What will happen with the rune slave, my lord?
~ The Messenger inquires what he is to do with the Rune Warrior

The Messenger

A treasonous messenger of the Order of Dawn is a minor villain in the video game Spellforce: The Order of Dawn.


The messenger is sent by Satarius, the leader of the Order of Dawn, to find the Circle Mage Rohen Tahir near Greyfell. Upon finding Rohen, the messenger witnesses Rohen calling forth a Rune Warrior. Approaching Rohen, the messenger relayes a message to Rohen - supposedly by Satarius - and tells Rohen that the Iron Blades, a race of metal beasts, have been seen at Icegate Marsh. Rohen decides to head there immediately and tasks the messenger with leading the Rune Warrior to Greyfell.

However, on the way, the two are ambushed by a mysterious wizard called The Dark One. The Dark One freezes the Rune Warrior with a spell and talks to the messenger who is revealed to be a traitor to the Order and a henchman of the Dark One. He tells his master that he successfully goaded Rohen into travelling to the Marsh and the Dark One rejoices, claiming that everything is going according to the plan. The Dark One then hands the messenger a sealed box, telling him that it contains invasion plans that must be handed to the Black Fist. He also tells the messenger to kill the Rune Warrior. After the Dark One has teleported away, the messenger indeed tries to kill the Rune Warrior but is easily overwhelmed and killed instead.


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