybe a ubermentch, like a twisted take on Nitche's vision. He claim I-Black is a prototype. For what? It's the 3rd prototype Wu created. Spino-Rex was a prototype, Indominus-Rex was a prototype and now I-Black? He said he wanted Blue as Indoraptor's mother. I think his vision about Indoraptor is more than just training him as a tameable weapon. His wish to give Indoraptor a mother (for training him. No empathy involved) can also be projections of his own wish that Hammond wouldn't be dead. There wont be anymore dinosaur hybrids in the franchise, so if Wu does planning to clone creature who ain't 100% specific real dinosaurs, his conclutions from cloning Maisie can be translated to an attempt to bring Hammond back. Take note each of the 3 hybrids were planned to be unnaturally smart, but failed to fulfill their purpose. Spino-Rex was too stupid, I-Rex was too bloodthirsty and insane to kill by order and I-Black was too sick and mal-nurtured to worth more than the troubles he make. The hybrids were meant to be intelligent and cruel. And which creature combine cruelty and intelligence better than humans?

      6. So i guess you might not like my idea of using carnotaurs in a future dinosaur story of mine. I'l' use them as creatures rather than monsters. And one of them is a kid who'll be adopted by one of the cops. I feel same way about its "Dinosaur" incarnation. If they wanted to be cleche, they could at least using the cleche that works. If the carnotaurs aint mutated chameleons, does your rational goes as they were just mutated dinosaurs?

      7. A Scream topic 1: After rewatching the scenes in Scream 2 where Derek got tied up, I went through the scene where Mickey revealed himself and shot Derek in the heart. Right after killing Derek, Mickey gazed upon a dead Derek and frightened Sidney while licking his mouth from the inside. Usually people lick their mouth from the inside when they fantasize on kissing. Not sure, but maybe it's indicate Mickey came to have a thing for Sidney and was secretly jealous with Derek.

      Minute 1:56.

      I'm not developing a theory just yet, but here are some of the known facts:

      A. Sidney is a great woman. At least two killers, namely Billy and Charlie, had a thing for her to an extent.

      B. Mickey dated a girl he doesn't love (he killed his own girlfriend with glee. No love involved) just to get close to Sidney. Maybe he developed attraction to his intended victim and came back to his murderous plan after realizing he cant hope to date Sidney. Some people in real life already did it.

      C. Fame hogs are very jealous people.

      D. When Mickey attacked Sidney after revealing himself, he was rather playful, almost like he's reluctant to kill her. Even Billy and Stu were more serious about killing Sidney.

      E. Some psychopaths kill their exes as revenge for dating other people. Maybe it can indicate Mickey saw Sidney in a similar way and decided to kill both Sidney and Derek due to "Derek stole my girl, so i'll kill them both" mindset.

      F. Mickey believed he's an artist. some artist fall in love with girls they deem as their muses.

      G. Unlike the other ghostfaces, he never came to hate Sidney.

      H. His cruel insults toward Sidney were all about her relationships ("do you really want to trust your boyfriend?", "he was just the kind of guy you could bring home to mom... If you had a mom", "you got Linda Hamilton thing going on. I love it" and such). When a psychopath focus all of his/her insults about someone's relationships/sexuality, many times it's because the intended victim was a love interest who see them in a different way. Charlie and Kirby are a fine example. Maybe Mickey saw Sidney in the same way Charlie saw Kirby.

      8. A Scream topic 2: Would you like to read season 2 of Scream Noir? I'm in episode 2 for the season:

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  • Hello. I was trying to mark that Greaser page for deletion just now. Do you know how to do it?

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